Chapter 285: Undefeatable Foe

Chapter 285: Undefeatable Foe

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

The moment Han and Neptune saw one another, they understood that this fight could not be avoided as both warriors were demonic in nature and such warriors would never yield to others.


Neptune charged at Han like a maniac, just as Han did the same.

At 10km, that should be on the edge and range of Han’s Region of Void,but it did not affect Neptune in the slightest. He still roared ever so loudly, gaining speed all the same.

Faced with this scenario, Han began to understand, the DNA mutation had already changed Neptune from an illusionary esper to a purely strength classed esper. In his previous battle, he also used raw strength to win. Even that scary dark apostle was not much of an opponent against Neptune’s might.

It didn’t matter how strong the Void End was, it will still not affect a strength classed warrior as the strength classed never had any luxurious superpowers. They simply surpassed others in terms of muscular density and strength.

Han stopped his Void zone.

It’ll be a match of raw strength!


Han twiddled with the Star Strangling Boa in his hand, The Triple-edged blade’s odd yet sharp blades was like a light beam, radiating!

“Path of Demon!”

Until the gap was closed, the blade was covered in a thick cloud that gushed outwards, enveloping Han in this magical dark mist.


The next moment, Han’s Star Strangling Boa and Neptune’s staff had collided. Although both were physically strong, he was pushed back quite a bit and judging from the distance, Han seemed to have taken quite the damage.

Han’s eyes started to straighten because he could feel a pain in his chest. The frenzied Neptune did not even care whether his staff was sturdy enough, nor about the Brain of Darkness he had attached to it.

But it mattered to Han a lot!

To Han, the Brain of Darkness was valuable as it could be used to replenish a person’s own dark energy. If he could obtain this exotic crystal, his dark powers would skyrocket and become much stronger and allow him to become the elusive demonic esper.

The dark crystal could also supplement Han, as with the help of it, Han could become a warlord!

A warlord!

Once Han became a warlord, he could create a void zone that could span a hundred kilometers. Within its area, it can take away all superpowers. A realm of unlimited darkness. It was a terrifying power!

Never in history had a Dark Void esper achieve the status of warlord and Han would become the first one!

It was just that such an attitude was of no help towards the fight. Even if Han felt worried, his demonic abilities would not replenish. He was not willing to clash his Star-Strangling Boa with Neptune’s staff as in doing so, there was a chance of damaging the Brain of Darkness, and that would be heartbreaking.

What to do?

Of course, the most obvious solution would be to use a different way of thinking and start over!

Using Han’s most famous multiple combination attack technique!

“Flying fire!”

Han released a swarm of bugs that could explode that guided the assault together with Demon Claw and the others.

In reality these flying insects are far weaker than Thunder Fire’s exploding type bug. It was just that Hans had no other choice. Whether it was the thunder fire or Sky King Vine, these originated from a distant Oblivion Realm and were only made possible as both creators were masters of their arts. One a bug specialist and the other a plant specialist.

Han had actually never met the creator of thunder fire and sky king vine. The three addicts assisted Han in obtaining this pair of excellent weapons and right now Han already expended both thunder fire and sky king vine, and his new stocks had not yet arrived. As such, he only had these few flying fires on hand, as to sky king vine or bloody-thirsty sky vine, these types of plant based weapons, Han didn’t even have the seed for it.

The battle was hard fought from the start. When the flying fire exploded, Ghost Claw and the others all charged ahead, serving as distractions while also attacking en masse. In theory, this was more than ferocious enough but Neptune relied on his superhuman judgment and reaction speeds and even managed to block Han’s combined efforts!

Demon Claw’s claws to the naked eye seemed as though they were going to pierce through Neptune’s body. His shadow suddenly shortened, pinching his fingers together, flicked instantly and deflected Demon Claw’s claws.

Then there was also the dense crowd of one-eyed Starry Spiders, opening their mouths and pouncing towards Neptune to only be blocked one by one or kicked away.

These were very scary reflexes! A speed that normal people could not comprehend!

The current Neptune could be described in three words.




Oh God, the generational Sky King, became a martial artist striding for victory.

There were very few people who could become warlords with the use of strength alone. Although once a strength user reaches the realm of warlord, without a doubt they were the strongest of them all!

The reason being a normal power such as raw strength, when it reaches a certain level, the power will grow exponentially.

A powerful foe who can throw 1000 punches per second, change his steps 1000 times in a second, there was no chance of victory against them!

