Chapter 382: String Theory and Mysterious Invitations

Chapter 382: String Theory and Mysterious Invitations

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The simulator began to run, and Han’s body suddenly drifted off the ground as if he was floating in space. Countless bright lights were scattered over the Dark Net\'s channels.

Suddenly, 9527’s voice was heard from inside the room.

"If you look closely, these lights are the strings of our universe. They exist in nature, but you cannot see them with bare naked eyes. I now utilize Queen’s simulation technology to show you how string theory operates."

"It’s similar to how traditional jumping technology utilizes coordinates. Space laws also need coordinates via these invisible string. Through energy cataclysmic techniques, these strings can be detected, and then by folding between two strings, a connection can be made…"

9527 used a very vivid way to explain to Han the important theories and tools of the Dark Net.

In general, the back and front of the universe were two completely different worlds. In the Dark Net, there were many strings that we could not see. The essence of the space law was by triggering the change of the string to achieve an absolute increase in jump speed.

In the universe, even the most advanced jump engines could not jump a trillion light years at once. However, in the Dark Net, by changing the variables of these string, these distances could be pulled closer.

In other words, the distance was also a variable in the Dark Net. For example, if the distance between two places was a million light years away, through changing the string variables, the said distance could be changed to one light year! That way, the time spent traveling could be reduced significantly.

Han was shocked! His eyes lit up as if he saw a brand new world.

Originally, Han planned to travel from China\'s Shanghai to Europe’s London, and the only method of travel was to fly. He could also walk but that would take ages. Now 9527 suddenly told Han, you don’t need to fly, you just need to bring London here.

This info for any educated man seemed highly improbable! Space and time were the sure constants in the universe. Suddenly these are now a variable? And could be manipulated by humans through string theory?

Han couldn’t close his mouth as he was utterly surprised. Now 9527 said again, "Let me continue to explain why I said learning space law will also aid you in battle."

"According to legends, strings exist not only in space, but also time and objects all possess these mystic yet powerful strings."

"Now, you try destroying this boulder."

When 9527 was done, the energy-controlled beam in the room sent over a giant gray boulder that\'s about the height of a man.

Han pulled up and punched it with all his strength.

The boulder only shook a bit and Han’s punch didn’t even leave a dent.

9527 smiled, "This is Nirvana Stack boulder, the raw material required to craft top-notch weaponry. Not only you can’t break it, even Sima Hunfeng can’t break it. Now watch me."

9527 walked up to the boulder as he spoke, used his index finger and gently poked at the boulder’s surface. The boulder that Han couldn’t scratch the surface? It disintegrated into dusts in an instant.

"How did you do it!?" Han was shocked.

9527 replied, "Because I attacked the strings within the boulder."

Han was curious, "If that’s the case, then he who controls the string is unbeatable? That seems to be the rhythm right!"

9527 said, "That’s the most intriguing part about string theory, no one controls it. Queen calculated for a long time prior to finding this boulder’s strings. In an ever changing battlefield, it’s useless because your enemy will not allow you the time to calculate."

"I only conducted this experiment to show you a direction. Even if you become the most powerful man, you may still find it difficult when facing against someone who can manipulate string theory, as he can defeat you easily."

"Too bad I can only teach you the theory. In the Dark Net, strings are referred to as the God of Creation’s golden finger. The God of Creation created this mysterious world and left strings behind to facilitate future control."

"Why else do you think that there are these people who ignores the prosperity of the front side of the universe, and all gathered in this endless Dark Net? What’s their purpose? To fulfill their goal to control the strings, and ultimately control the entire world."

Han thought for a while and said, "I see what you mean, there are strings in all things, this boulder has strings, and my Void End has strings. The ultimate goal of researching strings is to understand the existence of the strings around myself first. First control myself, and then extend that understanding of the existence to the strings in the universe, to control the entire universe."

9527 nodded, "That’s it, but being overly ambitious is not good. I think if you can understand the strings existing in your Void Domain would be more than sufficient for your lifetime."

