Chapter 370: Frost Wolf

Chapter 370: Frost Wolf

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Black Egg used his claws to slash an opening in the seal, then quickly jumped inside. Ghost Claw and Demon Claw were under the orders of Han to catch Black Egg so they too followed and rushed in.

"What a mess!" Han was very mad as he witnessed the scene. It was enough that Black Egg would fight with him usually, but at crucial moments, Black Egg had no sense of organization or discipline. The more Han shouted at him, the faster he ran.

Ghost Claw and Demon Claw would follow any order that Han gave without hesitation and Black Egg’s loyalty could not be compared to the two.

"What do we do now?" Lance frowned and asked.

"What else can we do? Let’s go! Black Egg would instinctively avoid any danger. If he dares to enter, it means that there is probably no huge threat within."

Han and the others went back to the ship. There was a Dimension Shockwave Launcher at the head of the battleship. The tremors would cause the seal to temporarily open. Han and the others could speedily enter the space while the seal was temporarily broken.


The fast movement of the battleship left a track in the sky. The battleship then aimed towards the barrier underneath the Wolf’s teeth.



Under Han’s commands, a white oval-shaped light fired and reached the middle of the seal. It emitted shock waves at the frequency of 48 million cycles per second. The tremors opened the barrier and the battleship speedily entered.

It was a small space. At the top, there were diamonds as sharp and knives. The ground was uneven and seemed as if it had been eroded by acid. The unevenly sized weird rocks were like rows of soldiers.

"It gets narrower the further in we get. The functions of battleships are severely limited, let’s travel by foot!" Han said loudly.

Therefore, the group got off the battleship. There were an increasing number of giant rocks in the front but the space grew narrower like a funnel. Han’s judgement was right – in a narrow space like this, it would be difficult for the battleship to move; it would be more efficient to walk.

"Eye of Darkness!"


Han’s eyes turned completely black. After acquiring the full power of the Dark King, he could finally use the complete vision technique.

Han saw two black figures flashing past in front of him, it was Demon Claw and Ghost Claw. Han had asked them to stop Black Egg, so they desperately chased after Black egg, leaving Han and the others further behind.

"My speed is fast. I will go catch them!" Pluto said to Han.

"OK! Silver Fox use guerilla tactics and Lance will close the rear!" Han responded. Under the current circumstance, that was the best they could do.

Even though Lance was usually a scout, his specialty was stealth and tracking. In terms of speed, he was the slowest and even slower than Han.

Pluto’s speed on the other hand was extremely fast; he was only slower than Black Egg. If they wanted to catch this disobedient fellow, only Pluto had a chance.

Thus the three men and Silver Fox changed their team formation. Silver Fox concealed itself as per usual- it had no fixed strategy or mission but used its cleverness to wander around the team and acted as a hidden guerilla. Han stood between the three of them and Lance was positioned at the back of the team.

They tried their best to catch up, and soon after they crossed the funnel shaped entrance, the view ahead became vast and open.

There were large stretches of forests and snow land. The lake was frozen and the temperature was lower than -60 degrees. There was a stretch of continuous snow mountains.

Han followed the steps of Pluto. His brows slowly became furrowed as he realized that the space did not contain the natural energy that he was looking for. If there was no natural energy, what attracted Black Egg here?

Howl~ Howl~ Howl~

Just as Han was rapidly thinking, howling sounds of beasts came from the distance, large fluffs of snow were lifted in to the air. It was apparent that an intense fight was happening among the snow!

"Eye of Darkness!"

Han once again activated his vision technique. He saw that Black Egg, Demon Claw, and Ghost Claw were surrounded and attacked by a group of strange living organisms.

Under Han’s vision technique, these monsters appeared light blue. This meant that their powers did not come from natural energy. As for their appearance, they appeared to be a pack of wolves.

Without a doubt, Black Egg was the strongest. When surrounded by these monsters, he determinedly sprinted towards the distant snow mountain. However at the top of the mountain, there was a light blue figure whose energy fluctuation was even stronger than Black Egg.

To Han’s confusion, these monsters were clearly a threat to Black Egg.

Black Egg could defeat them, but when these monsters were defeated, they would emit a strange chill, and the chilliness caused Black Egg’s speed to become slower and slower.

But these monsters were like a nest of wasps. A single wasp was unable to defeat the enemy, but they could sting and release the poison within the enemy’s body before it dies.

A wasp would sacrifice itself to deal damage to the enemy. It did not take long for the poison to accumulate in the body of the enemy and cause detrimental damage.

Now, Black Egg had fallen into this trap. A huge amount of chilliness was released. Even the air was becoming frozen. Even though Black Egg was flapping its wings with all his might, he could still not stop the decline in his speed.

Even the loyal Demon Claw and Ghost Claw were forced into danger and pulled into the fight that could have been avoided.

The situation became worse. Han suspected that if he had not arrived in time, Black Egg would be unable to continue fighting.

In a daze, Han looked at Black Egg who was in danger but continued to fight.

He suddenly understood, Black Egg was not the type of soul beast who had an instinct to avoid danger, but instead, he was a crazy challenger!

If he saw someone he was interested in, no matter if that opponent was stronger or weaker than him, Black Egg would still rush forward. Even if fighting a stronger opponent meant that he would be risking his life, Black Egg would still rush forward with no hesitation. In his world, fear does not exist!

Sure enough, when faced with these monsters, Black Egg became braver after each attack! He glared with his golden eyes and did not back down but continued to sprint towards the top of the snow mountain. He killed whoever dared to block his way!


Pluto was the first to reach the scene and he joined the battle. He could not stop Black Egg so he could only try his best to protect him.

At this moment, Han slowly approached from the back. Without the help of vision technique, he could still clearly see the situation on the battle.

There were many wolves whose body was covered with pieces of snow and ice. When a snow wolf was destroyed, it would become ice. These monsters did not actually have a physical entity, but were a representation of some form of spiritual energy.

More and more snow wolves appeared from the ice field. There seemed to be a mysterious power controlling this field of ice. The snow and ice was its power, and it could control the ice and snow to create more and more snow wolves.

At this moment, more than ten thousand snow wolves had surrounded Black Egg and the others. After each snow wolf had died, its body disintegrated and a pale blue light would float out from the body. It was this strange light that restricted the speed of Black Egg and the others.

Black Egg, Demon Claw, Ghost Claw and Pluto all had a pale blue light on their bodies. It was as if the sky had rained a blue shower which no one could avoid.

Before Han could rush to the scene, the situation had become even more dangerous. Han could hear the sharp warning sound of Silver Fox. He looked around and realized that killing a single snow wolf would not be of much help to the current battle.

It was apparent that this was a strong magical force that could not be defeated by any attack. The only way to defeat it was to find the source of this force and deal with the origin directly!


At this thought, Han brought out Flying Feather and looked at the impassable mountain. Black Egg’s target was at the tip of the mountain. The entity who controlled the snow wolf must be at the top of the snow mountain.


Before Han could perform a distant attack, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

The snow wolves saw that the speed of Black Egg and the others had became slower and they suddenly launched another fierce wave of attacks!

The entity of the Frost Wolf had appeared!