Chapter 379: Crystal Lotus

Chapter 379: Crystal Lotus

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After the white wolf died, the blue ice began to melt into dark blue liquid.

The liquid was strange that it wasn’t miscible with seawater. It felt smooth, transparent, but was heavy and like a sort of grease.

Han felt like he was in a deep blue world, melting and merging with the blue ice. Han saw a plant revealing its original shape underwater. A completely transparent Lotus, approximately the size of

an adult\'s palm, as if a carved crystal, giving out exotic light and a warm energy.

Han was surprised. He did not know what this transparent Lotus was, but he could clearly feel that his wounds were healing and the energy was quickly restored.

The fairy-like little octopus circled around the lotus excitedly, and pointing at it to Han, with excitement written all over its face.

Then, it became very devout, worshiping the lotus flower and letting out a deep and rhythmic voice from the mouth, as if it were a kind of prophecy.


Han pulled his head out of the water and was amazed to find that the whole world had changed.

Ice and snow melted into water, converging into the ocean. Trees grew green sprouts. A land once covered by snow grew verdant grass. Snow mountains in the distance transformed into emerald green mountains with lush plants. Nature was alive everywhere.

"Look, the world came back to life!" Lance shouted in amazement.

Came back to life - what a wonderful sentence. The snow-covered world was dull and lifeless. But now, it was full of liveliness.

Although there weren’t a lot small animals, the plants were lush.

Han and others came out from the sea, onto an isolated island in the sea, and surrounded by


Outside the mountains was the ocean, and in the valley among mountains lay the deep blue lake.

Han tried to pull the lake water into the sea, but the water didn’t dissolve in seawater. It seemed to

be attracted by some mysterious force, and surprisingly it went back to the lake in droves.

Shoosh ~

A dark net space ship landed on the island in the lake, and 9527 walked off in excitement.

Han shrugged and said, "Sorry, I didn\'t find the power of nature yet."

9527 hesitated for a second, then he burst into laughter and said, "No, but you have found

something better than the power of nature. Wherever the power of nature existed, it was always

seized and fought over crazily by some powerful species. You see, what occupies the power of

nature here is not some fierce beast, but a plant, the Crystal Lotus."

"And plants have completely different characteristics from animals. Simply put, a flower may absorb

nutrients from the soil, but it also produces nectar and pollen, as well as a fragrant scent at the

same time."

"Comparing them, is the soil more nutritious, or the nectar and pollen?"

"Of course it\'s the nectar." Han licked his lips and said:" You know, I like drinking hot chocolate. If I

add honey instead of sugar, it will taste better, and also be more nutritious. "

9527 said it excitedly, "Right, nutrition. You are now on the point! The power of nature has been

occupied by the Crystal Lotus, but this blue lake is the nectar and pollen created by Crystal Lotus.

We didn’t obtain the power of nature, but we get better nutrition from the Crystal Lotus. Isn’t it a

good thing? "

"The wounds on your body quickly healed thanks to this transformed advanced nature power!"

"In this world, plants are the most selfless ones, unlike us, who only know to ask, but not to give back."

"With this advanced nature power, I guarantee you will make progress very quickly! Of course, the premise is that you don’t hurt the Crystal Lotus, and protect it well."

"Sure thing! "

"This Crystal Lotus is our treasure and is beneficial to each of us. Whoever dares to touch it, I’ll beat him up!"

Everyone was talking and appeared to be very happy. Some anxious fellows had rushed into the blue lake and swam around freely.

The fairy-like little octopus was also playing in the lake. The lake was blue and so was he. Once it started hiding, it wasn’t easy to find. The naughty thing started to tease Wuyun with this handicap.

Wuyun became furious and summoned some genetic beasts to try to catch it, but couldn’t succeed


Seeing how happy everybody was, Han frowned, and squatted down to let Black Egg out. Then, he

placed the dead white wolf’s head next to him.

"Say, will Black Egg be like last time, and eat this behind our back?" Lance asked curiously.

"Sure he will." said Luo Ying.

Everybody looked at her. Luo Ying said it hastily, "It\'s my mother’s... I mean it\'s what my guardian banshee said. She said it is the secret of Black Egg, and you must not follow after him."

"Why?" the Night Walker scratched his head and asked, confused.

Han waved his hand and said, "Nothing. Everyone has a secret that doesn’t want to be known. This is the right of Black Egg, and also his freedom. Go, I’ll wait for you."

Black Egg blinked his golden eyes, looking at Han with gratitude.

Han treated Black Egg like a friend, and gave him enough freedom. This made Black Egg very



Han pried out the blue crystal. Holding the crystal, Black Egg staggered away. No one followed him. Since it was his secret, then let him keep the secret.

Rumble ~

Shortly afterwards, there came a loud bang from the other side of the mountains, along with a daunting roar – not something that sounded like Black Egg let out at all, but more like a vicious monster.


Luo Ying\'s Guardian banshee sighed, and turned around. She was the only one who knew Black

Egg’s secret. It was also her, who told other people never try to spy on his secret.


The lively Black Egg was back. This crystal lotus was occupied by the white wolves for so long, and had accumulated huge amounts of energy, but it was all absorbed by Black Egg.

His body color was even darker and richer!

It drew a few arcs in the air beautifully, everybody was applauding and cheering for Black Egg.

Han was also very happy, but what he cared more was not how strong Black Egg turned, but how reasonable and understanding he had become.

The death of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw had upset this little chubby guy. The unruly and selfish look in his eyes disappeared. His golden eyes were more transparent, pure, and this was what Han really cared about.

"Look! There\'s two big guys!" Someone pointed to the distance and shouted.

Han took a closer look. They were two octopus, blue and translucent, looking exactly like the little

octopus, but a lot larger in size and had arms about a thousand-kilometers long. Presumably they were the little octopus’s father and mother.


Seeing its parents coming for it, the little octopus rushed to them and held one of them in its arms. The larger one had a very serious look, which should be his father. The little octopus dared not come close to his serious father, only pestering his mother in a voice Han could not understand.

They may have their own language. The Little octopus was talking cheerfully and pointing towards

Han, dancing with joy.

Listening to the little octopus, the two big octopuses nodded gently, acknowledging Han for protecting their children.

The big octopus patted little octopus on the head, indicating him to go home.

The little octopus looked at Han, and the lake with warm energy and deep blue water. He was

reluctant to leave.

"Do you like the lake water?" Han asked.

Yes, yes~

The little octopus nodded repeatedly.

Han smiled and said, "Well, you’re welcome to come visit often. Otherwise, I will miss you."


The little octopus’s eyes were wide open, surprised, as if asking Han, "Really?"

"Of course. " Han replied.

The little octopus pestered his parents, as if asking them if he could come here often. It seemed that his parents were worried about his safety, so they refused. Little octopus lowered his head, feeling discouraged and depressed.

Han thought that things would be over, but he never would have thought of what happened next.