Chapter 336: Solar Legion!

Chapter 336: Solar Legion!

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Less than five minutes until the Triple-eye race’s fifth fleet advances into the solar system, but during such a short period of time, unbelievable changes took place in the solar system.

"Could it be an auto-defensive mechanism?" Robot general Raksha analyzed, "First, inner Earth core energy level fluctuation suddenly increased at exactly nine minutes upon the solar system’s enemy’s arrival."

"Followed with all the planets in the solar system stopping their orbital motions. They no longer orbit around the sun, but are closing in toward the sun. At the same time, the sun, as the only fixed star in the solar system, began to transition as well. Other than the rapid increase of energy level, the sun retracted its heat and light. Does this mean the sun’s light and heat was primarily to serve Earth?"

"Now even the Coppola asteroid belt which is the furthest from the sun has begun to burst. These asteroids under the sun’s gravitational drag were gathering beyond the speed of light around the sun. The sun would ultimately not shine as a star, but it surrounded itself by all the planets and countless asteroids. Doesn’t that look like fully armed star warrior?"

"Look at the Earthling’s home planet Earth, it is calmly pacing towards the rear of the sun. According to our intelligence and calculation of the leaping point, The Triple-eye race’s fifth fleet will appear definitely appear on the opposite side of Earth. That means, the sun gathered all the energy in the solar system to act like Earth’s protector! Earth will be safe behind it!"

"In addition, the Moon, a satellite star, continues to orbit around Earth. Its speed is accelerating, like an orbital protection mechanism, serving as the second layer of protection other than the sun!"

"Our fleet is laying in ambush near Earth. Our trajectory, the Earth’s trajectory, the moon’s trajectory, and all the planets’ trajectory, they all purposely avoided the area where our fleet was ambushing. Isn’t this weird?"

"Could Earth itself have a highly intelligent recognition system that identifies our fleet as friendly and thus controls the asteroids not to get too close, in case of friendly fire?"

"Long Chuan, this is too strange!"

"I am a robot only capable of measuring and processing logic and reason, but now I suspect that the solar system is maybe under gods’ protection. I don’t believe in gods, but I cannot explain what I’m seeing right now!"

"Frankly, all the processing chips within me are overheating due to calculation overloads. Is this what you humans call uncontrollable impulsion?"

Long Chuan did not reply to Raksha’s excited statements, because he didn’t know how to reply.

Long Chuan coughed and said, "However, as a commander, I optimized my plan and strategy based on reality, not imagination."

"Anyway, our fleet’s mission is unchanged. After the Triple- Eye race’s fifth fleet destroys Earth, our goal is to intercept and wipe out their slow-moving starcrafts during their leave."

Raksha shook his head and used his unique robotic voice to say, "Long Chuan, I think you wrong. The Triple-Eyed race unquestionably have the star map for the solar system."

"As they enter the solar system, they will be shocked and realize the solar system in front of them is significantly different from the star map. Their commander will definitely suspect and will not destroy Earth and the solar system with their cannons and move on to next target like they use to."

"Thus, our tactic has to change, it has to adapt to the enemy’s changes. Time is running out, we need a contingency plan. If Earth actually has a self-defense mechanism what should we do?

"According to my calculation, even if Earth has a self-defense mechanism, it is still no match for the Fifth fleet that consists of 300 thousand star ships with terrifyingly destructive levels of fire power."

"If that is the case, we will stand and fight with Earth till the death!"

"There are reinforcements two leaps away from our position. Li Yu’s reinforcement fleet has a stronger combat capacity than us. Their fleet did not enter the battle zone, simply because the fleet is short on high-speed movement capabilities."

"Reinforcement fleets should participate in the battle! Same for the robotic legion guardian fleet and Protector Chu Li’s fleet that’s guarding the Twin-horse galaxy seventy-one leaps away. We could send them in too!"

"Anyway, if Earth chooses to activate its self-defense mechanism, we should fully support Earth. It does not matter how it turns out, we can even sacrifice ourselves. Don’t your human warriors always see the highest honor as being killed in action?"

Actually, with Long Chuan’s intelligence, he has already thought of all of Raksha’s recommendations.

Protect Earth?

It is not like Long Chuan does not want to protect Earth. However, as a commander, Long Chuan has to base his orders and tactics on reality, not speculation. Long Chuan will only issue the crucial order after the speculation really takes place.

"General! The Coppola belt asteroids have gathered around the Sun!"


Everyone looked up and stared at the biggest screen. No one could have imagined the current scene with the extinguished Sun laying out a three-layered battle formation!

The first battle formation were the asteroids from the Coppola belt. Billions of asteroids of all sizes gathered and were arranged like a legion in front of the Sun.

The second battle formation were the eight planets in Solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

They were in front of the Sun too but behind the Coppola belt asteroid formation.

If the asteroids were the infantry units of this legion, the eight planets were the generals.

They were different in size and color, but they all had majestic looks!

At the rear end of the array was the only star in the solar system, representing Apollo the Sun.

It was extinguished and no longer shined light. The gigantic star was like a commander with black armor in charge of the whole army!

Right behind the incredible battle array was Earth. The elegant and blue Earth with the Moon orbiting around, just like a follower and its master.

"How majestic! This is our Earth, this is our solar system!"

"Why are you crying?"

"Bullsh*t, it’s the wind!"

"Wind in a starcraft?"

"It’s the wind from the air conditioner. Oh god, I am going to film this and send it to my son, and let him know how glorious our home planet Earth and the Solar System that we have lived on for generations is!"

The human soldiers in the fleet were overwhelmed and the robots were boosting their cooling system to cool their overheated chips. The mass amounts of calculations was a bit overloading their chips. Towards this kind of situation that cannot be explained with their current level of knowledge, the robots were also very confused.

Right now, there were only three minutes left until the Triple-Eye race’s Fifth fleet advances into the Solar System.