Chapter 237: Jian Jia

Chapter 237: Jian Jia

Just when Han was feeling suspicious, the man standing in the beast’s mouth suddenly spoke.

“Welcome to the start of the judgement trial.” The man in black shouted, “You are all people that did not abide by the rules on the Path of All Gods, but I hope you can learn to respect the rules here Otherwise you will be disqualified from the Path of All Gods, or even die.”

“You won’t be able to get stronger, won’t be able to become a god, and won’t be able to see the truth of the universe. I think, these are all undesirable results in your eyes as well.”

“So, long story short, the trial race begins now. The first race, you all have to follow me and cross this lake. Flying is prohibited, and so are any mechanical or other forms of help. The only way is to swim.”

“Remember, this is a competition, but also a trial. The rules are very simple, the weak will be eliminated.”

Then, the beast with a giant mouth began to travel through the lake, and that man in black continued watching the thousands of people on the shore that were waiting to be tested.


Someone already jumped into the emerald lake, following that monster and that man in black was the rule of this trial.

Suddenly, the lake shore began as lively as boiling water. Everyone jumped into the lake and started swimming forward, including Han.

At first, the monster wasn’t going too fast, but it gradually accelerated, and the sounds of battle and crying for help came from the back of the group.

Han curiously looked behind him, there were some people that caught a guy at the back, pressing his head into the water as he struggled.

“Those are the executioners of the trial, they are among us and they murder people that don’t keep up.” Someone beside Han said.

This guy was pretty interesting, doing a backstroke with his eyes closed. He was carrying his hands in his arms and only paddled with his two legs, looking like he was sleeping. His skin was taken care of very well, even more crystalline and paler than a young girl. His facial features could also be considered to be pretty handsome.

Han frowned, “Executioners? Are there a lot of them?”

That good-looking young man replied, “Not sure. These Path of All Gods guys always like to come off as mysterious and unpredictable. I participated in judgement trials before, and the most ridiculous time, 70% of the contestants were executioners, and the least one had only a dozen or so.”

“That’s how the Path of All Gods has always been, it all depends on all the gods’ mood.”

Han was very surprised and asked, “Looks like you were trialed for more than once.”

The delicate-looking young man nodded, “Yep, happens every time I violate the rules, so annoying.”

It’s hard to imagine, this person that seems to be around the same age as Han has already been trialed multiple times.

Han laughed and said, “Why would you tell me this? I don’t know you, maybe you are one of the executioners and you are trying to get my guard down on purpose.”

That young man glanced at Han with the corner of his eye and said with a little disdain, “Indeed you can’t rule out the possibility that I’m an executioner, and as to why I approached you, you can take a look around yourself, how many normal-looking humans are there? They are mostly a bunch of freaks.”

Han looked around, in the presence of thousands of people, there were indeed only a few humans. Besides Han and this guy, the other humans were all a bunch of old people. This was probably why this delicate-looking guy took the initiative to talk to him.

Han shook his head and whispered, “This universe is really f*cked up. If someone wants to become stronger, then they must go through mutations, but after mutating, you will look more like an ugly monster. Logically speaking, people should feel embarrassed for looking like a freak, but people are desperate enough to become like monsters just to become stronger.”

“I really think that, after a few more eras, there will no longer be normal-looking humans in the universe. Because these monsters went through genetic mutation, they are stronger.”

“In the future when evaluating who’s stronger, people don’t need to fight anymore. They can just judge the result by the appearance, whoever’s more strange-looking and unlike a human, must be stronger.”

The young man started laughing after hearing what Han said, and he almost swallowed some of the disgusting lake water.

He turned over, swam side-by-side with Han and patted him on the shoulder. He said with a smile, “You are an interesting guy, my name is Jian Jia, you?”


Jian Jia whispered by Han’s ear, “I will tell you a little secret.”

“What is it?”

Jian Jia proudly said, “In fact, humans that didn’t go through genetic mutation are not as bad as you think.” There’s a law in the universe, and it’s called the Law of Elite Conservation.”

“Simply put, if a race is filled with espers, like the God-Race, then it will be very rare to see a super elite coming out from their race, and their potential is also lower.”

“And us humans, although our race is generally weak, we have a higher chance of having warriors with huge potential, which can ultimately become super elites.”

Han understood Jian Jia’s words, this was balance. It is hard for a powerful race to produce a warrior with a super high potential, because they were already very strong.

But weak races were more likely to have super elites because the race was too weak and it needed super elites to continue to survive. The higher selective pressure will force the weaker species to train harder and become stronger.

Looking at Jian Jia’s arrogant little fox face, Han already understood what he’s thinking. Jian Jia was that guy with super talents that came from the weak human race.

Listening to his tone of disdain, passing judgment trials was as easy as playing a game for him because he had unlimited potential. That’s what caused him to eventually become arrogant enough to not put the rules in his eyes.

Towards this kind of genius, Han could not compare. He wasn’t even born with his super power, and his Void End power was acquired by luck later on.

Looking at Han’s achievements, one couldn’t say that Han has no talent at all, but he mostly relied on his will and the endless hard work he puts himself through behind the stage. Han’s not only merciless towards enemies, he was even more brutal towards himself when learning and training.

And Jian Jia, he’s the kind of guy in legends, that just casually became an elite. Oh well, this is the so-called talent.

The judgement trial was very boring, one day and one night passed. The other end of the lake was still not seen in sight, and that man in black that’s leading everyone swimming was currently sleeping with the monster’s tongue as a pillow.

“When is this going to end?” Han frowned and asked Jian Jia.

Jian Jia pouted and replied, “At least a week, sometimes one or two months is possible too. After all this is a trial, and those people ruling the Path of All Gods want us to remember the lesson, that’s why they will spare no effort to torture us.”

“One month?!” Han almost shouted.

To Han, time was everything!

He trained this hard, almost not sleeping every day like an overworking machine operating at full speed.

He doesn’t have a whole month to waste here in this lake. Although his body could handle it, but he was totally against the idea of doing it.

Wasting time is like murdering his own life!

“What’s the condition of ending the trial?” Han asked Jian Jia.

“Very simple, whoever falls behind during the swim will be killed by the executioners at the back. This is like a natural law of elimination, and it will be over when the number is reduced by half.”

Han turned around to look, after one day and one night, only a few people were killed. After all everyone are soldiers, it’s not so easy for them to keep up with the team.

But it’s estimated that after a long time, most people will eventually get tired and get eliminated. But, there’s no sign of that happening any time soon.

“The F*ck!” Swearing words suddenly came out from Han’s mouth as he stopped swimming and turned around.

Jian Jia also stopped, and curiously asked Han, “What are you doing?”

Han placed a hand on the Lunar Mark, and he said in a deep voice, “Those executioners that are following us, what happens if I kill them?”

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