Chapter 238: Time to Kill!

Chapter 238: Time to Kill!

Jian Jia was shocked. He couldn’t believe his ears, Han was actually thinking about killing all these executioners?! These were the Path of All God’s people!

“Why do you have to kill them?” Jian Jia asked in curiosity.

Han replied, “First, since the rule requires the executioners to kill a certain number of participants in order for the trial to be over, then the trial can no longer continue if I kill all the executioners. It will have no choice but to end.”

“Second of all, the number of participants obviously outnumbers the executioners, and are collectively more powerful. But everyone is being chased by a dozen executioners from behind, why? Why can’t we just kill them?”

Jian Jia became speechless. What a whimsical guy, Han used his unorthodox logic and inferred that, as long as the executioners were all killed, then the test will immediately end. This was something Jian Jia never thought of.

During the time Jian Jia blanked out, he had already arrived at the back of the group with Han. The dozen executioners were all dressed in black and fully covered, with blades in their hands. They eyed Han and Jian Jia mercilessly.


Han already made up his mind. He took out his Star Strangling Boa right away and pushed Jian Jia to the side at the same time, and then charged up.

“Void domain!” Han said in his mind.

Those dark net executioners obviously didn’t expect someone would come at them. The main group were all desperately moving forward, afraid of falling behind, but this Han guy just turned around. Could it be that he wants to suicide?

The moment Han’s void domain opened, the executioners all panicked as well. Losing their power right away, who could stand this pressure? They just swung their arms and nothing came out, as if all their powers were robbed by someone.



Taking advantage of this opening, Han directly eliminated two.

Demon Strike was the same in water, just needing to strike. When the executioners tried to cut Han, he not only didn’t hide, but used an even bigger force to strike back!



At the same time, Han noticed that two more people joined the battle. One of them was Jian Jia, his face covered in excitement, as if a kid had noticed many fun toys, and the other one was a blue guy Han doesn’t know.

Both Jian Jia and the blue guy were very powerful, and under a minute, most of the executioners were dead, leaving behind 2 or 3 with pale faces, unable to pose any kind of threat to Han.


The man in black lying asleep in the monster’s mouth suddenly stood up, He looked in the distance in disbelief, at the battlefield where Han and the other two were massacring the executioners. Now that the situation had progressed to this stage, the result was already determined, with the last executioner been sent flying by the blue guy’s round shield.

Everyone else were also very surprised, staring at Han and the other two, but also desperately swimming forward.

“Sh*t happens every year, especially this year.” The man in black cloth muttered, and then said to the big mouth monster, “Game over, let’s dock.”


The big mouth monster issued a low sound, as if it understood something. It changed direction and also accelerated.

The blue man nodded towards Han and said a little emotionally, “I heard you guys’ conversation. You are right, why should we be killed?! I’m also not convinced, like you! Let us together f*ck them in the face!”

Han thought for a second, not saying anything. To be honest, it was more because he didn’t want to waste time. As to other people getting killed, Han didn’t really care…

This blue guy was called Bo Ya, filled with hot blood. After hearing Han’s rebellious words, he actually became an admirer, and kept on saying that he will f*ck people in the face with Han!

F*ck who in the what, Han didn’t even know what was happening, but he just vaguely accepted.

Han and the other two returned to the group, and now everything was fine. Without the executioners chasing after them, people just needed to follow this big mouth monster to not get eliminated, so everyone all relaxed a lot.

This smurf-like Bo Ya guy, not only was he hot-blooded, he was also a big mouth. When people asked why he went to kill the executioners, he just kept on repeating what Han said, how come they get to kill us but not the other way around? Not fair! They should just f*cking fight back!

And the f*cking other people in the face was not something Han said, but something Bo Ya added himself.

Among these people that were getting trialed, there were many hot-blooded young and middle-aged man like Bo Ya, and they all started looking at Han with a little admiration.

“Hey, your ability is pretty powerful, it can actually offset my power?” Jian Jia whispered to Han.

Then, Han made the gesture of stripping someone naked and said, “Not offset, it’s robbing. But that’s nothing, also I can strip away people’s power, but I don’t have any other special powers myself.”

Jian Jia seemed to not like Han’s stripping gesture, blushed a little, and he turned his face around and muttered, “You, so vulgar!”

“Yep.” Han was thinking of something else, so he coincidently agreed.

After Han, Jian Jia and Bo Ya eliminated the executioners, this big mouth monster quickly led everyone back to the shore.

There are many people among the participants that heard that this type of judgement competition would take very long and was full of torture. They were finding it unbelievable that they finished it this quickly.

Now Bo Ya’s words became even more convincing and he shouted passionately, “Look, look! If we didn’t fight back, who knew how much longer we will be tortured for! Han’s right, why should we let other people judge us?! We have to f*ck them in the face!”

“I never said to f*ck them in the face.” Han muttered, wanted to go up and explain, but he felt that it wouldn’t really do any good. Seeing how a group of simple fighters swearing over there, his explanation would probably make the situation more chaotic.

Jian Jia was a pretty careful person. After getting on shore, he let out a cleaning UFO shaped thing. It was only the size of a hand, and it circled around him, cleaning up all the dirt on his body and even dried his hair.

As for Han, he just shook himself, got rid of the greasy blue water and that’s all.

The big mouth monster sunk into the bottom of the lake, the man in black that was in that monster’s mouth shook his head, and walked over to another man in black that was not too far from the landing point.

“The rest is up to you.”

“That fast? Shouldn’t you eliminate half of them, and let the other half suffer a bit? Otherwise they won’t learn their lesson.”

“This problem is a bit complicated, they seemed to became a little rebellious. In short, my task is over, as for disciplining them, it’s you job now.”

Then, this man in black shook his head and left, and the other one that was taking his place was a bit chubby and taller, with a black veil covering his face as well.

He walked to the landing spot, his eyes coldly swept over those being trialed and said in a deep voice, “All of you shut up! You came here to get trialed, not for vacation!”

“Now there are more difficult tests waiting for you guys! Ahead of you guys, there’s a basin, and you guys will live in that basin for the next month! Whoever can come out of it alive, only they will be qualified to move on to the next stage!”

“Now everyone get the f*ck in!”

This man in black spoke very rudely, and then he forced thousands of people into the so-called basin like animals.

The basin was surrounded by cliffs, and the middle was a desert. The burning sun was hanging in the air, hurting people’s eyes. The temperature was incredibly high, an egg would be fully cooked if it was placed on a rock.

Soon after the sunset, the temperature inside the basin was well below freezing point. Although everyone were espers and didn’t really care about the change in temperature, but such a huge contrast in temperature still made people uncomfortable.


With the starlight appearing, a creepy sound started appearing around the basin.

Han pulled Jian Jia a little and said, “Careful, something’s coming out.”

Then, he let out Silver Fox, Ghost Claw, and Demon Claw.

Jian Jia was a strange person, he turned a blind eye on the loveliest Silver Fox, but rather paid attention to the silly Demon Claw, staring with big and round eyes, and even reached out to pat its head.

“You like this silly thing?” Han asked in curiosity.

Jian Jia replied, “Yep, my mom said, animals and people that are too smart are unreliable. Although Demon Claw looks silly, but it’s loyal and reliable.”

Then he pointed at Silver Fox and said, “Look at this little thing, look at those little eyes rolling, you know it’s very smart.”

Han replied, “Although he’s really smart, but he’s also very loyal.”

Jian Jia shook his head, “I don’t care, I just like people and animals that look a little silly.”

“Scorpions!” Suddenly, someone shouted hysterically, “These scorpions are poisonous!”