Chapter 437: Stomping the Milky Way Alliance!

Chapter 437: Stomping the Milky Way Alliance!

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Twin-Horse Galaxy, new Earth Federation.

The uprooted Earth citizens had settled in the distant Twin-Horse Domain. With the help of loyal robots, they were able to build infrastructure that was previously unimaginable.

Countless star gates connected the hundreds of habited planets, and all agricultural planets, industrial planets, fishery planets, and mining planets relied heavily on robotic works to produce their output, greatly increasing the Earth citizens’ quality of life.

Poverty had disappeared from Earth’s dictionary. Long gone were the days where these citizens had to work hard every day to till the soil just to make a living. But this did not mean they lived a carefree life and were intoxicated with joy.

It was quite the opposite as Earth had never been busier. Countless kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, research facilities, military schools etc. were built.

A modern Earth citizens lifelong goal was to learn, learn nonstop. Then apply their knowledge to payback the proud Federation.

Long Chuan was the top commander of the Earth Federation.

He stood in front of a huge floor-to-ceiling window and stared into the universe, his expression more serious than ever.

Behind him was Li Yu and Talin, once the three giants of the Earth Corp now promoted to the three pillars of the Federation. As for the Robot Corp, they were in a more support role in the background. Due to the history of human tragically targeting the robots, the robots were still full of doubt of their identity as they did not believe they were real humans.

Li Yu smiled, "Say Long Chuan, today is a big day worth celebrating. Can’t you smile for once? Ever since Han left you have had that face as if we owe you money."

Long Chuan replied, "How could I smile. Even though Han had left, the plan he made is still intact. We have 13 billion citizens. I can only feel pressure, and the pressure is still mounting."

"Look, the New Oklahoma star across there, what are those flashy buildings?"

Li Yu said, "Of course those are schools. Everybody is trying their best to learn, whether they are militaristically or scientifically inclined, they are learning about mechanical engineering technology."

Long Chuan asked again, "Do you know why then, every single person of all ages is trying their best to learn?"

"Eh…" Li Yu frowned.

Long Chuan said, "It’s not that they love to study, but due to pressure! Huge pressure!"

"Our generations of citizens have experienced the darkest of times in our Earth’s history. Even though everybody is living a better life now, we are afraid to lose it all and return to the dark times."

"I can guarantee that throughout the entire history of Earth, its citizens have never been more united and focused than we are today. Not only are the soldiers fighting, those people that study in school day in and day out, are also fighting."

"According to last month’s retail supply report, the drug that made people energetic and enhanced their memory dynamics was the most popular item again. On average, a regular citizen would drink three bottles per day. As you can see, our folks only average two to three hours of sleep a day and spend the rest either training or learning."

"Even the ordinary people are trying so hard, how can we slack off?"

"To us, the most important thing is not to defend our homeland, but to make sure our homeland never enters darkness again. Make sure the Earth Federation will be a force to be reckoned with in this domain, no, in the entire universe so that no one dares to challenge us!"

Talin said while his memory flashed back, "You sound just like Han, he once said that to make Earth safe required absolute power. If one day everyone in the universe united together to go against Earth, then we shall kill everyone in the universe! He was a real lunatic."

Long Chuan shook his head, "I never thought that was arrogant. If Han was standing here today, then he would have done a much better job than us."

"Since you remember Han’s words, then you should also remember that Han once said. Earth’s population was too small. 13 billion on earth is quite a bit but only a drop in the sea compared to the entire universe."

"So, if the Earth Federation wants absolute power, the only solution is to expand the robot army. Doesn’t matter if the Milky Way Alliance approves it or not."

Talin shrugged, "Of course I remember, that’s why we made this crazy plan to rob the Milky Way Alliance."

"To be honest, I think the non-intelligent robots are pretty good. At least they follow orders as is and their productivities are not worse than the intelligent versions."

Long Chuan said, "No, the non-intelligent versions are only production tools, they don’t have a soul. The intelligent versions have souls and Han’s ultimate goal was to have an army of robotic brothers, not just robotic workers."

"Maybe it had something to do with Han’s earlier encounters. He always insisted that tools can only help you accomplish work, but brothers can help you tread against the water when the time comes!"

Beep Beep Beep

The Super Long-distance communication signal flashed.

Li Yu nodded and accepted the call. Chen Zhong and Simberg appeared on the hologram, they were both close friends with Han from his time at the genius training camp. These two were now ranking generals of the Earth Corps.

Chen Zhong was still that old fat meatball. He smiled and said, "Mission accomplished. Everywhere we went, those Milky Way Alliance’s battleships were no match for us. We didn’t break a sweat robbing them."

Li Yu said, "Stop with the bragging, be serious. How many logic chips did the Milky Way Alliance hide?"

