Chapter 119: Han vs. Relic Ghost (Part Two)

Chapter 119: Han vs. Relic Ghost (Part Two)


At a place very far away from the gene factory, there was a person sitting on the giant furnace observing.

As least he looked like a person, the white faced devil, Han Wu.

But if anyone familiar with Han Wu saw this scene, they could certainly tell that something was off.

Han Wu had a pair of brown eyes, but now it had turned black. And if he was Han Wu, then he wouldn’t be squatting on the ground like an animal and sticking his crimson red tongue out.

This guy that was in Han Wu’s body had a very cold breath, his black eyes stared at the distance and observed every move from Han and Ke Lake.

No doubt, Han and Ke Lake were not easy to deal with, they were currently the strongest soldiers on Earth, with enough combat experience and chillingly powerful super powers.

Han was able to detect him with his Eye of Darkness and shatter a mountain with one punch. From that moment he learned that if he fought these two humans head-on, although he might not lose, but it’s definitely not easy to win.

So, this guy that looked like Han Wu didn’t make any reckless moves, but hide from afar and observe.

Suddenly, his expression became very confused. He saw that those two hard-to-deal-with humans were fighting each other. The shorter guy opened his mouth, and ate that flying tall guy!

Ate him?!


Han Wu immediately teleported nearby Han, with about a few hundred meters in distance, he tilted his head and looked.

And at that moment, Han supported one hand on the ground, the other one over his chest, holding his trademark quirky defense stance.

He really ate him?!

Han Wu looked around, there was not a trace of scent of Ke Lake, it was like Ke Lake vanished.


Han Wu roared at Han, and what came out was not the voice of a human. He seemed to be very angry.

Han looked up, saw the thing that looks very much like Han Wu, and said coldly, “You are angry?”

“I got it, you took over Han Wu’s body, but then you realized, Ke Lake’s body was even more perfect! That’s why you kept delaying your moves, not because you are afraid of us, but because you don’t want to damage Ke Lake’s body and take it over later!”

“Now that I ate Ke Lake, that’s why you are so angry!”


Things were very clear now. Right now, what Han was facing was not Han Wu but a species that underwent genetic mutation! Not only was he evil, he could also take over humans’ body!


Han just saw the monster pointing out a finger, and a white needle popped out of the finger. It was sharp, and radiating coldness.

“So that’s what happened, your method of killing is using needles, no wonder there doesn’t seem to be any wounds on the dark beasts’ or the mercenaries’ bodies.”

“When Ke Lake and I were together, there was a threat to you, you still have some fear and that was why you didn’t dare to make any moves.”

“Now that I’m the only one left, you think I’m weak and you are not afraid anymore, so you don’t even bother hiding yourself anymore.”

That monster put out his head, and veins began popping up on his neck, and in a very deep hoarse voice he said, “Die. Die.”

Obviously, this monster has not yet learned how to speak, the sound was like a chilly wind whistling past, completely unlike human voices.

The monster approached Han step by step, still tilting left and right as he walked, and that strange white needle bent in a very strange angle.

But Han still maintained his own unique defence stance, his left hand still pressing on his chest, but his right hand is already slowly opening.

“Extinction Domain, open!”

The surrounding air began to condense.

Han versus the relic ghost.

An imminent war!