Chapter 440: Second Generation Explosive Insect - Sky Fire!

Chapter 440: Second Generation Explosive Insect - Sky Fire!

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As long as it was the practice of soul power, Han would always pass each level with one try. It seemed like it had become a habit.

Other than that Han had another habit. That was that he would faint every time he passed a level.


Han fell onto the ice cold ground. Jie rushed over and yelled painfully, "You dumb*ss, there is tons of time, why are you in such a hurry! Look, you got more soul injuries again!"

Han showed his signature smile and said, "I don’t care how long, I want to fight for it now!"

Then, Han completely lost consciousness and fell into a coma.

As a plant, Jie found it hard to understand Han’s emotions of fighting for every second. Plants could always grow slowly, without rush, and not be a threat to anyone. Reversely, plants actually wanted to help others.

For all of Han’s life, he had been fighting with his life on the line, fought for Earth with his life on the line, fought for his comrades with his life on the line, fought for his friends with his life on the line, even fighting for his survival with his life on the line. He grew up under pressure and sought survival through struggles. This made Han not willing to lose and not willing to wait.


Jie sighed lightly. He felt bad. He was initially selected as the guard of the Golden Tome because he was a plant, and had the power to protect each practitioner.

But Jie could not protect Han regardless of what he does. He was different from everyone else who had been here. He fought too hard, he treated this practice like never-ending battles.

The ancient tree released his tender energy that was like a light breeze in the spring, it entered Han’s body and helped him heal.

Suddenly, Jie paused, he said to himself, "Weird, how come Han’s soul was injured two consecutive times, each time more severe than the last, but his soul power had improved and is even more stable than before?"

Jie thought about it long and hard, but he still couldn’t answer his question.

This was super weird. Soul injuries were like breaking off an arm. Even if you fix it and it grew back, it will always have been broken and will never be the same again.

But Han’s case was the opposite. Jie felt an intimate integration as well as the expansion of soul power on his body.

It was like Han wasn’t practicing the second level of soul power, but rather the strengthened second level of soul power, the density, and quality of his soul surpasses everyone of Han’s level.

After a long time of thinking, Jie suddenly seemed to have remembered something and looked at his original body.

Jie’s original body was a big tree, a miraculously large ancient tree, near the roots of the tree, there was a scar.

Now the scar had healed and there was a huge scab, so from the looks of it, that part was actually bigger and harder than the other parts of his body.

"I get it, so it is like this!" Jie said with realization.

Everyone was afraid of soul injuries, because soul injuries meant extreme pain, and they can’t use soul power in a short period of time.

So everyone who knows how to use soul power is really careful to avoid any injuries.

But Han was an exception, a weird child that had never been seen before.

He was ferocious, and he practiced without thinking about the sacrifices. Even if his soul was severely injured, he still wouldn’t care.

But soul injuries slowly heal, according to the special characteristics of living creatures, whenever there was an injury, the body would think that place is weaker and needs to be strengthened.

So when Han’s soul injuries were healing, it would increase its mass and strength to avoid getting hurt again.

It was like the theory behind how muscles grew.

Anyone who exercised a lot would know, bodybuilders’ muscles are not from practicing, but are from ripping!

First, they pursue intensive training to rip apart the muscle fibers.

When muscles are ripped, then it needs to be healed. At this time, the body would strengthen at the same time as repair, to prevent it from ripping again, it was a natural prevention mechanism.

And then, they would pursue practices that were even more intensive and rip their muscles again, and when the muscles heal, then it would increase in strength again.

And this cycle will continue, muscles will continue to be ripped and healed. Eventually, it would be a huge piece of muscle that impresses everyone.

The same thing was happening in Han. His soul was ripped apart again and again, and when it was repaired, it became stronger, and the flexibility of his soul increased too!

Having thought through everything, Jie was cold sweating. Behind Han who did whatever he wanted without thinking about the consequences, it was his persistence that was helping him.

Jie definitely wouldn’t believe there would be a second person as fierce as Han because what Han had ripped wasn’t his muscle, it was his soul! And one’s soul was even more important than one’s life!

Nobody had ever heard of anyone who would rip their soul apart for fun unless that person was crazy!

"Sigh." Jie shook his head and let out a sigh, "Han, oh Han, what kind of person are you? If I say you are crazy but you have an unbelievable intelligence if I call you smart, but you are crazier than everyone, why would someone like you exist in the world?"

Jie was originally just the guard of the Golden Tome. To him, it didn’t matter who came inbto learn soul power, he just needed to protect them and give them advice.

But now, Jie was suddenly very interested in Han. This young man was so unique in his own way, he was different from everyone he had met in the past.


Han might be historically the fastest practitioner of soul power, he always passed each level with one try.

The only downside was that it came at a cost, Han who had left the Golden Tome with soul injuries felt a lot of pain in his head, and it also felt like he didn’t have any soul powers, this was all the side effect of soul injuries.

After gaining conscious again, there were only two days until the key battle at the Veins Vortex. This was because Han passed the level with a couple of hours, but he was unconscious for 5 whole days.

"Come! Come!" Wuyun found Han in a hurry, he was showing excitement on his face and trying to get Han to go with him.

"What’s the matter?"

"Of course it is something good!"

"Could it be that your new generation of Armored Godly Beasts succeeded?"

"No, the raw materials you brought weren’t suitable for making genetic beasts like Armored Godly Beasts, they were all like scraps and were missing the key nervous system. I partnered with Qiyi and created an interesting gadget. If you come and look you would understand."