"As I mentioned before, strings were God of Creation’s golden finger. In my eyes, there’s no such thing as to fully understanding the strings, after all we did not create this universe."

Han was completely fascinated by the esoteric string theory. Aside from training and refilling energy, he spent most of his time around 9527 to attempt to understand the string search system first before advancing his research.

9527 showered Han with endless enthusiasm, gushing everything he knew to Han. When he didn’t have time, he arranged for Queen to give lessons to Han.

It seemed that 9527 planned for Han to inherit his whole life’s accumulation of knowledge. In addition to string theory, there were many other scientific fields for Han to study, and it filled Han’s spare time completely.

Everyone was working around the clock, and if they felt tired then they would rest in the mystic blue lake for a bit and all their tiredness would go away.

Under the magic effects of the blue lake, everyone was full of energy as if they were on drugs and there were constant good news of someone breaking new high levels in training.

The soldiers were excited, they were all already very high leveled. Even the weakest Ye Weiwei was beginning her training towards a warlord! Under the training conditions here, one day’s training was the same as a whole year’s worth of training in regular conditions!


Black Egg exhaled in the mystic blue lake, his whole chubby body was floating in the water, enjoying the serene peace and quietness. Silver Fox was even more relaxed, his furry tail would dab in the water and rub against his belly, and sometimes even scrub Han’s back for him.

Blue Star inherited Ghost Claw and Demon Claw’s logy property. Even though everyone was relaxed in the lake, this guy would be standing there straight and serious, constantly watching the surroundings, like a loyal guard with zero sense of humor.

Han was very satisfied with these three little creatures. Too bad Yuan Yuan was busy lately and hadn’t spent much time with everyone. Being bossed around by 9527 everyday probably brought Yuan Yuan even closer to 9527 than Han.


The fairy-like little octopus came again, and it came almost every day. It did not stay for long, and hurried off as if it was sneaking around.

Han guessed that the little octopus did not tell his parents that it was here, and so it couldn’t stay for long being afraid of getting busted.

Normally everyone liked Silver Fox because he was smart and cute looking. Also quite a few liked Black Egg because he was strong, and peopled liked to guess who was stronger between Black Egg and Sima Hunfeng.

To Han’s surprise, everyone unanimously agreed that Sima Hunfeng could not beat Black Egg, because Black Egg had the soul kill ability and Sima Hunfeng could not defend against it. Even the strongest of the strong could not fight Black Egg, because it was his profession to assassinate the experts.

Ever since the last encounter, Black Egg had changed a lot. He was still proud but not as bloated as he has been in the past. Back then no one dared to offend Black Egg, even Han would get beaten up by Black Egg. Now, Black Egg could joke around with other people occasionally, and not become enraged as easily.

Han believed it had something to do with Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, and also something to do with the lake. The water not only provided everyone with precious energy, but also a calming nature. Like the crystal lotus that laid calmly beneath the blue lake.

To each of Silver Fox and Black Egg’s uniqueness, the little octopus stilled preferred Blue Star most. Every time the octopus would pester Blue Star, even though he was cold and numb, the little guy did not care.

The little octopus stretched out his tentacles to entangle himself with Blue Star. They were both blue, the color of the Blue Star was deeper and closer to black, whereas the little octopus was the blue of the nether, like the glow of a blue firefly at night.

After some comparison, little octopus felt that they were all blue, but he looked better than Blue Star. The little octopus had a silly smile, and this temperament were quite alike with Blue Star, as they both were of dull nature.

"Xiao Bao (TL: means little treasure), come here!" Han waved at the octopus, it was a name that he gave the animal, and to Han’s surprise it was very well received.

Upon hearing Han’s call, Xiao Bao ran to his side and imitated Silver Fox to massage Han’s back gently with his tentacles.

There was a sapphire like crystal at the end of his tentacles, and it created a tingling sensation as it rubbed against Han’s body.

"Say, Xiao Bao, you have 9 arms, but why do your parents only have 8?" Han curiously asked.

Xiao Bao shrugged, it also did not have an answer.

Boya smirked. "Maybe you were fostered?"


