Chapter 239: Flood, Poison, Nuke

Chapter 239: Flood, Poison, Nuke

In the night, a large number of brown scorpions started charging out from around the basin and began attacking the crowd.

The soldiers originally weren’t afraid of them, but they soon found out that these brown scorpions were not easy opponents at all. They could spray out venom from their tails.


Streams of transparent liquid took advantage of the dark night, shooting into the crowd. The soldiers immediately began dodging, but when many people began panicking, someone would inevitably get shot, with green smoke rising from the battle suit.

If the battle suit’s level was high enough, it could defend against the venom attack. If the quality of the combat uniform was worse, then the venom would contaminate the skin and penetrate the body, corroding the soldiers’ internal organs.

This kind of venom was very powerful, even if it’s a warlord level elite that was immune to poisons, they would still lose a portion of their strength after being invaded by the poison.

The soldiers started using all kinds of weapons in panic, fighting back in all sorts of abilities.

Right away in the dark sky, fire balls, water balls, ice balls, lava balls began flying all over the place, and the beast tamers began summoning genetic beasts to fight against the scorpions.

Everyone at the scene were almost all soldiers, and the reason was very simple. Violating rules, never learning, these were all mistakes fighters often make. If it was an electric engineer or a black smith, then they wouldn’t piss off the gods to the point of getting trialed.

The side that was being judged was still more powerful, so after the initial panicking, the venomous scorpions were gradually kept under control, and the experienced soldiers began seeking cooperation with people around them, trying to avoid even worse situations.

But nights were long, the scorpions were countless, it was a headache to think that they will be trapped here with these poisonous creatures for this many weeks.

“What do we do this time?!” Bo Ya rushed to Han, and judging by the look of it, he plans to go big with Han. Bo Ya also motivated another batch of people, and they all rolled up their sleeves and were ready to go.

Han frowned, “This situation is pretty terrible, we have to stay in this hellish place for thirty days to be attacked by these poisonous scorpions. People would probably be able to do it for the first few days, but it will get more dangerous as time progresses.”

“From what I know, scorpions, insects, they should all have a king. We should just go out and kill this scorpion king, and that way we should probably pass this trial.”

“But we can’t leave this basin, otherwise it will be a violation of the rules and we will get kicked out of the Path of All Gods.” A fighter that came with Bo Ya said.

“Who said we are leaving? We just have to dig deeper in this basin, until we dig up this damn scorpion king.”

“According to the attacks today, these poisonous scorpions should be nocturnal. We will just endure through tonight, and start digging down tomorrow morning, drilling in whenever we see a cave. We have thousands of fighters, there’s no way we can’t find the king.”

After the plan was set, Bo Ya left with his people and started defending around the basin.

Jian Jia blinked his eyes, “Didn’t know that you were so charismatic. This blue blood guy Bo Ya already became your man and listen to you on everything.”

Han pouted and said, “What blue blood, he’s just too hot-blooded. I never intended to get any attention, he’s doing all this on his own.”

The night passed in silence.

The next morning after the count, there were only about 20 people that died, and hundreds of people affected by varying degrees of injuries. There were two pharmacists in the crowd that were treating them right now.

This kind of result also proved Jian Jia’s words, the judgement trial wasn’t about how many people to kill, but to torture, torturing these undisciplined people like Han to the point that they won’t dare to break the rules again, that was the Gods’ true intention.

The hot-blooded Bo Ya led a crowd of fighters with similar characters and found Han.

“Han, let’s do this sh*t! Motherf*cker! The Gods are too unfair to treat us this way!” Bo Ya said while swinging his fist.

Han thought to himself, the Gods even said this is a judgement trial, how else do you guys expect them to treat you…

But that was just a quick thought. Han didn’t want to stay in this place for too long himself, accepting these Gods’ trials.

So Han took a look at these people, about a few hundreds of them in number. The rest of the population all gave Han and these hot-blooded people cold eyes. They were afraid that if they do anything else out of line, they would really piss off the gods. Now they were already getting trialed, they couldn’t afford to take the risk again. Otherwise, if they get kicked out, then they wouldn’t be able to have the chance to obtain ultimate power or understand the truth about the universe.

Speaking from this point, the Path of All Gods’ strategy was working. Han noticed, these thousands of people being trialed were indeed more humble and low-key than before, also a lot sadder. And then of course, there were simple hot-blooded people in the team like Bo Ya.

Thinking for a second, Han said, “These venomous scorpions didn’t just appear out of thin air. We need to first find the scorpions’ nest. Which one of you guys are earth descent espers? Please help open up these soils, the metal descent espers help separate the metals from the soil, and other people without any useful powers in this case just use your hands! Bomb with weapons. We will turn this basin upside down. I want to see where these scorpions came out from and how many scorpion holes there are.”


