Chapter 240: Death of the Scorpion King

Chapter 240: Death of the Scorpion King


Han suddenly looked up at the guy, then hastily looked at the radiation monitoring system that was installed in the battle suit. Sure enough, the radiation meter was skyrocketing. Fortunately, the combat suits had strong radiation resistance, and the espers’ own body’s vitality was far better than ordinary humans, so this amount of radiation was no problem.

But still, Bo Ya’s casual act of throwing down a nuclear bomb still made Han frown.

“What deep hole? That you needed a nuclear bomb?” Han asked in curiosity.

“It’s right there, follow me.”

So Bo Ya took Han to the place he threw the nuke, where there was already a large group of soldiers surrounding and looking.

“After the explosion, the damn hole is even deeper now!” A fighter reported to Bo Ya and Han.

“Have you measured the depth yet with the laser distance measurer?” Bo Ya asked.

“Yep. Before the explosion, it was close to 150 kilometers deep, and now it’s over 400 kilometers.”

Han was shocked, a hole that’s over 400 kilometers deep? That was a really deep hole.

Very soon, Han saw the whole picture of the deep hole, located at the edge of the basin, most of the hole already collapsed, in the round shape of a silo, bottomless, and the diameter of the opening is over 5 kilometers.

Bo Ya gestured and said, “This is the strange deep hole. Before using the nuke, the opening was only a few hundred meters wide, but you see now, the entire deep hole is completely exposed in front of us.

Han nodded.

“Eye of Darkness!”


Han’s right eye immediately turned black, and when he looked down, he almost shocked himself.

Under Han’s dark vision, any form of energy was exposed, but Han had never seen such a turbulent flow of energy, as if there was an energy river flowing underground at least 10 kilometers in length.

“What a strange place.” Han mumbled.

“What do we do now?” Bo Ya asked.

“Continue bombing! Who still has small nuclear bomb? Adjust it to contact explosion mode and throw it down!’ Han said in a deep voice.




Right after he said it, a few impatient guys already started chucking down the nukes in their hands.

Han became dumbfounded, he only said to throw down some small-sized nuclear bombs and didn’t even get a chance to say how many, but as a result these guys threw a whole pile of nuclear bombs down there!

“Oh f*ck! Run!”

Han shouted, and everyone began leaving the edge of the basin and moved towards the central gathering area.

“Prepare for nuclear explosion!” Bo Ya shouted to those fighters that didn’t join this operation.

“Again?! One explosion or two?” Someone asked.

“Don’t know, I didn’t get a clear look too, they just threw down a pile of small nuclear bombs.” Bo Ya scratched his head and said.

Everybody all became dumbfounded!

Threw down a pile of nukes?

What the f*ck is this?

What if someone gets killed?

More importantly, why the f*ck do you guys just casually carry a bunch of nukes around on you?!

But now it’s too late to say anything now. Thousands of the people that were getting judged, including those that personally threw down the nukes were all very nervous, because they also knew that their hands slipped and they threw a bit too much.




After awhile, a series of nuclear explosions began, the hole on the right side of the basin turned into a volcano, and the nuclear bomb explosions produced flames like a giant red dragon soaring to the sky, causing almost half of the basin to collapse.

As for the trembling of the earth, Han estimated that it was probably an extreme earthquake. There were rocks flying all over the place, people too, even the end of the world was probably something like this.

Luckily the level of these fighters getting trialed were generally pretty high. There were also quite a few warlord elites. Beginner level quasi-warlords like Han could only be ranked as below average.

Of course, Han’s combat strength is never measured by his level, because it has far exceeded his level.

After the explosions finished, people carefully got up. Everyone’s face was pale. After all, it’s not just one nuclear explosion, but a series.

Just when the soldiers had not yet stood firm, the atmosphere suddenly change.

From the ground came a tearing roar, loud, full of anger and murderous intentions.

As if the series of nuclear explosions, woke up something sleeping underground.

Immediately after, the ground began shaking, different from before caused by the nuke, this time it was like a giant excavator quickly rushing out from the center of the earth.


Finally, the thing that issued the giant noise appeared. It was a scorpion, a giant red scorpion that was 10 kilometers in length!

Han just realized, the underground river he saw with his dark vision was actually a giant scorpion hidden underground.

From the flow of energy in his body, this big guy must be really high in level.

At this moment, the King Scorpion’s back had very tragic wounds caused by nuclear bombs. Many small young poisonous scorpions were currently climbing out from his back. These were its kids, they didn’t have much combat strength and were still immature. The moment they left the King Scorpion, they soon died. Presumably one of the reasons why the King Scorpion was extremely angry.

The King Scorpion used its two giant claws and killed a few nearby soldiers.

The tip of its tail could also shoot out large amounts of toxic venom.

“Kill it!”

“Kill it!”

“Kill it!”

The trialed soldiers all shouted crazily. They were not scared by the King Scorpion’s terror and evil. These experienced soldiers already saw that the King Scorpion had reached the end of its life.

It was seriously injured, and had also been severely poisoned by the concoction flooding the caves. It knew that it was going to die soon, that’s why it came out of the surface desperately in order to kill a few human beings before it died for vengeance.

And these soldiers being trialed weren’t afraid of the King Scorpion because they knew, as long as they kill this big guy, this brutal judgement will have no choice but to end.

Compared to the 30 f*cking nights of suffering, the soldiers rather preferred a more direct path.

Thousands of soldiers surrounded this giant scorpion, greeting it with all kinds of super powers and weapons. Not after a few minutes, this giant scorpion began to be unable to support itself and collapsed to the ground.

Every round of the judgement race had a judge that came from the Dark Net. They wore a full black uniform with their faces covered.

At the second night, that judge appeared on the high hill around the basin, and he almost died angrily from what he saw.

He saw that all these participants had already killed the King Scorpion, and there was even some guy digging the organs out of the King Scorpion.

That was Han, he knew how rare this strange creature was, and how it could be premium material for making fusion beasts later on. Right now, he was trying to harvest an eye of the scorpion with the Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, and Silver Fox helping him on the side.

Bo Ya was also helping Han, because after all it’s Han’s idea to kill the King Scorpion, so no one fought him over things and just let him choose the things he wanted.

Jian Jia looked on the side, he felt that Han’s really silly, seeing a dead scorpion actually excites him more than seeing the prettiest woman.

“What the f*ck did you guys do?!” This slightly chubby dark net judge shouted from outside the basin. His voice was really grievous.

Han looked up and then ignored him, dragging out that big eye ball, and moved on to harvesting the teeth inside the scorpion’s mouth. This was a mutant beast and was thus very different from normal scorpions.

As for the most precious part, the King Scorpion’s tail needle, it has long been in Han’s bag.

That dark net judge saw that he got ignored and became even more angry, trembling and shouting, “You are prisoners being judged, and you actually dare to violate the rules of the trial court?!”

“I see, you are all hopeless!”

“Just wait and see!”

After the judge said a few words of threat, he turned around and left, muttering to himself, “I will give you guys the most brutal trial for sure! For sure!”