Chapter 380: Holy Training Ground

Chapter 380: Holy Training Ground

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Just as the three blue magical creatures were about to leave, they suddenly all bowed down to Black Egg to say goodbye.

And Black Egg just slightly nodded his chubby head before the three magical creatures left.

Han could feel that their bow to Black Egg was an act of respect, just like how followers treated their kings. Then, when they said goodbye to Han, they were acting like his friends. There were no high or low statuses.

Everyone was surprised at this, because they saw the fighting abilities of the little octopus. It was very powerful but because of its lack of confidence and experience, it couldn’t reach its full potential.

As for the little octopus’s parents, without a question they were fearsome. This was a very powerful family, and since they had been so courteous to Black Egg, undoubtedly this means that Black Egg was a higher leveled creature than them.

At the same time, everyone was still worried.

Luo Ying’s banshee had said, Black Egg had secrets that nobody else knew, and the banshee had warned everyone to not pester him, in case that would anger him and he would do something extraordinary and cause severe consequences.

Everyone knew, Han and Black Egg had a three year contract. After the three years, Black Egg would be free. At that point, would Black Egg become Han’s enemy? Everyone could only wait and hope that the worst would not happen.

After the three blue octopus creatures had left, 9527 gathered everyone around and said, "We got very lucky, we have acquired this natural place where we can practice. Now, we must utilize the natural resources here and use everything we have to protect this place."

"The crystal lotus under the lake is the key. If nothing special happens, nobody can get close to it. Let it grow naturally. Plants have a very versatile nature, as long as we don’t anger them, they would continue to provide us with high quality outputs."

"How do we use the energy here? Do we need to seal this space up?" Someone asked.

9527 shook his head, "No, firstly, our space station has been damaged significantly, and we can’t risk moving it. Secondly, we need to protect the natural habitat around here. If the power of nature here can give birth to a crystal lotus, there is a possibility that it could produce some other rare plants as well."

"In order to create an environment that is fit for plants to grow, I will set up the teleportation door from our base camp to here. Other than that, we cannot produce any other disturbances here, not even creating a wooden cabin."

"After practice or work, you guys can come here to soak yourselves up in the lake, to regain your energy. The lake water here has been filtered by the crystal lotus, and it can increase the speed of cell regeneration. This is the least intrusive way for you guys to increase your levels."

"And of course, other than practicing, we need to work. I have already explained, this place is called the Cursed Triangle, but it is also a tribal zone, there are a lot of other tribes that we don’t understand residing here."

"Even though we’ve never interacted with the natives here, but if we are to stay here, we will meet them eventually. There is even a high probability that we would engage in a war."

"So we haven’t met any of the weird tribes yet, and there are a lot of magical demons here too. We’ve all seen the strength of the Three-Eye white wolf and those three blue octopus-like creatures. Even though they weren’t our enemies, but you guys can see how powerful they are."

"So our current mission is very critical, we need to construct infrastructure, need to explore, need to practice. We can’t waste any time, and we need to improve our overall powers before our first battle. Pharmacists need to use the unique biological structures available in this cursed triangle to create new medicine, demon trainers need to start capturing and investigating the animals here, and miners need to start discovering metal mines."

"All in all, we have a lot of work ahead of us, and I will use the Queen’s strong arithmetic and scientific abilities to optimize your practice and living routines. It is hard to establish a whole new colony here, please stay with me and give it your all!"

Nobody had anything against the arrangements of 9527. 9527 used to be the chief designer behind the All Gods Corporation and had helped construct a large power within the Dark Net. Today was when he needed to unleash his organizational skills again.

After the meeting was over, some people were sent back to protect the base camp, but most people stayed at the lake to heal their injuries and regain energy.

It must be mentioned that this blue lake of magical water had renewed Han’s view on the world. When he entered the water, the cells in his body became extremely active, absorbing the energy in the water at an extremely rapid rate, repairing the wounds that you could and couldn’t see.

9527 also sat in the lake water. Such a chubby old man with a white beard, closed eyes, and an expression of bliss was an awkward sight.

9527 said to Han: "Did you know, intelligent creatures like humans are the world’s most complex machines, and particles that make up our immensely powerful and complex bodies are cells. The higher level you are, the faster your cells split and reproduce, because our bodies are becoming stronger and stronger.

"A warrior with the equivalent power index of 100kg, his cells only need to withstand the same amount of force. Once the force exceeds 200kg, then the cells would be insufficient and would need to reproduce. The older and weaker cells would be replaced by newer and stronger cells."

"From a certain perspective, every single one of us is no longer who we were before, because as we grow, all the cells in our body have been replaced many many times."

"The power of nature is very violent, it is like how we can see the nature every day. There are times when the wind doesn’t blow, and there are times when there are severe storms, times when the sun is shining, and times when there are earthquakes and hurricanes."

"We are very lucky, we don’t need to directly deal with the sometimes violent mother nature. Instead, we can directly accept the purified energy of the crystal lotus, and use the warm energy from these plants to replenish our own energies. Sometimes, when you directly use the force of nature as medicine, it could get very violent. But getting it directly from the crystal lotus, it is a very natural, non-intrusive way of accepting energy."

While 9527 was talking, he kept on glancing at Han. He saw that his eyes were somewhere else. Who knew Luo Ying and Ye Weiwei had changed into swimsuits and had shyly entered the lake, staying away from this crowd of old guys.

They had super great bodies, especially their skin. Ye Weiwei had pure white skin, while Luo Ying’s skin was white but kind of looked like she had malnutrition. This was due to the fact that she had dark energy within her.

Regardless, both Luo Ying and Ye Weiwei were extremely beautiful. Their face, body, are all perfect. It was probably normal for Han to look at them.

Though Han was only eying them with eyes of appreciation, there was no physical desire in his eyes, and this made 9527 very happy. Warriors with real potential would never be fooled by woman, and real warriors had ambition and could always see the long term goal.

"Queen hasn’t given me any work yet." Han suddenly said.

9527 smiled and said: "You don’t need to work."

"Then what do I do?"

"Practice and learn."

"Learn what?"

9527 thought about it for a while and said: "Maybe it is time for you to learn some space laws."