Chapter 270: Fire Drake, Dead!

Chapter 270: Fire Drake, Dead!

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

The Hand of Darkness appeared!

Han knew that after he uses this crystal, his power of darkness would be enhanced again. But using an outside force was always associated with a risk, so Han always focused on training himself. Before running into enemies that were too powerful, Han planned to save this crystal for later, when he’s higher level. After all, the higher the level, the less risk of using the dark crystal.

But now Han has no choice.

After a series of events that placed Han in such a dangerous situation, if he doesn’t take out an even stronger weapon, Han would probably not be able to fight the Fire Drake and die here!

With that being the case, then just give it all!

The existence of having a joker in your hand, its purpose is not to be saved, but to be used at the critical moment without hesitation!

As for the black egg, Han doesn’t know whether that’s his joker card or not. Maybe the moment he opens the egg, that strange creature inside it would attack him or something, so Han didn’t plan to use it.


The Hand of Darkness was instantly crushed into particles by Han’s source energy, and then was guided by Han’s source energy into his body.

This absorption process was co-designed by Han and Night Walker, and it could maximize the efficiency of absorption of the dark energy and minimize waste.

Within merely a few seconds, large amounts of the power of darkness boiled Han’s blood. His body suddenly began heating up, and at the same time, that layer of black gas that surrounded him also became more intense.

Can’t be wrong, this is the feeling! The feeling of a body full of strength!


Han bent down and got into a strange posture, like a mad bull ready to charge.

At the next second, Han charged!

Path of Demon!


The black demonic-type attack was like a series of lightning explosions, rumbling with amazing force!

Path of Demon!

Finally reaching the strongest degree after Han comprehended the power of the devil!

Even the godly beast Fire Drake didn’t dare to take Han lightly anymore, and it resorted to using its full strength, meeting Han in a head-on collision!


A dull noise came, and when looking at Han again, most of the dark mist around his body dissipated. His whole body took dozens of steps backwards before stopping, and his eyebrows were also burnt!


The Fire Drake roared, as if saying, even though you used the stronger power of darkness, you are still a puny human.

Just as the Fire Drake roared, Han’s eyebrows tightly locked as he took out a pair of black gloves from the dimension ring, and then slowly wore it onto his hands.

Those were the Gloves of Darkness, another a relic from the Dark King.

In the past, Han just knew that this set of gloves was made from very good fabric but wasn’t knowledgeable about its origins. Until today that is, when Han used the Hand of Darkness!

At the moment, his two arms and two iron fists became pitch-black in color.


The Gloves of Darkness automatically adjusted to the size of Han’s fist, and Han was engulfed in a strange feeling, as if this set of gloves was activated. The strength of darkness inside his body was being concentrated on the two fists, and his fists became harder, and his power got stronger!

Han suddenly realized, this was actually the role of the Gloves of Darkness.

It was a kind of dark energy concentration device, capable of helping Han gather the strength that was scattered through out his body and then made his attacks more powerful and precise!

Even the Fire Drake felt Han’s change, the two fiery eyes were tightly locked onto Han’s two fists.


“Path of Darkness!”

Han shouted, then charged again! He raised his fists, and they started landing down like rain drops!





Such powerful pummeling sounds could even be heard hundreds of kilometers away, and that big black mountain began shaking violently!

This was the demonic path!

These were demonic strikes!

The dark power and equipment upgrade brought Han significant improvements in combat strength!

If someone else was at the scene, they would see this shocking scene: a person grabbed onto a creature that looked very like a legendary giant dragon, and was smashing it with his right fist!


Every fist’s landing was like forging steel, splashing sparks everywhere!

The Fire Drake, after its transformation was indeed strong. It faded away its scales, and its body became extremely tough. But now, it didn’t matter how tough its body was, its not harder than Han’s fists!

That’s a pair of fists equipped with the Power of Darkness! Han’s fists continued to land! If one punch wasn’t enough, then he would just deliver 100 more! 1000 more! 10,000 more!





The Fire Drake’s one eye was actually smashed out by Han’s fists!


Ares-class Star-Strangling Boa was out!

While the Fire Drake screamed, Han shoved the triple-edged giant blade directly into its eyes!


The Fire Drake became anxious, it gathered strength on both of its claws and sent Han flying.

Han felt his whole body covered in severe pain.

But he held back the pain, stood up again and continued to move his fists!

This was a very rare battle. Even though Han acquired top tier strength after using the Hand of Darkness and Glove of Darkness, he still didn’t occupy an absolute advantage.

However, Han had a devil-like momentum!

Victory does not come from opportunity, but achieved by Han using the most brutal, violent, and stupid method! It was achieved through these consecutive punches!

Finding the right opportunity to strike most efficiently, to deliver a fatal blow, of course that’s nice.

But when that opportunity isn’t present, Han can also be like a barbarian and attack restlessly, until the enemy gets smashed to death!

As for the burning injury brought by the Fire Drake, Han completed ignored it, as if forgetting that there was still such a thing. When he went completely berserk, he didn’t mind pain at all, not knowing whether he was injured or how bad the injury was.

Han doesn’t know the answer to these questions at all, and even if he does, he’s not going to care because there’s only one question inside his heart, and that was how to kill the enemy.



The exchange of attacks between a human and a Fire Drake was still continuing. That kind of harsh roaring was also continuing, and it had been going on for a long time.

Don’t know how long the battle continued for, Han felt the Fire Drake’s counterattack becoming weaker and weaker, and his attacks still didn’t stop, all the way until that big red guy became silent.


Han sat down onto the ground, had the Demon Claw and the others surround him, and then he leaned onto Yuan Yuan. He was completely exhausted, and besides breathing, he didn’t want to make any extra movements.


A sound of applause came from the battlefield entrance, it was the Lovran brothers. The cunning brothers came back, at the time when Han lost most of his combat strength.

“Very good, Han, you are indeed a great warrior, you actually killed the Fire Drake by yourself.” Lovran Mountain laughed and said, “But unfortunately, although you fought with your all, but at the end you were still working for us brothers.”

“Look, although the Fire Drake is dead, its body is still exuding a dazzling red. This is because the battle has progressed to the end and that the Fire Drake has materialized, so his life and body unified and became the most magical and expensive bio metal in the universe, Fire Drake Forging Gold!”

“And those scales that the Fire Drake shed when transforming, those are also priceless. Just one scale is enough to pay for one mission of us brothers!”

“Thanks to you, you almost lost your life in the fight to get us brothers so many magical loots that can’t even be priced.”

Lovran River wasn’t as excited as his brother and he just said coldly, “Why tell him that? Just kill him now, those few damn genetic beasts won’t be able to stop me.”

Lovran Mountain hesitated, he’s still unwilling to let his brother fight so he anxiously said, “Don’t get into the fight, let me do it.”


“There’s no but! You still need to control your power! Besides, I’m your big brother, you have to listen to me!”

Although Lovran River was a little depressed, but he still nodded.


The mental control power began spreading. The Lovran family’s mental-control power was passed down through its direct family members, and the powerful mental suppression made it very difficult for Demon Claw and the others to move, as their bodies seem to not listen to them anymore.

Lovran Mountain felt very proud. The beast’s mental strength was usually weaker than humans, so although the Demon Claw and the others were very strong, they still couldn’t resist the mental-type attack.

Lovran Mountain sneered, and then pulled out that very strange-looking knife of his.


He noticed that although Han was still leaning on Yuan Yuan, he gradually opened his eyes and looked at him with a very strange feeling, and one end of his mouth also raised a touch of curvature.

At the same time, Han’s clenched right fist slowly opened.

“What do you say was your super power?” Han sneered and asked.