Chapter 438: Unreasonable Training!

Chapter 438: Unreasonable Training!

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Han still had ways to communicate with Earth based on 9527’s spy satellite systems. Even though Han was not on Earth, 9527 would still prepare the latest info for Han every once in a while.

"Sweet! Long Chuan’s style is becoming more domineering!"

After Han watched the videos provided by 9527, he laughed and applauded Long Chuan’s arrogant words, "If the Milky Way Alliance does not change on its own, then we will come and change you!"

Finally, Earth has grown to be one of the strongest forces in the entire Milky Way!

Everyone claimed that Han’s Void End ability was a bug in the realm of super abilities, that it was unsolvable. Little did they know that robotic technology was also the same level of bug in its own system.

The reason was simple. A robot factory could manufacture a hundred thousand robots daily, and then these robots would assemble a second plant and continue to manufacture a hundred thousand robots daily.

It was like cells splitting, and it meant geometric growth of the robot population.

What was the advantage of a large population of robots?

There were plenty of advantages. A huge robot army could extract a mine of all its ore in a few days, which normally would take hundreds of years for humans to mine. As long as there were enough resources, these robots could complete constructing the largest carriers and battleships in a single day.

The Earth Federation had abused the crap out of this robot bug to reproduce, and even though Earth only moved to the Twin-Horse galaxy for one year, the robot army had explored thousands of harvestable planets and constructed countless mines, factories, and scientific research facilities.

How else could the Earth Federation assemble such a flagship fleet? It was all because of the robot army working 24/7!

From mining to casting, to forging, to assembling, and finally testing, the robots had everything covered!

Han was a little disappointed that there were not enough robots with artificial intelligence. Currently it was just basic robots handling all the manual labor, they’ll do as they were told with no change in the system.

The intelligent robots were different. For the same mining task, intelligent robots would adjust its work efficiency on the job as it mined.

The minerals were different and the difficulty to mine also varied. The regular robots would just use the most primitive methods to mine if they encounter a complex mine that wasn’t in their system. They would pick up all the rocks and separate it piece by piece.

Such efficiency was incomparable to that of an intelligent robot. Han knew very well that the intelligent robots were the way of the future. Since the direction of the future was clear, then Han worked hard to achieve that goal.

That’s the reason for Han to set the plan to fully explore intelligent robots and placed Long Chuan in command.

Han was happy to receive the good news from Earth. It made his exhaustion disappear and refilled him with vitality.

Wai Late Dao frowned, "How come there were so many logic chips in the galaxy? This is weird, I have been to many places and have never heard of any stash of logic chips on that level of scale."

Pathless Origin nodded, "Yeah logic chips are gifts from God to the Milky Way Galaxy, and it was being wasted by those guys at the Milky Way Alliance. I always thought the logic chips were weird. Even with today’s powerful technology, those chips cannot be replicated. Not just the Milky Way, even the Five Corporations can’t achieve it."

Wai Late Dao added, "The Western Dark Net also cannot replicate those chips, just like our East Dark Net. Supposedly these robots were left behind on both sides of the universe way back in ancient times. They were invented and produced in a mysterious empire."

"Too bad the mysterious empire no longer exists, and the logic chip technology disappeared along with it. There are only so many of these logic chips in the universe, and I think you are lucky enough to obtain half of it."

Han nodded, he liked robots and their loyalty. He would love it if all intelligent robots in the universe were given to him. No one would abandon such loyal guards.


As they chatted during intermission, a loud noise suddenly came from outside of the base, followed by a loud voice.

"Me! Sima Hunfeng!"

"That’s Sima Hunfeng? Such a strong power fluctuation!" Pathless Origin shockingly said.

Wai Late Dao nodded and exclaimed, "This Sima Hunfeng is like a god, he broke the barrier of pinnacle super warlord!"

Pinnacle super warlord?

Han was super excited, there was now a pinnacle super warlord here in this small base!?

Sima Hunfeng, was worth every bit of his title - the strongest man in the Milky Way Galaxy!


Han stood up, his eyes awe-inspired and said, "Let’s continue! Sima Hunfeng has broken his barrier to the pinnacle super warlord, we cannot be left behind!"


Silver Fox had enjoyed his spotlight these days as he transferred from a guerrilla warfare specialist to an all-around elitist. Silver Fox could now be a scout and hold his own ground if needed. Most importantly, with his warm and protective plant abilities, he could provide power support for his master and teammates when needed.

Silver Fox was not gifted at direct combat like Han, but it was okay since he could supply power to his master.

Silver Fox was happy because he could finally help his master. Animals were not greedy like humans, they were loyal and grateful. Even if Han was a little kind to Silver Fox, he would remember it and repay Han’s kindness a hundred of folds in return.

Silver Fox brought his dimension ring to play with the crystal lotus. He now possessed the plant abilities and the crystal lotus welcomed him with open arms.


Silver Fox dove to the bottom of the lagoon and the crystal lotus opened its transparent petals to allow to Silver Fox lay down comfortably.

