Chapter 117: Reverse Seal (Two)

Chapter 117: Reverse Seal (Two)

This heavy sealed door was dozens of meters thick, and that’s the key reason why the dark beasts can’t come out.

When Han and Ke Lake went in, Talin quickly closed the door.

The relic was like this. Although you can manually activate and close, but when opening and closing, things could easily go wrong. If the dark beasts seized the opportunity to run out, then it will be like sh*t hitting the fan.

In front of Han’s eyes, the passage suddenly opened up. They saw that it was another gigantic underground world. It was actually like the A-19 relic; the dome was at least 300 kilometers high.

The extinction domains left behind by the prehistoric civilization were not constructed by hollowing out a planet, but were rather hidden dimensions, like a dimensional rock but a lot bigger. Large enough to hold another world inside.

Arriving inside the relic, Han and Ke Lake were suddenly shocked. The sky was pink, ground was also pink, the extinction domain world was gigantic but there were no dark beasts!

“No dark beasts? The spectrum analyzer displayed that there was at least a million of dark beast herds inside the relic, the organism index is really high.” Han frowned and said to Ke Lake.

“What do we do now?” Ke Lake asked Han.

“Look, that area in the distance, are those the mercenaries’ corpses? Take me over there!” Han had sharp eyes and noticed that there was an area of black things in the distance, kind of like the mercenaries’ black battle suit.


Ke Lake possessed the powerful flying ability. He grabbed Han by the shoulder, lifted him up into the air, and in the blink of an eye they arrived at the place where the mercenaries died.

It had just been 2 days and the corpses were actually air-dried!

There was not a single drop of moisture left in their bodies. They were like mummies that were drained out by a vampire.

If you say that the weather inside the relic was strange and could mummify bodies within two days, it was not impossible. But the key was that there was not a single wound on these guys’ body, they were not killed by dark beasts!

Han and Ke Lake looked at each other, both feeling that something was fishy.

Han slightly frowned, crouched down and played around with a corpse, mumbled, “No wounds, the body is intact.”

“Also no broken bones, eliminating the possibility of an internal force attack. Even the bones are weathered. With a little force, the bones will get crushed into powder. I feel like this isn’t caused by the climate, it’s more like they were completely drained of vitality. Look at their eyes, there’s only a thin layer of skin left.”

“From the placement of bodies, it looks like these guys were very terrified when they were under attack. A tight formation, with an embattled appearance, but without any battle, they died very quickly, they all did, except for that 6-star quasi-warlord, I don’t see his corpse, did you?”

Ke Lake flew into the air and looked from the sky.

After a few minutes, he went back onto the ground and shook his head, “No, all the mercenaries are here, it’s just him that’s missing.”


Han frowned and looked into the distance. What a giant furnace, what is it used to melt? It’s actually about 100 thousand meters in height!

The thing was like a mechanical forger, it’s also tens of thousands meters in height!

An automated mechanical arm, it extended dozens of thousand kilometers in length!

Han looked around the relic, and felt like he arrived to the world of the giants. Everything was XXXXXXXXL sized.

“Without a doubt, this relic was a mechanical factory, but what did the prehistoric civilization make here?” Han scratched his chin and said to himself.

“Could it be for flagships? Those flagships’ length is frequently several hundred kilometers in length, other than for flagship manufacturing, I really can’t think of any bigger existences that need to be manufactured here.”


It’s very logical! Han took a more careful look at this vast world, there was a furnace, a forging machine, mechanical arms, it’s too much like a flagship production factory!


There are only 12 super shipyards in the Milky Way that could produce flagships, and they all belonged to the 12 Permanent Management members.

Could Earth be this lucky?

Here actually existed a relic that produced flagships?!

Swallowing his spittle, Han said in a deep voice, “Let’s get out of here!”

“Why? We just came in for a few minutes and we haven’t even begun exploring yet.” Ke Lake was puzzled.

“Not right, everything here doesn’t seem right!” Han’s face slightly changed, “If this is a factory used by the prehistoric civilization to produce flagships, then its level shouldn’t be lower than A-class! In such a high level relic there’s no dark beasts? In a relic with no dark beasts thousands of mercenaries died?”

“Let’s go, we will leave first and report the situation here to the higher-up. This time we probably have to move to a long-term plan.”

Ke Lake nodded, grabbed Han by the shoulders and began flying back. Just when he was about to arrive at that sealed gate, they saw strange patterns slowly covering the gate and sealing it.


“This hellish place actually has a reverse seal?!” Han saw clearly the mysterious extending patterns, suddenly shocked and shouted loudly, “Quick! We are going to be sealed in this relic!”

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