Chapter 283: Neptune’s transformation

Chapter 283: Neptune’s transformation

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The footsteps from far down the hall slowly approached. Han rubbed his hands together. His face was as if nothing important was going down, but on the inside, he was preparing for a battle.

King Neptune had finally arrived, bringing with him Han’s long desired brain of darkness. What Han needed to do was very simple. As the staff was doing its work, absorbing powers from Neptune, Han will kill him and steal the brain of darkness!

Han did not feel afraid, only excitement!

The power within the path of demon was more than enough of a confidence booster!

Han was no long the old dauntless Han that he was. Now he had demonic powers. Other people might be afraid of slaughtering gods and demons, but Han definitely had the nerves to do so!


As King Neptune and his men appeared in the forging room, Han’s eyes suddenly brightened up, his chest filled with the urge to kill.


Han counted the number of men King Neptune brought with him, observing their body shape and level of awareness, analyzing their positions. In this chaos, Han still had a high degree of cautiousness, carefully planning a sneak attack.

King Neptune had a young and handsome face. Han did not expect this. When he clearly saw King Neptune’s face, a strange feeling filled his body, feeling that the strongest witch was not real.

“Where is the staff? Where is my staff?” King Neptune asking with great interest.

“It is right here.” Wu Dengfeng controlled his nervousness, walking towards the center of the forging room. There was a metal platform, covered with a piece of red silk.

“Please have a look.”


Wu Dengfeng removed the red silk, revealing a pure gold staff, the length of a grown man’s forearm, filled with carefully sculpted patterns. The tip of the staff opened up like a lotus. When the brain of darkness was inserted, the staff’s power will be revealed.

King Neptune took the staff in his hand, carefully inspecting it, and laughing out loud.


“So this is the staff that you forged with spiritual forging?” King Neptune asked.

“That’s right.” Wu Dengfeng nodded as he answers.

“Not bad, not bad at all!” King Neptune changed his tone and asked Wu Dengfeng, “This staff allows me to merge with the black crystal and an entity? Spiritually connected, to enhance the dark crystal’s power to the max?”

“Absolutely right.”

“How to prove that?”

“You will find out when you use it. I am already in such situation, there is no need for me to lie.”

King Neptune looked at Wu Dengfeng with his sharp eyes and uttered with a cold voice, “You won’t fool me even if I dared you!”

After talking, King Neptune turned his back and walked away.

Han was suddenly in shock, the script was not suppose to be like this!

Han wanted to see King Neptune put the dark crystal onto the staff, seeing it being used, and how he will be taken over and tortured by the dark energy!

And then, Han will kill King Neptune and steal the brain of darkness!

But the situation right now was, King Neptune has acquired the staff but did not want to test it out in front of them. Now it forced Han to activate his void field, to steal his illusion skills first, then fight him to the death!

Han could not guarantee his victory fighting the strongest witch king. Although he can steal King Neptune’s illusion skills, but his power was still there, his guards were still there. Forcing a start to this kind of battle, the outcome cannot be anticipated.

As King Neptune was just about to leave, Wu Dengfeng stood up and frowned, “King Neptune, don’t you want to test the powers of this staff? What if I lied to you?”

“As I said, you won’t dare lie to me! There is no one in this world who dares lie to me!” King Neptune spoke with confidence.

Wu Dengfeng shook his head, “Things are not like that. Newly forged godly weapons, especially a staff like this that needs outside power as support might not reach its full potential the first time. It might take several tries to perfect it.”

King Neptune looking at Wu Dengfeng, “Is that right? More adjustments are needed to reach its fullest potential?”

“On matters like this, I don’t dare lie to you.” Wu Dengfeng replied.

“Alright, then I will try out this staff’s power.” King Neptune walked back to the center of the forging room and said.

Wu Dengfeng was afraid to communicate with Han using eye contact, but they were both relieved. Finally things were getting back on track. Suppose King Neptune just walked off with this staff, things will get very complicated.

Han squinted his eye lightly, and tightened his fist.


King Neptune took out an oddly shaped black crystal. Its appearance closely resembled a human’s brain.

“It’s the brain of darkness!” Han shouting excitedly in his mind. Just for a split second, Han had already felt the special force of darkness, and it was also the power that he desired.

Han continued to patiently wait, waiting for King Neptune to activate this staff of death. When his powers gets sucked by the staff, that =was the best chance for Han to kill and steal!

King Neptune placed the brain of darkness at the tip of the staff.


There was a very tiny sound, the lotus at the tip of the staff closed, wrapping the brain of darkness tightly in place as King Neptune slowly raised the staff, higher and higher, resembling the vow towards absolute power.

