Chapter 335: Mutation of Earth

Chapter 335: Mutation of Earth

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The core of the Earth, with a radius of 370 kilometers, was extremely dense.

In fact, no one knew what kind of material the core was made up of and what form it had.

Before the Galactic era began, humans on earth did not have the technology or ability to explore Earth’s mysterious core.

After the Galactic era began, due to the enormous external pressure from big countries wanting to annex Earth, all of Humanity’s attention was focused on external affairs, ignoring their own mother star.

According to scientists, the core had two parts, the outer core and inner core. The outer core was a hot metal solution with temperatures up to 6,000 degrees Celsius. The inner core was more special. The high power scanning system of the large starships, could not penetrate the core.

"It is made of iron and nickel." One of the world\'s preeminent earth scientists had once assert.

Assuming that he could have lived to this day to see the changes emerging in the Earth’s core, he would certainly regret his statement.

The only way to identify an unknown was to get at it, examine it, and get empirical evidence. Any form of speculation, even in the guise of science, is a desecration of the unknown and the truth.

Just nine minutes before the Three eye race’s Fifth attack fleet reached the solar system, the core suddenly began to speed up and bursted outwards with unimaginable power.

It\'s like a nuclear reactor that\'s been sleeping for years suddenly giving it all at the last moment!

Not too early nor too late, just nine minutes before darkness falls.

Earth was a beautiful, magnificently blue celestial body. Even considering the whole Milky Way, it was the most elegant and beautiful existence. It was even once a prize that the Galaxy’s biggest empires coveted, and now it seemed to begin revealing its true colors.

It was that relaxed, the Fifth fleet of the three eye race was a force capable of destroying stars. Possessing 480 super aircraft carriers, 720 super warships, 3400 heavy ordinance battleships, 6500 regular battleships, in addition to big and small cruisers, battle cruisers, destroyers, frigates, interceptors, reconnaissance and logistic ships, patrol and pursuit crafts, and maintenance and manufacturing motherships.

A total number of 300,000 starships!

This was not a fleet, but an invincible army of space locusts. Black in color and covers the entire sky. Wherever it goes, everything would be burned to the ground.

Despite the fact that the three eye race’s fleet is so powerful, Earth, the home planet of humanity, had maintained its graceful and slow pace. It seems that against such a powerful fleet, nine minutes of preparation time was enough.

Boom ~

Inside the earth, its core emitted an inconceivable noise. The revolving speed was increasing.

Surging waves of energy spread through the Earth\'s surface and through the solar system!

It sounded like a War Horn!

Surrounding the solar system, in the Coppola meteorite belt, the Earth Corps fleet and the Twin Horse galaxy’s Droid Corps fleet gathered, codenamed Mad Dog.

Command ship, Moonlight Goddess, Sahara Desert.

Fleet Command and Dispatch center.

Long Chuan, although depressed, was still a top tier soldier. After stifling his emotions, Long Chuan left the preparation room, into the command center hall to meet with the staff officers.

Everyone in the command center was in a heavy and stern mood.

The 1080 star ships carrying out the Mad Dog plan were currently the fastest and most agile fleet of the Earth\'s army. But this fleet, after all, was lightly equipped without capability to sustain much attacks, and it also have a horrible counterattack capability. This type of fleet was only useful in starting guerrilla warfare.

And no one had an inkling as to whether guerilla tactics would even be effective against the Three-eyed race’s fleet that was armed to the teeth.

Long Chuan sat on the commander\'s seat. Next to him was the Droid Corps Admiral Raksha.

"Begin the ten minute countdown! The third eyed race is about to enter the transition channel!" An intelligence officer reported loudly.

Long Chuan nodded and said nothing.

When starships move through the universe using transition jumps, it takes time to save up energy to open a wormhole. Only then can the starship leap dozens of or even hundreds of light-years away.

Now, the fifth fleet of the three eye race had entered the final stage of the preparation for the transition jump and will imminently arrive in the solar system When the huge fleet of 300,000 starships arrives, they will completely surround the solar system. This type of situation has never occurred to Earth before. Just thinking about the 300,000 star ships surrounding the Earth birthed terror in humanity’s hearts.

At the moment, the time left until the Three-eyed race arrives was only 9 minutes.

"Report! Found abnormal energy fluctuations in the solar system!" A soldier in the surveillance group shouted loudly.

Long Chuan slightly hesitated, and then ordered with a deep voice,: "Immediately calculate the location of the source of energy fluctuations."

"From Earth! The anomalous energy waves are coming from the core of Earth!"

"What!? Is there a calculation error?"

"There is no mistake, the energy value is increasing crazily! It has reached 190 billion Standard Cosmic Energy units!"

"230 billion!" he quickly corrected.

"300 billion standard units! An average increase of 40 billion Standard Cosmic Energy units per second, and it is accelerating!"

"400 billion!"

"My goodness, 500 billion!"

Earth\'s core energy index was climbing far beyond the imagination of everyone. Even Long Chuan was dumbstruck and felt unable to believe the numbers flying out of the mouth of his subordinate.

"The core energy index has broken through 1 trillion Standard Cosmic Energy units!"


Long Chuan almost spit out a mouthful of blood. What was the real world example of 1 trillion standard cosmic energy units? Equal to the potential energy of two suns!

The robot Raksha said, "A crazy amount of energy has gathered. If Earth detonated now, the entire solar system would be erased from the Milky Way, even causing a space collapse and becoming a supermassive black hole."

Long Chuan swallowed a mouthful of spit. He certainly understood this, but he did not understand how Earth, a regular planet, was able to accumulate so much energy in such a short amount of time.

Have this energy always existed inside Earth?

If the energy was always there, what caused this hidden supply to suddenly activate?

"The commanders on the other warships have also discovered the abnormal energy fluctuations within the Earth core. They were asking the commander center where if we are aware of the cause. How do we answer them?" The internal communications officer on the fleet asked Long Chuan awkwardly.

Long Chuan himself was confused, how could he answer his own people?

"2 trillion standard units! The core of Earth has already exceeded 2 trillion units of energy."

"Report! The anomalous energy fluctuations of Earth seem to have begun to affect other planets. The energy values of the nearest planets of Venus and Mars are exploding!"

"Report! Mercury and Jupiter are also activated, and their energy indices are starting to climb!"

"Report! The combustion of the Sun is starting to extinguish and is being absorbed inside the star. It appears the sun is going out!"

"Report! Although the sun’s surface is extinguished, the internal energy index has begun to soar like Earth, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars! Statistical forecasts predict it will break through 5 trillion standard units in one minute! A whole 10 times more!"

"Report! Pluto, the farthest from the sun, is beginning to show an increasing energy index as well. So far, all of the solar system\'s planets are ascending in energy levels!"

"Report! The nearest planet to the sun, mercury, has stopped turning and started to accelerate towards the position of the sun!"

"Report! Venus, the second closest to the sun, stopped turning and is starting to accelerate towards the sun!"

"Report! The Earth, which is the third position away from the sun, has stopped orbing, but is not accelerating to the sun. It is still spinning."

"Report! Mars, closest to the sun, stopped turning and is starting to accelerate towards the sun!"