Chapter 282: Ingenious work

Chapter 282: Ingenious work

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Han obviously knows, according to Wu Dengfeng’s description, King Neptune’s weird black crystal was the remains of the Dark King, the brain of darkness.

If Han could acquire this magical crystal, he will very likely be the first with the void end power to achieve warlord level strength in existence!

Warlord, this was way too big. Han was willing to take all the risks.

Following the witch warrior into a room specially prepared by King Neptune for the forging of the staff, Han did not see the brain of darkness that he desired, but instead some professional forging tools and all sorts of different raw materials.

The witch warrior sticks up three fingers and said, “Three days. You guys only have three days.” before shutting the door behind him as he left.

Han said with a frown on his face, “The crystal is not here?”

Wu Dengfeng shook his head, “King Neptune treats it very preciously. How can he give it to me so easily? According to our agreement, I have to forge the base of the staff first, and then King Neptune will attach the crystal himself, making it an unique godly weapon.”

Han nodded. It seems that acquiring the brain of darkness for himself is not as easy as he thought, there are still twists and turns that awaits.

“Let’s start now.” Wu Dengfeng rolled his sleeves up.

Han asked, “What is your plan?”

Wu Dengfeng said, “Obviously to insert the catalysts into the staff that can retract the dark crystal’s energy. Once King Neptune uses it, he will go down with the staff.”

Han shook his head. Although he wanted King Neptune dead, to eliminate this powerful enemy, the brain of darkness has to be destroyed. Han was disappointed.

After dying from the black hole, the Dark King left behind 7 items, Han had already acquired 3 of them, and was very likely to obtain the entire set. If one of the items gets destroyed, Han’s hopes will be shattered.

Han chose his words carefully, saying to Wu Dengfeng, “That is too dangerous, what if the explosion hits us and your apprentices, or the innocent people around us?”

“Not only that, the shock wave from the explosion of dark energy, if a vortex is formed, an artificial black hole will be created. Maybe it will even affect the constellations nearby as well. This will go against our original intentions of saving lives.”

“What do you suggest?” Wu Dengfeng replied with a sigh. “We can’t turn King Neptune into a monster now, can we?”

Han says, “How about this. King Neptune wants a staff to absorb the dark crystal’s energy to enhance his illusion skill. What we need to do is reverse this ability. Allowing the dark crystal to absorb King Neptune’s powers, this will significantly decrease King Neptune’s threat level.”

“From what I know, the dark crystal has a characteristic of greed. Once it is activated, there is a possibility that it will suck King Neptune’s brain completely dry!”

“Of course, that is just my suggestion. I know nothing about forging, everything is up to you.”

Wu Dengfeng touched his chin and thought for a while before saying, “The reverse absorbing you mentioned is very difficult to perform, but it is not impossible, it is worth a try. Only retracting is not enough, I will need to induce King Neptune’s neural system to reverse, enhancing the dark crystal’s ability to destroy nerves, to obliterate King Neptune’s zero degree region.”

Han was shocked, encouraging him, “Very good, let do that! Turn the staff into a self-destroying trap!”

Then, Han and Wu Dengfeng started to create a reverse absorbing staff in this secret forging room.

Due to the fact that Wu Dengfeng only brought Han with him, Han had to act as a helpful assistant, to aid Wu Dengfeng in the forging of the staff.

Han had never touched forging before and was very curious towards this job. Adding to that, Wu Dengfeng was a generational forging master after all, the legendary Wu Daozi’s grandson. In the process of helping, Han did witness some spectacular forging.

Overall, the most important work of a forger is forging gold, and merging metals to produce high quality alloys.

There are many small things to perfect. The metal’s temperature, purity, the timing and proportion to add supporting metals, to mix or and to cool. Every step had very high demands.

Han discovered that forging was very similar to pharmacy. Both needed precise proportions of raw material. Only then can the catalyst improve quality. Even a little mistake can cause the result to turn upside down.

Regardless whether it’s forging or pharmacy, both requires a high degree of accuracy. Since Han had some background in refining medicine, now that he is adjusting the properties of metal, he was very productive with very little effort. As well, he was very clever with his hands, and has a very high degree of accuracy. This was very shocking to Wu Dengfeng.

“It is hard to believe this is your first time trying forging. You are very steady with your hands, just like a machine. If one did not know, they would assume you have been studying forging for years.” Seeing that Han was very accurate with adjusting the proportions of metals, Wu Dengfeng was very touched.

Han smiled, “I don’t know anything about forging, but I did study medicine and genetic engineering. Both of these skills require stability and precision. Of course, patience was also needed. As for dealing with metals, I did learn a little bit about mechanics and electronics, and mechanics also deals with metals regularly. Transforming battleships, designing electric circuits, it is all related to forging in some ways.”

Wu Dengfeng nodded, agreeing with what Han said, “I never thought a young person like you had such a complex academic background. Come to think of it, whether its medicine or genetic engineering, mechanics or electronics, they all belong to craftsmanship along with forging. All the skills that you learned before will help you learn forging faster.”

“Impressive, if we leave alive, I will be glad to teach you some of my inherited forging abilities, because you are born to live as a craftsman. All the movements of your hands, the fine adjusting of power, it is very precise, much better than my apprentices.”

Han smiled a little but remained silent.

His hands must be stable. Medicine and genetic engineering both required more delicate works with the hand. When Han was using the laser scalpel to separate neurons from the gene beast, the amount of precision needed was far greater than that of forging.

Soon, the staff’s metal base had been forged. Wu Dengfeng let out a deep breath, placing his hands on the base. His dark-colored thick hands emitted a magical light. The forging master was altering the ability of this staff with his magical powers.

Wu Dengfeng clenched his teeth. His eyes flashed with coldness and said, “King Neptune, how dare you treat me like this. Don\'t blame me for being cold hearted, forging is not only an ability to help others. If needed, I can destroy anyone!”

Three days have passed. King Neptune’s face became heavier and darker, because the dark apostles were harder to deal with than he expected.

After countless numbers of ambushes and being ambushed, the witch warriors suffered severe casualties. As for those damn apostles, they were still inside the polar regions.

Every apostle had powers beyond the warlord level, killing them will require even more sacrifices.

“Only if there was more energy in the dark crystal!” King Neptune thought bitterly to himself.

Due to the dark crystal’s evil power, King Neptune had become more agitated under its influence, regularly hitting his men, causing the witches to be petrified.

King Neptune himself did not feel anything. He just felt he needed greater power. The more powerful the better. For this, he was willing to sacrifice anything.

“My lord! Good news, Wu Dengfeng has finally forged the staff! I have seen it myself, the work of Wu Daozi’s grandson, it is truly spectacular.” Nan Duo very excited to share this good news with King Neptune.

“Very well, let’s go and have a look.” King Neptune was shocked at the good news, and grinned a little, “Once I have the staff, those damned apostles, they all need to die!”


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