He took out everything from his dimension ring.

Silver Fox no longer stored peanuts and chocolates in his ring, he switched them to cute little plants with spirits like the little bean sprout.

Silver Fox brought them here because of the little bean sprout’s advice. The spirit plants have intelligence and could communicate with the lonely crystal lotus.

Silver Fox could understand their conversations. Plants were not as complex as humans, their conversations simply translated to where the water was sweeter, or where the soil was plumper etc.

Silver Fox thought all plants were a thing of nature. When faced against enemies they wouldn’t fight back and would always be gossiping with no ambition.

More to that, Silver Fox felt no ambition was not a bad thing. Humans were too ambitious and that was the reason why there was constant fighting. If human were like plants, wouldn’t the universe have peace?

Silver Fox took out every plant from his ring and had a plant party while he relaxed on the crystal lotus’s petals.

Silver Fox had a seed. It was the black seed that Han traded with many points for. Han had absolute trust in Silver Fox and had him keep such a precious seed.


Silver Fox brought his long tail in front of him and called out little bean sprout, "Master was wounded really bad and the resulting points were all traded for this seed. What do you think this seed is used for?"

"Can help Master? Under what condition?"

"When the master is wounded, just plant the seed in his wound? Just like that?"

Little sprout nodded.

"Are you sure? This seed has no conscience, or maybe it has spirits as well?"

Little sprout made a much-exaggerated gesture.

"Oh such high spirit. So it can provide a lot of help to Master?"

Little sprout once again made a much-exaggerated gesture.

"Oooh, it’s that powerful? This is great news, I will keep it safe for Master and give it to him when he needs it. Then again I hope Master will never get hurt again and never require this seed." Silver Fox thought to himself.

All the plants nodded, not only because of Silver Fox’s power and his Book of Nature’s Spirit. It was mostly because Silver Fox was like them, very kind-hearted.


In a blink of an eye, three weeks had passed. Han’s training was very stressful because this Blood Vortex was tied to the freedom of Han and his brothers.

Freedom was what Han craved the most, he did not like to be hunted. He wished he could go home whenever he wanted and for this freedom, Han was willing to give everything he had.

Win and we will have the power to match the Five Corporations. Winning meant freedom and losing was unimaginable.

The pressure was the best motivation, Han had not left the training room in the three weeks, but he was still a gap away from understanding Pathless.

The so-called Pathless, was to merge Void Movement and the Path of Yao together.

Why the Path of Yao but not any other paths?

The reason was simple. The Path of Yao was not only the strongest of the six paths, but once it was mastered, the other five automatically evolved into a part of the Path of Yao.

Therefore, through mastering the five other paths came the Path of Yao, and the combination of the Path of Yao and Void Movement came Pathless.

This set of techniques were very complex, but in the end, there was only a single move. That was the Path of Pathless after merging it with Void Movement with the six paths.

With Han’s talents, it was not hard to merge. Void Movement was in the movements, and on the basis of movement, you add the Path of Yao. It becames the Path of Yao with a mysterious moving style.

Previously, Han’s Path of Yao was straight forward, a raging dragon charging forward.

Adding Path of Yao to that, it would become a dance of the dragons! The attacks would be absolute chaos with no order.

Han sat in the training room cross-legged, holding his chin thinking to himself.

This was his routine. Han was ruthless in battle but deep down inside, he was not a ruthless soldier. Aside from battling to the death, Han’s brilliant mind was also a hot topic of conversion for others.

"Messy, too messy, it’s terrible to watch!" Han mumbled, "One sword to break the sky, the attacking power must be focused to unleash the most powerful attack. Now that I have combined the movement of Void Movement and attacking power of Path of Void, the attack became scattered and lost a significant amount of lethality."

"The worst part is that the harder I train, the more scattered the attacks are. If this trend continued then I probably won’t kill anyone and waste this entire technique. I must think of a way to focus my attacks."

Han was trapped in a deep-thinking state. He did not want his attack to be too chaotic, it would be harmless. Look at the Flying Feather Bow’s attacking power, it was all due to its directness.

The more Han tried, the more he found that he could not focus his attacks.

What’s the purpose of Void Movement? To dodge.

The foundation behind learning void was to forget what you just learned to be random and chaotic. It has no set rules and if Han used Void twice in a row, his movements would not be the same both times.

Applying the Path of Yao on top of that, it would be strange if the Path of Yao doesn’t become messed up too!

"What the hell! Why must Void movement and the Path of Yao be combined to make Pathless? It doesn’t make any sense!"

Suddenly Han thought of something.

"Wait wait, doesn’t make sense? Pathless… Senseless?"

"Maybe Pathless means unreasonable and senseless?"

"If it meant to be unreasonable, then what’s the best way to be unreasonable?"

Han felt like he gripped on to something and entered a new round of thinking.

"Chaos, unreasonable, pathless…"

"Chaos, unreasonable, pathless…"


Han stunned and said, "Maybe I have been wrong in the beginning, I shouldn’t try to control the chaos, rather I should make it even more chaotic?!"