“Got it!”




This group of passionate young men immediately went out to cause destruction after hearing Han’s words.

It didn’t take long until the basin got ruined.

“There were actually this many tunnels?!” Bo Ya looked at the mass amount of scorpion caves in the basin and said, “Let’s charge in, catch the scorpion king and kill it.”

Han nodded, and then immediately shook his head, “The scorpion king must be killed, but not now. After all, these scorpions can shoot poison, the moment we enter such narrow holes, it will be extremely difficult for us to dodge so we will very easily be shot by the poisonous scorpions.”

“Then what do we do?” Bo Ya said a little anxiously.

“It’s not difficult, which one of you guys is water descent?”

“I am!”

“I am!”

“I am as well!”

Water was considered a more common super power, suddenly dozens of soldiers stood out, and among them actually included Jian Jia.

“Uh, have you guys played the game of flooding ant caves when you were small?”

“Uh, I’ve actually done this kind of horrible things before, but we are up against scorpions right now, I’m afraid that just flooding the tunnels won’t be enough. Besides, there are only a few of us, we won’t be able to flood caves this deep even if we use all of our power.” A water descent warrior said.

Han waved his hand and said, “Who said we are only using water? I remember that you are also a pharmacist. Do you know how to use poison?”

Han asked that pharmacist with a goatee. Although he was just a technical skilled worker, he’ wa also full of hot-blood so he joined in with Bo Ya and the others.

“No problem! You just wait and see.” The goatee pharmacist patted himself on the chest and promised.

Han nodded, took out a clean water collector from Lunar Mark. This gadget could collect the water molecules in the water, bringing it will ensure that one will never be short on water after taking it with them. Those efficient high power water purifiers can even spew out water like a fire hydrant.

Han pointed at the clean water collector and said, “We will primarily use this thing, and then cooperate with the water descent brothers to flood the tunnels with water.”

“After you have the water purifiers in place, come to us two for poison. Then we will unleash the water while adding in the poison.”

“Good idea!” Bo Ya’s eyes brightened up as he said.

Han waved his hand, “Let me finish. It’s not enough to just flood it with poisonous water. Whoever is fire descent can also burn the caves a bit before the water goes down, and those with bombs can just chuck bombs down the cave, anyways just do whatever you can to kill the scorpions and we should be fine. We will strive to force the scorpion king to come out, got it? If there’s not enough water collectors, then go borrow it from other people. In short, we must have enough water, and we need enough poison.”

“Now if you have any poisonous stuff in your hands just bring it out, we need them to make more poisonous potions.”

After hearing that, hundreds of hotblooded young men began taking out extremely poisonous stuff from their dimension ring. With the “can’t go wrong with too much” idea, they did indeed bring a lot of stuff.

“What kind of poison do we make?” The goateed pharmacist asked Han.

Han shrugged his shoulder and said, “How do I know? Just make whatever you want, as poisonous as possible, as long as it’s water soluble.”

“Got it, you wait and see.”

The division of tasks immediately began, hundreds of people placed the water collectors to the scorpion holes. They just had to turn on the purifying function. The primary mission right now was to collect water and that’s all.

There were a few hundred-people joining Han’s operation, and there were a few thousand-people watching on the side. Although they didn’t join in, but they were all glad to contribute their poison and water collectors.

No one was happy to be sent here and get judged, and although they didn’t have the guts to fight back openly, they were still very grumpy.

There were also people that studied mechanics that helped adjusting the water collectors to increase efficiency.

*Sound of water gushing out~

Thousands of taps were unscrewed, desperately unleashing water into the scorpion nest.

And on the other side, Han and the goatee pharmacist were busy making poison.

Many people were waiting to receive the poison to dump directly into the nest, so the most important thing was quantity, not quality.

Those two just messed around and got some poison made, and gave them to the soldiers.

Now, after hundreds and thousands of different kinds of poisons were mixed together and thrown into the water, it probably became the most violent compound poison in the world.

If someone became poisoned, not even Han knew how to cure it because he didn’t know what kind of sh*t was formed after combining all those poisons together.

Anyways, Han estimated that after this operation, this basin would probably become a desolate barren for the next thousands of years.

The smell was really pungent. Everyone turned on the air-purifier system in their battle suit.


Suddenly, a loud noise came from underground. It was truly loud, even people that were just sitting on the ground were sent flying for a short period of time. The southeast corner of the basin collapsed.

“What happened?!” Han stood up and asked.

“Oh, didn’t you say to throw bombs into the caves? There’s a pretty deep cave over there, so I had someone throw a nuke down.” Bo Ya said in all seriousness.