Chapter 154: Operation Code Name – Hell Expedition

Chapter 154: Operation Code Name – Hell Expedition

“Listen, there seems to be some kinda noise coming from the relic.” Some nervous young soldiers that were guarding at the entrance whispered to each other.

“I heard, it’s the sound of the broken seal falling.”

“No, I mean a type of crying sound.”

No one believed this young soldier, but soon enough, that kind of mournful howl reached the intense volume that everyone at scene can hear. It sounded akin to an infant wailing in agony.

The soldiers soon noticed that the warships in the sky began to mobilize their weapons, and the chiefs responsible for this activating task heard the noise in their headphones and their facial experiences became more and more serious.

“Ready! Defense corps all stand by! The first wave of dark beasts is about to arrive!”

When hearing the power-enhanced voice of the commander, all the soldiers knew right away, the thing that they had been afraid of the most is happening, the dark beasts inside the relic are about to rush out!

That’s unthinkable before, all A-class relics all have vertical entrances with no exception, which means that the entrance of A-class relics is like an abyss into the ground. It’s very difficult for dark beasts to climb out of the abyss, or maybe they just prefer to stay inside the relic and are unwilling to leave. What if they have wings???

Only a minute or so after the alert order was given, the first wave of dark beasts’ attack began.

From the abyss of 27,500 meters in diameter, along the steep cliffs climbed out a large number of skinny dark beasts, they have sharp teeth like wolves, long arms like monkeys, and also incredible jumping ability like oversized bloated fleas.

The shoulder-fired laser weapons hidden in the backline didn’t really have a very good effect on the attack, the dark beasts have strong neural response capability and easily weaved through the beams, rushing to the soldiers defending on the 4 sides. Immediately after, the close combat war began.

The battleships fired from the air towards the relic entrance, rapid-fire cannons with not so strong firepower were used. If giant cannons are used on these relics with vertical entrance, it’s very possible to completely destroy the relic entrance. But inside the relic hides the technology and wealth that humans long desired. At least for now, Qinshang empire’s fleet doesn’t hope to seal the relic that they worked so hard to open.

After a few minutes, blood started running down the grassland. The soldiers surprisingly realized, what they are fighting are not really dark beasts but monsters that are even higher level than dark beasts.

They have powerful attacks and clever mind, knowing how to use humans as cover to attack other humans.

And their number is incredible as well, just after several minutes after the first attack, millions of them already climbed out of the relic and joined in on the battle against humans.

The HQ finally issued the full bombardment instruction, and the battleships in the sky finally started their main cannons.

The roar of cannons and explosions trembled the Earth, and after only a few rounds of bombardment, the abyss that leads to the underground was bombarded into ruins.

The soldiers guarding on the ground finally reclaimed control of the situation, with humans’ unyielding character, they withstood the dark beasts’ attack, gradually shrunk the sieging area, and wiped out the rest of the monsters.


Suddenly, just when humans are about to fully gain control of the situation, an enormous force broke out of the originally sealed up relic entrance, just like a giant laser cannon shot from underground, directly pushed away the giant boulders that sealed the abyss and fired straight into the sky.

The soldiers looked up into space in surprise and fear, found that the channeled laser attack of over tens of thousands of meters in diameter directly striking the layers of battleship fleets in the sky over the relic. A Kunpeng-class battleship was the first to be destroyed, then the Crow-class battleship next to it, and the Chimera-class aircraft carrier that’s flying farthest away, and also the Orcas-class dreadnought that’s equipped with a super gun.


The warships in the sky were torn apart by the beam, the debris hurtled to the ground, kicking up dust and shrapnel.

Tens of thousands of soldiers sticking by the post were crushed or impaled by the ship wreckage, the grassland became a mess with soldiers’ cry for help everywhere. They were crushed by the shipwreck, and then met by the followed explosion, turning into charcoal under the extreme heat!


Series of thrilling cries spread across the grassland. Not waiting for the reinforcement corps to join the battle, before the medical corps could save the wounded, the dark beasts launched another strong attack. This time, they seemed to have acquired some kind of magnetic ejection device, like a volcano eruption, they gushed out from the giant abyss!

Until this time, the headquarters finally realized that they made a terrible mistake.

The used the old way of thinking to predict the new extinction site, but this new relic is significantly stronger than any previous relics.

They remembered how humans enter these relics in the past, by directly jumping down into the abyss and when they approach the ground, there was a magnetic force that slows down their speed to ensure that they land safely.

Now everything is reversed, the magnetic device inside the relic is helping countless dark beasts get out of the abyss, like a humongous trampoline, sending them from the world of darkness to the human defenders.

The ground war soon fell into a disadvantage, Qinshang empire never considered that there would be such a large-scale rout.

