Chapter 286: Who’s Tougher!

Chapter 286: Who’s Tougher!

Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky

What got Han to where he was at today was talent, luck, and most importantly, the cockroach spirit of never giving up to death! The faith that Han ultimately believed in was that soldiers can be killed in combat, but they must not be scared to death!

So Han stood up, his eyes became sharper, and his fighting spirit became stronger.


Han shouted and his eyes turned red. He wiped the blood off the side of his mouth, as if he was never struck down before. He started waving his Star-Strangling Boa and charged towards the already mutated Fantasy Neptune.

What a magical genetic mutation.

Han had countless fantasies before. If the one that went through genetic mutation was himself, then how wonderful would that be… Besides having Void End, if he could get Ke Lake’s flight ability, how awesome would it be to just soar across the sky.

However, reality was always harsh. Han still only has that power to cancel other people’s ability but doesn’t have any fancy power himself, but his opponent King Fantasy Neptune became an unbeatably powerful warrior.

King Fantasy Neptune also began moving. He charged towards Han with a faster speed and stronger power. His neural reflex was faster than Han, and even his intelligence was gifted by the miraculous dark crystal.

To some extent, King Fantasy Neptune after genetic mutation was almost close to the degree of a perfect fighter. He almost had no weakness. Everything Han was proud for before, now all seemed like child’s play in comparison to him, including Han’s Path of Demon.

Towards the Path of Demon, Han still had some doubts at heart, because he didn’t believe in gods or demons at all.

Han didn’t believe that gods were eternally great, glorious and righteous. Who didn’t have any darkness inside their hearts? Those people that always stressed how great of a god they were, were more likely to be liars.

Han also doesn’t believe that demons were always devoid of conscience and wanted to Destroy the world. Those that became hateful must have their reasons, and besides, even demons, how could they still not show the slightest emotion towards their own family?

Maybe 9527’s understanding of Han was the most correct. Han’s first and ultimate belief is actually a kind of path of Yao. Towards friends, families, Han’s the best and the most trusted. Towards the enemies, Han was the most insidious and cunning.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Path of Yao was its changeability, and yet Han was able to vividly show this quality to an extreme extent. Enemies hate him, brothers love him, there was a different Han in everyone’s eyes.

It’s just that unfortunately, Han’s understanding to the Six Paths of Void was just barely grasping the Path of Demon and he had yet to activate the ultimate Path of Yao, so in terms of techniques, Han couldn’t reach the peak state.

After battling for merely a few seconds with King Fantasy Neptune, Han was sent flying again.

He couldn’t help but admit that King Fantasy Neptune was way too powerful now. He was no longer an alien, but more like a precisely killing machine. He used his left arm and blocked Demon Claw’s attack, and with a sudden lift of his elbow, he sent Demon Claw flying away.

Immediately after, he drew an arc on the ground with his right foot and attacked Ghost Claw’s vulnerable lower half and made it almost lose its balance.

Then, his pace went through incredible frequency change, his body suddenly lowered and then appeared behind Han’s back. With a hard push with just one hand, he dissembled Han’s Void movement and Path of Demon.

One must know, Fantasy Neptune only took a few milliseconds to do this. The closest Han’s Path of Demon has gotten was only a few millimeters away from Fantasy Neptune’s head yet he still managed to dodge it from an angle that Han could not comprehend at all and returned with a fatal blow.

The high technical level was completely the same state of god!


Even with the double protection of armor and energy coating, Han still felt that his spine was broken, extremely painful.

Not only was the Fantasy Neptune’s technique really pro, his strength was also too powerful. What seemed like a light palm-hit onto Han’s body felt like a giant smashed him with a hammer!


Han clenched his teeth, held back the suffocating pain as his body flipped in the air, and managed to finally land.

“Come on!”

Han shouted, and charged again!

The so-called fighting will was the spirit of not backing off even when one was half dead!

Pain, failure, these were all excuses of the weak!

The true unyielding soul was crazy, who didn’t care about cost and result!