“Illusion realm, open!”


When King Neptune activated his illusion, Han felt like he was in hell!

It was at the mouth of a volcano, very dark, countless white claws grabbed onto Han’s leg, trying to take him deeper into hell, to endure the pain of fire and bloodbath!

Han never realized, illusions could be very realistic. It seemed as if he actually fell down to the 19th floor of hell!

This type of realistic illusion significantly affected Han’s judgment. He could not be certain of what was happening outside of the illusion, what state King Neptune was in. The staff was filled with secrets, did it torture King Neptune or not, to let his soul endure this torment!

To kill him now, or wait for a better chance?

Obviously it cannot wait any longer!

Han had already been waiting long enough!

For the past while, Han strictly followed the path of demon these days.

What is the path of demon?

When its the right time, don’t hesitate, take out your knife and start slaughtering!

That was the path of demon!

“Void field, open!”

Han suddenly opened his right fist, opening up the void field!

To take King Neptune’s superpowers once and for all!

“Demon claws! Ghost claws! Come out now!”


Right after, Han swipes through the lunar scar, unleashing his genetic monster army, spinning the Ares-Class Star-Strangling Boa, and putting on the gloves of darkness! He also consumed drugs that could significantly increase his power!

Facing such a power foe, Han was not hiding anything, using all his strength from the beginning!

Han’s rage transformation was sharp, stunning, and without hesitation.

At the very moment that Han decided to kill King Neptune and steal the brain of darkness, something unexpected happened.

King Neptune flew into the air.

He was just like a rocket filled with fuel, flying up, breaking the top of the room, flying!


The secret forging room under the holy realm collapsed instantly! Following the holy mountain, the flat top mountain also collapsed!


King Neptune screamed his lungs off!

Following was the disappearing of all illusions. The underworld illusion had disappeared and was replaced with a realistic hell, a collapsing world, huge boulders, falling on top of everyone’s heads!


At this crucial moment, demon claws and ghost claws came to the rescue, one protecting Han, and the other using its super fast speed to dig a tunnel, carrying Han and Wu Dengfeng to escape.


Ghost claw’s digging speed could reach up to 10,000 km/hour!

They quickly left the holy mountain, appearing in the forest at the foot of the holy mountain.

Wu Dengfeng was severely injured, first scared to death by the illusion of King Neptune, believing that he was actually in hell. Then came the boulders that hit his head, which caused him to lose a lot of blood.

Under both impacts, Wu Dengfeng’s signs of life was extremely weak.

“Hang in there!”

Han took out some pills, stuffing them into Wu Dengfeng’s bloody mouth.

“I, I really did create a monster!” Wu Dengfeng’s eyes turned white, pointing towards far away, shouting in pain.

As Han looked up, he saw King Neptune using his enormous powers to destroy this forest.

His hair was loose, eyes emitting dark energy, just like a lunatic running through the forest.

Arms open wide, like a high-speed bulldozer, cutting all the trees blocking his way!

Elegant, mysterious, famously known for his illusions, King Neptune had become a barbarian warrior! Using his power to destroy the holy mountain, destroying vast amounts of forest!

Looking above, the witch’s holy realm’s flat top mountain looked as if it were sliced in halves. As the leader of witches, King Neptune could care less, and he was getting stronger by the minute, using clumsy yet powerful ways continuing to destroy his holy realm.

As for the staff with the brain of darkness, it had become a hammer for King Neptune, who was swinging it everywhere!

“King! What happened to you!?” A witch warrior knelt before him, trying to stop this chaos.


King Neptune passed by this loyal guard in a flash, raising his arms, and took off the warrior’s entire head! Chewing on it with fresh blood still dripping, took a bite, and then threw onto the ground violently, shattering in pieces!


Without a doubt, King Neptune had gone insane!

But, how does one explain his unimaginable powers!?

The insane King Neptune, only used a fist to destroy the witches’ holy mountain! Using only one finger, tipped off the head of a warlord class warrior!

This was too scary!?

“Reverse absorbing” Wu Dengfeng looks like he was dying. Blood kept on coming from his mouth, pointing at the insane King Neptune, using his last breath and shouting, “Reversing the absorbing process has led him to genetic alterations in his body!”


Han felt like the sky was shaking!

The staff Wu Dengfeng designed was intended to take King Neptune’s powers, allowing Han to take his life!

Who knew, things took a wrong turn. Not only did King Neptune survive, and due to the dark energy’s mutation in his body, it altered his genes to suddenly gain power!

In the end, Han and Wu Dengfeng worked together and turned King Neptune into a stronger and bigger demon.