Han nodded and followed Wuyun to his lab. The size of 9527’s space station was huge, but Han’s crew only had a bit over 400 people, so even if everyone got their own practice room, bedroom, and lab, there would still be a lot of rooms leftover.

As for the Qiyi who Wuyun mentioned, he was also a member of the team and he also came from the realms of oblivion.

There aren’t kind people from that realm, Qiyi used to be a terrorist and specialized in being destructive, and he was a rare master of insects. Explosive insect Thunder Fire was an invention by him.

Who knew what kind of fun thing would come out of the hands of Qiyi who specialized in insects and Wuyun who specialized in gene biology.

Han walked into Wuyun’s lab with interest. He saw that there were a lot of black things on the counter that looked like grenades. He walked closer and noticed that these things weren’t grenades, but more like beehives. There were dense holes on them.

"What is this?" Han asked curiously.

"F*cking yes! We finally succeeded! This thing is more than 100x more powerful than Thunder Fire, we call them Sky Fire!" Qiyi said freely, he had always been pretty rude.

Apparently, Qiyi was an orphan. His parents were wrongfully accused back then and died in the black prison of the Milky Way Alliance. People weren’t really reasonable, so Qiyi had been hating the Milky Way Alliance ever since he was little. He had a unique personality and because he grew up in a poor area, his personality was very rude.

"Sky Fire? 100x more powerful than Thunder Fire?"

Han was super happy, he picked one up with hopes of trying it.


"The destructive level of this…."

Han’s speed was sporadic, he channeled source energy into the Sky Fire and casually threw this grenade out like a little beehive.


Then it got interesting, right when this beehive left his hand, there were a countless number of black dots that came out, expanding the attack area to over a couple of hundreds of cubic meters, there were over 1000 of them!

And then afterward there were explosions, it immediately exploded the alloy walls of Wuyun’s lab into pieces.

Han observed the whole explosion process, the little black dots that exploded out accelerated into the inside of the walls and then they exploded, it was like a mini plate-penetrating bomb!

If it was used against a fighter, then it would be like going into his armor and then explode within his body!


This was definitely cruel enough!

On the left side of Wuyun’s lab was the work lab of Forge Master Thousand Hands. Thousand Hands was not from the realm of oblivion, but he had entered the All Gods Corporation from the Milky Way, and then he met Han and became his friend.

Thousand Hands was a very nice person, and he specialized in making weird tools.

Unfortunately, 9527 was the chief structural designer of the All Gods Corporation, when he left, he took away numerous armor equipment, and when Thousand Hands got here, he couldn’t find a way to be useful. With his calm and composed personality, he never complained. He hid in his work lab every day to do his own research, when they fight he would come out with everyone, but his attack power wasn’t extraordinary, probably of the middle lower level in the basecamp.

At this moment, good man Thousand Hands was really scared, his face was paper white, and his two hands cannot stop shaking.

"You guys! What are you guys doing? I almost got a heart attack from this! Are you guys crazy!"

When rabbits are in danger, they bite too, and regardless of how nice of a person Thousand Hands was, he couldn’t help but start swearing. This explosion was very powerful after all. Two meters in thickness of triple-titanium alloy was evaporated. At least it didn’t kill Thousand Hands

Han hurried over to apologize. Han was pretty good with people, and he was a very sincere guy so when he talked, people didn’t hate him.

Thousand Hands then stopped being angry. After hearing about the powerful thing Wuyun and Qiyi had created, he became interested and ran over to see it too.

‘This thing is this powerful?" Thousand Hands asked confusingly.

"How could it be not powerful? Jesus! Spent so much effort of mine! Sky Fire doesn’t explode from the outside like Thunder Fire. It explodes internally! And Sky Fire is like a shotgun. It has multiple explosion points, you only see one explosion but it is actually 1000 explosions added together! Do you understand the energy step theory?" Qiyi yelled proudly.

"Oh, so it is like this." Thousand Hands touched his chin and said, "The bugs in the beehives, where did they come from?"

Wuyun explained, "They are from the raw material Han brought back, Lone Abyss’s armor was made from insects, those insects were weird, they had powerful reproduction ability and nervous control systems."

"So we shredded the leftovers from those bugs, mixed in the sensory genes of beasts, and made some stuff that was like ants. They can move individually. As to explosion, well, that is Qiyi’s major."

Qiyi said loudly, "Very simple, it is a catalytic effect with the energy. Different quality of cells collide on the electron level, and then they f*cking explode."

Han was mesmerized with what he was saying, the basecamp was full of hidden talents!

Take Wuyun and Qiyi as an example, these pros from two different areas came together to make a weapon of mass destruction like the Sky Fire!

There were over 400 people at the basecamp, pure warriors like Boya took up about 50%. The other 50% were like Wuyun and Night Walker, people who could fight but at the same time were very skilled in certain aspects. If they could help each other and complement each other, who knows what kind of miracles they can create in the future!

Back in the days, Han had three hidden weapons, Sky King Vine, drugs, and Thunder Fire.

Now they have all been upgraded!

Demonic Vine!

Mad God pill!

Sky Fire!

Their powers have all increased multiple folds!

How could Han not be happy about this!

Then, Thousand Hands touched his chin and said, "Not bad, not bad, oh yeah, I invented a little thing too a while back, maybe it could be useful too."