Simberg stopped Chen Zhong and replied, "Sir, the cleanup group is still counting and we don’t have the accurate data. But we are sure that the number is huge. Twelve Square-Obelisk level large cargo ships were fully loaded."

"That much?" Li Yu was shocked. The Square-Obelisk was the Earth federation’s largest cargo ship. Twelve ships were sent in advance preparations for this mission. They originally planned for one full cargo of return. Shockingly the Milky Way Alliance stored so much logic chips, and it filled all twelve of the cargo ships?!

Long Chuan nodded, "Very well, retreat at once. Notify the second and third fleet to escort you."

"Roger that." Chen Zhong heartlessly said, "We wouldn’t have a problem retreating, but you guys will be in trouble! What we did will for sure cause dire consequence from the Milky Way Alliance."

"Stop your nonsense, execute orders!"


Li Yu shut down the hologram as he finished. Chen Zhong was a loyal soldier on the battlefield, but he would never change his big mouth personality.

Talin said, "Chen Zhong was right, we robbed the Milky Way Alliance and should now await their stormy vengeance. It’s even possible that they might go to war with us since the Milky Way Alliance treated those logic chips as their top taboo."

Long Chuan asked, "If it was Han standing here today, would he care to go to war with the Milky Way Alliance?"


Talin was quiet as always but Li Yu couldn’t help but laughed.

"If Han was here? He would say to hell with the Milky Way Alliance!" Li Yu said loudly.

Beep beep beep

The super-long distance communication signal went off again.

Li Yu stopped laughing and twitched his lips, "Those guys at the Milky Way Alliance sure reacted fast. They are here already."


Long Chuan straightened his chest, fixed his sky blue uniform, and with irresistible majesty ordered, "Open the hologram."


Inside the hologram was the Milky Way Alliance’s high council. Clearly, they were in an emergency meeting as a result of the Earth Corps robbing them of their forbidden logic chips.

Long Chuan swept across these people and raised his eyebrow.

They were still the same people, Levi of the Sally Empire, Mode of the Ganges Republic, Owen of Delifase, and Doyle of the Mang Star.

As the triple-eyed race’s offensive was forcibly terminated by the sudden onset of the solar system, the Milky Way Alliance was not shaken. The thirteen permanent members still ruled the Milky Way Alliance, and they still possessed the most powerful fleet in the galaxy.

"Long Chuan, what is the meaning of your actions!?"

"The Earth Federation has already immigrated to Twin-Horse galaxy, then you are no longer a member of the Milky Way Alliance! It is a very serious provocation for you to flank our secret base!"

"Hehe, you Earth Federation scum have all grown up now huh? You think we cannot touch you now that you are hiding in the Twin-Horse domain? But this Milky Way Galaxy was not decided by you!"

"Don’t forget just a few years ago that Earth was worthless. It’ll be easy for us to take care of business if we really wanted to."

It was not hard to judge from their tone that they were not here to negotiate but to denounce Earth Federation’s crimes.

Long Chuan no longer wanted to listen to their scornful faces.


Long Chuan waved his hand and spoke in the coarse voice of a seasoned military soldier, "I, on behalf of Earth Federation, officially declare."

"First of all, it is the Earth Federation that snatched the Milky Way Alliance’s hidden logic chips."

"Secondly, if the Milky Way Alliance wish to declare war with Earth Federation, we’ll accompany you to the end!"

"Orders! The Federation Fleet shall be on high alert state immediately!"

Long Chuan’s word were very aggressive, it translated to a simple meaning.

We never intended to hide the fact that we robbed you, what can you do about it!


The Milky Way Alliance council was in uproar. No one could forecast such an aggressive stance from Long Chuan, how dare he?

The uproar quieted very quickly and was replaced by dead silence. Even a pin drop could be heard.

After Long Chuan’s declaration of the high alert state, the Earth Federation’s fleet appeared.

Hades Class Carrier!

Flying Dragon Class Carrier!

Night God Class Carrier!

Aeon Class Carrier!

Chimera Class Carrier!

Memorial Class Carrier!

Commander Class Carrier!

Nazgul Class Carrier!

Morrow Class Battlecruiser!

Godshow Class Battlecruiser!

Phoenix Class Battlecruiser!

Nakafa Class Battlecruiser!

In all only one word was needed to describe the Earth Federation’s fleet.


Flagships f*cking everywhere!

Most importantly, for other fleets, they counted the number of flagships one by one. For the Earth Federation’s fleet, you would count the number of flagships pile by pile! The number was countless!

This was madness, everyone in the council was losing their mind!

How on earth did the Earth Federation assemble such a powerful fleet full of flagships?

The entire Milky Way Alliance’s flagships wouldn’t total more than those of the Earth Federation.

These lunatics from Earth only made flagships! It was blasphemy!

Long Chuan glanced over each of the shocked faces and calmly said, "Remember, if the Milky Way Alliance does not change on its own, then we will come and change you!"