Xiao Bao was angry and tried to intimidate Boya. To be honest the little one had no talent at intimidating people, even when angered it looked cute, and caused a laughter amongst everyone.

"The little dude is so cute! If I have kids in the future and as cute as he is, I’d be the happiest parent!" Lance was in awe.

"Nonsense! You are an assassin, how will a good cute baby inherit your career?" Pathless Origin stared at Lance.

Lance solemnly replied, "I do not want my child to inherit the assassination heritage. I have not lived a normal life, assassins cannot have feelings. How can you be a complete person without emotions? No way! My child will be a spoiled brat, to be naughty, to be clever, to fall in love, to do all that I wanted to do when I was a child but had no opportunity to! "

Boya laughed, "Why so serious. Pathless Origin was obviously kidding with you, to be honest I like the current you. A man with feelings and pride."

Lance was happy, he was afraid that no one liked him, so he worked harder than anyone to become a normal person, a person with feelings that could be recognized by others as a brother.

Of course, Lance need not to worry now, everyone recognized him and liked him as a brother. They could not find a more responsible scout than Lance, especially a scout with an assassin’s background who could go invisibile and had superb judgement.

Han continued to fool with Xiao Bao, "Xiao Bao is not a good baby, how do you think he come here every day? He sneaks out every day!"

"Really Xiao Bao? You surprised me with your naughtiness!"

"Xiao Bao, aren’t you afraid your parents will punish you?"

Everyone was poking fun at Xiao Bao, such is life! The cutest would always be picked on. Xiao Bao was asking for it by being around seasoned veterans such as Han and the others.

Xiao Bao’s face grew all red and tried to ramble out his explanations, too bad no one could understand it and it further irritated the little dude.

"He said he came by himself before, but not this time." Luo Ying said.

"You can understand him?" Han confused.

Luo Ying said proudly, "I can guess! Come on, you know who I am? Someone as smart as me can guess these things easily, right Xiao Bao?"

Xiao Bao nodded, "So you didn’t sneak out this time? Your parents agreed to let you hang out with us? I’m telling you, none of these guys are good folks, they’ll bring you astray after a while!" Han frowned.

Xiao Bao waved its tentacles, pointed at far away, and then itself, and then at Han.

Han said, "You mean your parents asked you to find me?"


"And also want me to follow you home?"


Han was surprised, Xiao Bao’s parents actually sent him to invite Han over, and maybe something came up?

"Maybe they felt that you are Xiao Bao’s savior and wanted to thank you." Ye Weiwei explained rationally.

Xiao Bao declined that notion by shaking its head repeatedly.

Maybe time was running out, Xiao Bao stood up and tried to drag Han out of the blue lake.


Suddenly Sima Hunfeng appeared under the water, he had been prepared to attempt to reach super warlord status 2 by submerging himself under the water every day, not very interactive in a trance like status.

Sima Hunfeng said, "Go if you are asked. Last time we couldn’t aid you in time because 9527’s super space positioning system was not mature enough. Now is different, if you are in danger we can be there in an instant."

Han shrugged, "I am not afraid of danger, just curious that’s all. Okay I will go and check it out."

Xiao Bao signaled Han to ride on top of him.

Han was confused, how can he get into transition jump state while riding Xiao Bao? Maybe it was close enough to not use Space law?

Xiao Bao did not explain much and insisted on Han riding him.

Black Egg sat on Xiao Bao’s head and stared blankly at those nine sapphires on Xiao Bao\'s tentacles.

Han knew that Black Egg had always been fascinated by these sapphires, but he didn’t do anything out of line so Han withheld his opinion.


Han finally sat on Xiaobao’s head, riding an octopus was something new for Han.

When they reached the seal, it appeared that the seal felt Xiao Bao’s presence and opened up on its own.

Then in the main channel of the Dark Net, Xiao Bao entered a transition jump state directly!

Transition jumping with just its body?!

No need to use a super transition jump engine?!

Han was utterly stunned by what he saw. Han did not know what other surprises this fairy-like small creature would end up bringing him.