Yet, Han’s fighting will didn’t make any changes in the situation, the gap in strength was still an irreparable gap. King Fantasy Neptune was indeed too strong, and he has overpowered Han in all aspects.


Han was sent flying out of the battlefield again, maintaining a steady posture with one hand pressing onto the ground.

Only after a few rounds, Han was already exhausted.

He gritted his teeth, heavily swallowed a spittle and began his habitual thinking.

Does Fantasy Neptune’s power really come from genetic mutation or the Brain of Darkness’s control over him?

On the surface, the increase in power seems to originate from genetic mutation. Neptune’s control, power, and reflex all reached an unsurpassable degree.

But Han also felt, maybe he should start from the Brain of Darkness. An enemy that’s just powerful is not completely impossible to deal with, but what’s terrifying is that this powerful enemy also has incredible intelligence.


Han decisively withdrew his Star-Strangling Boa and placed this triple-edge blade on his back. There’s no weapon in his hand, just the Gloves of Darkness.

However, having and not having an Ares-class weapon by one’s side is completely different. Han was clearly at a disadvantage, yet he still chose to put away his weapon? Is he crazy? With the powerful capabilities of the present King Fantasy Neptune, it’s impossible for Han to be his match.


Relying on the support of a powerful will, Han charged towards Fantasy Neptune again. This time, he carried no weapon!


Upon receiving Han’s signal, Demon Claw and the others all charged up at the same time. Thanks to these loyal companions that attracted fire for Han, if it wasn’t for him but an one-on-one, Han would’ve probably lost a long time ago.

King Fantasy Neptune moved with exquisite calculations, he dodged the attacks the attacks of the genetic beasts. Right now, all of his attention was focused on Han. After not being able to kill Han after a few rounds of attacks, Fantasy Neptune was really frustrated as well, so he decided to ignore the genetic beast army first and finish Han once and for all.

The two of them both moved at an incredible speed uncapturable by the naked eye, and King Fantasy Neptune was faster. He easily dodged all the beasts and formed an one-on-one situation with Han.


King Fantasy Neptune’s waved both arms, right hand holding the staff and left fist both smashed towards Han’s shoulder.

With the Dark Brain’s calculation, Fantasy Neptune was sure that Han would dodge. He would dodge for sure, because Han’s power was a lot weaker than King Fantasy Neptune’s.

Both attacks would arrive at once, no matter how Han dodged, he would at least receive one critical hit. With Han’s current condition, one more critical hit may very likely be fatal!

Have to say, the Dark Brain was extraordinarily powerful. It could seize the enemy’s weakness and predict their next move.

It’s just that this time, the Dark Brain calculated wrong.

Han didn’t dodge. He also attacked with both fists and directly fought back against Fantasy Neptune.

And what’s more surprising was that Han also moved his head back a bit and focused some power on his own neck.


Han’s fists and Fantasy Neptune’s fists clashed and produced a violent shock.

Originally Han would try to avoid damaging the Dark Brain in battle, because that’s something he really want to take possession of.

But this time, Han changed his strategy. He used his left fist and directly attack the top of the staff, which was also where the Dark Brain was located.


The Dark Brain was shattered immediately, and at the same time, a sound of fracture also came from Han’s left hand. He intended to destroy the Dark Brain’s powerful computing power even at the cost of one fist.

However, destroying the Dark Brain was only the first step. Immediately after, Han’s slightly lifted head suddenly smashed down like a hammer!

Head on head!

It’s definitely not some fancy technique, but a move during street fights that sees who’s tougher and braver!


Fantasy Neptune never even expected it in his dream that Han would headbutt him, and in addition, the Dark Brain shattering made him lost his judgement for an instant, so his whole body was directly sent flying!

Han did it!

If the enemies cannot be defeated with conventional means, then he will just knock him down with unconventional techniques!


Such strategy of killing a thousand enemies at the cost of 800 of own troops in fact also pushed Han to the verge of collapsing, but with the last strain of consciousness, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath, breathing in those shattered Dark Brain crystal pieces into his lung, taking possession of it.