They desperately launched nuclear attacks, releasing cruise missiles with nuclear warhead from the distance, hoping that these missiles can enter the abyss and reseal this damn relic entrance.


Now that the battle progressed to this stage, it revealed an extremely cruel side of war. The moment nuclear strike began, it also meant that the soldiers on the ground that hadn’t had the time to evacuate would be sacrificed in a cloud of pure fire.

But in order to close the relic entrance as soon as possible, the HQ cannot care that much anymore.

When the people onboard saw with hope that those missiles dove into the abyss under precise guidance, suddenly, the situation is reversed again to let Qinshang, the powerful empire to fall back into despair.

Those cruising missiles that just entered the abyss, under the control of a mysterious force, suddenly turned its head around and reflected back into the human warship fleet in the sky.


The nuclear weapons exploded in the sky, right back into the warships in space. Countless ships came crashing down once more.

A crazy Hellfire-class battleship, its commander gave the order for the ship to charge into the relic entrance. Immediately after, the powerful gold warship summoned full power and started charging into the abyss.


The Hellfire-class battleship has a drum-shaped hull, sharp ship bow, it’s like a plug, inserting itself into the abyss and blocking the entrance with its body.

However, the effort that battleship’s captain and its crew made at the cost of their lives, didn’t really ease the situation at all.

After just a few minutes, a series of violent explosions occurred on the planet.

If watched from space, one can clearly see what’s happening.

It was like volcano erupting from underground, and for every explosion, the planet would have a new entrance opened, a new abyss formed, and a new army of dark beasts climbing out from underground.

Very soon, the planet became a hive, with countless entrances, each one opening into that mysterious relic.

Dark beasts came out from every corner of that planet, and it didn’t take long before they became the new master of this last planet in the Iron-cross star system. Not a single human survived from that disaster.

“Abort mission. Total failure.” The last message from the HQ said.

Just a few hours after the disaster took place in Qinshang empire’s Iron-cross star system a temporary meeting of the remaining members of the Alliance began.

“We should directly destroy that damn planet!”

“No! We all know that extinction domains aren’t geographically located inside a planet, but rather a separate stable dimension. The consequence of destroying a stable dimension, no one really knows.”

“Then we will send the most elite fighters deep inside the relic, and destroy the dark beast manufacturing plant from within!”

“No one would be willing to go because this is obviously a death mission. I doubt very much that our expedition team would be killed before even going into the relic.”

“What are we afraid of? We have so many soldiers! They all have super powers! Find the espers in the Milky Way with the most special power, and espers with the most experience in dealing with relics! Send them! And it will be a success!”


“There’s no but! Although we have been keeping the secret and not disclosing it to the public, but we all know, the number of extinction domains existing here at the Milky Way galaxy far exceeds the amount people know. If every relic undergoes a cataclysm like A-43, then we will never be able to make up for our loss! In short, we must find out why A-43 became like this! What the f**k really happened inside that relic!”

“I agree, let us choose the most special and experienced espers in the galaxy and form a team. Code name, Hell Expedition!”

“To be fair, we will decide on who joins the team with a ballot.”







“Seven votes in favor, three votes against and two abstentions. According to the agreement, the expedition team will be immediately formed. Since the accident occurred in the Qinshang Empire, I suggest that Qinshang Empire cover all costs of the operation.”

“On behalf of Qinshang Empire I accept the proposal.”

“Well, now we need to finalize a list. This list must contain top-level fighters, soldiers with special powers, and soldiers that have experience with destroying dark beast manufacturing plants.”

After dozens of hours, the list of participants in this expedition was drawn out to a total of 13 people, and they are all top elites in the current Milky Way.

“Ahem, there’s a little problem with the list.”

“What problem?”

“Two of the participants are currently being wanted. Cerberus Arthur is currently in the Oblivion Realm, and the Tough Bone Han’s whereabouts is unknown.”

“Can we use other people to replace them?”

“I’m afraid not. Cerberus Arthur is the best known scout in the galaxy, and Tough Bone Han had singlehandedly destroyed the gene factory at relic A-19 before. We suspect that Han has some kind of hidden power, otherwise he wouldn’t be the first one in the history to be able to destroy an A-class relic’s gene factory by himself. His power and experience are both very important for us.”

“Then we have no choice. Send someone to go ask for Arthur from the Protector of Oblivion Realm. As for Han, find him at all cost.”

“What about their wanted status?”

“The wanted status can go f**k itself! This is war! If we can’t figure out why A-43 turned out to be this way, we might lose the entire galaxy! You guys didn’t forget the Protector’s prophecy right? Even dead, I won’t want his prophecy to become true!”




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