Chapter 381: Studying Law of Space

Chapter 381: Studying Law of Space

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Universe, Twin Horse Galaxy.

After the habitants of Earth had moved to the Twin Horse Galaxy, they had experienced a period of rare peace.

The Twin Horse Galaxy was very empty, and the 150 billion humans were the most important inhabitants of this galaxy. Other than that, there were the people from the Ancient Maple Leaf family, people from the Hunter family, and some other beings that were accepted by Earth. They all decided to stay in the Twin Horse Galaxy and integrate with the people of Earth.

The people from the Oblivion Realm were not prevalent in the Twin Horse Galaxy. The crisis in the Milky Way had been resolved, and the Three-Eye race had been wiped out within one night. Thus Chuli and his crew did not have any reasons to leave the Milky Way, so most of them stayed there while some decided to live together with humans in the Twin Horse Galaxy.

Reality had been very different from prediction. Originally, the Twin Horse Galaxy was supposed to be made up of people from Earth and the Oblivion Realm, but now, this huge galaxy basically belonged to humans. Here, humans make up the majority of the population, not mentioning the robot corp that was stationed here by Han. They were extremely loyal to the point that they could be called humans too.

Ye Guhong saw Long Chuan again, and started talking about Han and his granddaughter. It was impossible for him to hide his concerns and worries.

"You must believe in Han." Long Chuan stood firmly with Han while he confronted Ye Guhong, "I have never met someone who is more capable than Han. You have to consider this carefully, we can’t give Miss Weiwei the happiness she wants, you can’t either, only Han can give it to her."

"After all, Miss Weiwei’s personality and special powers is like an unique hurricane. Only Han can restrain her, there is no second person who could do that. Because Miss Weiwei knows this, she went to the All Gods Corporation to stay with Han."

Ye Guhong shook his head, "It isn’t that I don’t understand the logic, but just because I understand doesn’t mean I won’t worry. I can’t do that. As for Han, I definitely believe in his abilities, but I don’t even know where he is as of right now."

Long Chuan looked at the immense university through the porthole and smiled, "I believe Han is close to us. He is perfect except for the fact that he holds too much responsibilities. People from the Oblivion Realm had sent back a message saying that Han and his crew revolted against the corporation and is now wanted by the All Gods Corporation."

"In a situation like this, there is no way Han would come back, because he is afraid that he might weigh us down. However, I firmly believe that even though Han isn’t physically here, he will use all his wits to leave some eyes in the Twin Horse Galaxy, so whenever we need something, he will immediately show up."

Ye Guhong nodded, "I believe that, it is very fortunate for Earth to have someone like Han. I heard a lot of stories about how he protected his home."

"To be honest, I actually need to ask a favor from you. I wanted to hear about your plans for the next couple of years and say good bye. I want to leave you to take care of people of my race."

Long Chuan frowned slightly, "The plan for the future was determined a long time ago by Han. We are going to make the Twin Horse Galaxy our home, with the robot corps and whoever wants to live here."

"There are not that many risks with that, but the only risk is that if we follow Han’s plan, then we have to select an opportunity to steal those sealed logic chips from the Milky Way Alliance."

"Han has said before, something as grandiose as the All Gods Corporation has lost, or in other words, had destroyed the robot technology. Han’s decision was that we will use this robot technology that everyone is so afraid of, and we will use it to our full potential!"

"In order to reach the goal of expanding the robot corp, we need to find the chip that the Milky Way Alliance had sealed, and use all our wits to get it! After all,the All Gods Corporation don’t even have the chip and the blueprint. The batch of chips that the Milky Way Alliance has is probably the last batch in the universe! We must get it!"

"To be fair, the Milky Way Alliance is actually doing a favor for the people. They chose to seal instead of destroy, so it gives us the opportunity to obtain these chips. Before now, the robot corp’s chief science officer Source was in charge of producing non-intelligent robots, and the difference between intelligent and non intelligent is just a chip. As long as we get that batch of chips, we can construct an intelligent robot troop that has never been seen before."

Ye Guhong nodded, "As long as it is Han’s plan, I would support it without any doubts! After I leave, the resources of the Ancient Maple Leaf race are at your disposal. You may use it however you would like, and if you want to attack the location where the chips are stored, then we would give it our 100%! Anyways, I am tired and old. I hope the Ancient Maple Leaf race will become true brothers and comrades of humans, and never separate."

Long Chuan said in a deep voice, "I cannot thank you enough for your support, it is just that what kind of important issues do you have to attend to, why must you leave?"

Ye Guhong said, "It is for Weiwei’s mother, I promised Weiwei to find her mother. Now my starship has installed the new engine that Han brought back, and our troop has been reinforced to the same level as the Moonlight Goddess. Before then, I have never had a more powerful and speedy troop, so I think this is an opportunity."

"I want to find Weiwei’s mother before she comes back, regardless of how many obstacles I have to overcome."

Long Chuan was curious, "Miss Weiwei’s mother? Do you have any leads?"

Ye Guhong shook his head, "She was a very mysterious woman, I’ve only met her once, but I will never forget her. At that time, I think she was facing some sort of crisis, and left Weiwei in my care hastily to go to a city far, far away. I’ve been looking for her nonstop these years, it has almost been 20 years, yet I still don’t have a lot of leads or clues. Maybe it is because I haven’t been far enough."

"But it is different now, there is a new engine, distances that needed me to travel for a year before, only takes a month now. I will continue to go further and further until I find her. Furthermore, continuous discovery is the motto of us from the Ancient Maple Leaf race."

Long Chuan knew he couldn’t stop Ye Guhong, so he just nodded his head.

"If that is so, please go on without any worries, I will take care of everything at the Twin Horse Galaxy." Long Chuan murmured.


On the reverse side of the universe, the Dark Net, the Cursed Triangle.

Han was taken by 9527 into an empty room, and then 9527 said in a deep voice, "In order to survive on the reverse side of the universe, understanding and using the Law of Space is a required skill. Simply put, Spatial Laws is a teleportation skill. This kind of skill is related to space theory, so it is kind of difficult to learn."

"In reality, there aren’t a lot of people who have truly mastered the Laws of Space. Don’t just look at the fact that almost everyone in the All Gods Corporation can jump level to level, this doesn’t mean that they understand the Laws of Space. It just means they know how to use the engine."

"Controlling the engine can be done by anyone with a regular IQ, but those who can actually learn the laws and understand the theory behind it, would require higher level thinking that cannot be found in an average person."

"There is a mock space machine in this room, and this is the first step in you learning about the Spatial Laws."

Han shrugged, "What are the benefits of learning this?"

9527 thought about it and said, "In every team, there has got to be someone who understand the laws. I picked you, is that a good enough reason? If one day I am no longer here but you understand the law as well, then the space machines can still operate as normal."

"Also, according to unreliable news, the Laws of Space is not only a tool but also a power. Your Void End skills is creating a void space, and it is also a form of alteration of space. So, you have the chance to use the laws of space to further enhance your Void End power, this reason is probably more persuasive?"

Han paused slightly, learning Spatial Laws can improve his Void End? This definitely interested Han.

"Okay, then let me try." Han nodded his head and said to 9527.