Looking at Neptune, his fighting prowess was much stronger than a strength class warlord. He was like a demon, a beast wearing the skin of a human, and using his animalistic instincts, he was more than a match against Han and Han’s genetic beast army. Evenly matched, no matter how chaotic the situation, on the receiving end of a multitude of attacks, Neptune relied on his instincts to endure them all!


Han vs. Neptune, the first round had concluded.

Neptune’s body was smoking white steam because of the excessive movement speed it led to the evaporation of the water molecules in the air.

Han and his genetic beast army were pressured to the outer ring, even though they had the advantage in numbers, it was obvious that an advantage in numbers could not beat a god like opponent!

A multitude of one-eyed Starry Spiders died, scattered everywhere and fell to the ground, bodies pierced, covered the ground scattered in black.

This was the first time, the two Seven-eyed Starry Spiders produced an army of spiders slower than the enemy could eradicate.

Also these Seven-eyed Starry Spiders did not die in vain, as they traded their lives for the safety of Han and Demon Claw. If they did not have the advantage in numbers while also spreading Neptune’s strength, the ones who would have fallen would surely have been them.

Silver Fox jumped in the grass frenziedly, the pain almost unbearable. His left shoulder was hit by Neptune’s attack, his tiny claws already broken to the point that he couldn’t put any weight on it. Ghost Claw, Demon Claw these two beasts were in no better shape, it was just that they were tougher and wouldn’t retreat because of feeling pain. In reality, they sustained heavy injuries as well.

Receiving such an impact, Han’s demonic traits shrank by more than half. Involuntarily starting to think about this battle from a human’s perspective, logic was starting to coming back for him.

Obviously, the current Neptune had no superpowers. His illusions posed no threat, the only threat being his killing machine like movements!

It was even something that Han could never compare to with it’s perfection. No matter which direction the attack came from, no matter the method of attack, or the degree in strength, Neptune could still rely on his own reflexes and lightning speed techniques to endure them all!

It was as though Han was up against the strongest and fastest demon! And this demon’s intelligence was of the highest tier! No matter how uneven the odds, he would still not step out of formation, the might of his cognition allowed him to make the most precise and fastest analysis!

Did this wisdom belong to Neptune?


Han shook his head, Neptune was like a wild animal, his eyes filled with killing intent.

If it was like that, then could this adaptability and cognitive prowess stem from the Brain of Darkness!?

Neptune was not thinking at all, it was that dark crystal doing all the thinking for him!

A warrior of immense power, and a dark brain even faster than a supercomputer combined together, what kind of idea was this?


The moment after Neptune blocked Han’s three axes, he counterattacked immediately, overturning the tables! He was about to pressure Han into a corner!

“To fight against his attack!”

Han grew up learning forbidden demonic arts. In his mind, retreat was never an option!


Too bad by the time Han realized he should have done that, he was sent flying after receiving a devastating blow from Neptune!

This was the first-time Han lost in martial arts!

And right now, in a brief moment, Neptune broke free of Han’s combat style of the Path of the Void, because after Neptune acquired the power of the Brain of Darkness, his movements were faster than Han’s and were even more astounding than his!


Abruptly, Han coughed out fresh blood, his chest screaming in pain. It was as though someone hammered him with all their might.

Stealing other people’s superpowers, forcing others to fight against him and then using his immense magic and martial arts to decimate stronger foes.

This was Han’s way of fighting and yet he was subjugated by the same technique and blown away!

Ghost Claw and Demon Claw, Silver Fox, they were all on the brink of panicking. It was not that they had never seen strong opponents, it was just that they never faced an opponent that could blow Han away in one hit!

Silver Fox dragged his broken claws and made his way towards Han, but was suddenly stopped by the lifting up of a big hand.

It was Han.

“I’m not dead yet!” said Han with fresh blood around his mouth.

He stood up, eyes still bright, his state of mind changed ever so slightly. It seemed that that impact brought forth new strength from the depths of his Han’s heart.

The frenzied Han, the sinister Han, the sneaky Han, the Han who used a combination of attacks to push back his foes. In all these years, Han gained many titles and learned a variety of methods, he loved tormenting his enemies in many different ways.

Han was not like this in the beginning, he kept growing, kept changing, but some qualities will never change.

In the end, Han was still that same old stubborn Han!

Unwilling to admit defeat and the stronger the foe, the stronger he’d become!