Chapter 120: Relic Ghost, dead! (Part One)

Chapter 120: Relic Ghost, dead! (Part One)

Han kept his strange defensive stance with his left hand pressing on his chest, and his right hand hidden behind his back.

Han Wu, or more appropriately, the monster that occupied Han Wu’s body approached Han step by step with cold eyes.

He put up a finger and flashed his white needle, or rather a thorn, in an uncanny arc.

Dodging this thorn took almost all of Han’s attention, because he had already come to the conclusion from the dead mercenaries that they were all struck by this thorn. He theorized that they died when all their energy and blood were sucked empty by that thorn.

How can I avoid being hit by it?

Very difficult, although the armor the mercenaries were wearing weren’t top tier, it didn’t have any effect at all. For the same reason, Han’s battle suit Elliptical Matrix might not be able to defend again this thorn too.

Can Han dodge the attack?

Even harder, thousands of soldiers were instantly killed, it clearly showed the explosive strength this monster had reached!


Han stopped.

He realized he had been too concerned about that thorn, and was too focused on escaping the attack that he forgot his ultimate goal!

Han’s goal was to kill this monster! Activate this super extinction domain that can bring Earth into a brand new era! This was what was most important to Han!

Gritting his teeth, Han’s eyes became decisive.

All things come with a price, if his life was the price that needed to be paid, then let the storm come!


The automatic drug kit opened.

“Hyper nuclear energy, 10 times dose!”

Don’t know what kind of countermeasure Han had come up with, he began to take drugs like crazy.

Even with the super anti-toxin body, ten times the dose of hyper nuclear pill was still Han’s limit.

“Super Zero-Degree joy pill, 10 times dose!”


He’s even taking the maximum amount of drug pills to protect his zero-degree brain region?!

The battle had not yet begun, and Han had already activated everything he had.


Void domain, open!

Suddenly, the right hand hidden behind Han’s back opened and activated the 100-meter diameter void domain.

This is the most unreasonable domain in the world, once opened, all powers will go extinct!

But the opponent, after all, is an unknown monster, not human, and doesn’t have a zero-degree region. Whether or not Void domain can seal his teleport, Han doesn’t know, he could only gamble.

Can’t afford to think that much, next second, Han already charged straight at the relic ghost!

He hid his right fist behind him, from the tip of his fingers, the deep black color began to spread over Han’s right arm!

And that humanoid monster across from Han, at first he was very confused about why Han suddenly took that many pills.

At the next moment, a cruel sneer emerged on his face.

Looks like Han activating his Void Domain is superfluous, since the humanoid monster didn’t plan to fight at all!

Han just saw him pulling back his arm and staring at Han’s steps with his pitch black eyes.

Ten meters!

Five meters!

Within striking distance now!

Han waved his darkened right arm, and that humanoid monster also suddenly roared, pushing forward the white thorn in his hand!

Suddenly, this white thorn grew at the speed of light and became at least 3 meters long!

The monster’s face had a grim smile on it, as if saying, “Give up, you can’t run!”

The next moment, the smile on that monster’s face froze as he realized that Han didn’t have any intention in dodging at all!


The white thorn was like a laser, instantly pierced Han’s right arm, going in from the tip of his fist and out from Han’s shoulder!

Just at that moment when Han’s arm was penetrated, he held back the pain and suddenly twisted his arm in an incredible way!


With this distorted power, Han abruptly pulled out the thorn on that monster’s finger!

The logic was like pulling teeth. If one wanted to pull out the sharp teeth of a tiger, then he will first need a strong enough plier.

But there was no plier in Han’s hands, so he used his arm instead!

In order to fight, Han could do anything!

Even with his arm pierced, he still wanted to break that thorn that the monster used as a weapon!


Taking advantage of the brief moment that the monster was shocked, Han’s arms came from the back and tightly locked down that monster!

Grappling lock!

This series of premeditated actions filled this humanoid monster’s eyes full of shock, what kind of crazy person was Han? Knowing clearly that this poisonous thorn could take his life, he still thought of this kind of kill-1000-sacrifice-800 tactic? (TL: sacrificing 800 of one’s own to take down 1000 enemy soldiers, which means killing the enemy at great cost)

Han’s arm was rapidly deforming, atrophying.

But he succeeded!

At the cost of sacrificing an arm, he successfully got this monster under control!


Just at the moment, something happened!

Han just felt the things in front of his eyes flashed, and his whole body instantly left the gene factory, appearing at the top of that giant shipyard.

It was teleportation!

Void domain failed!

Even if Han activated his domain, he still can’t stop the monster from using its power!

No, it must not be a super power. A super power is an extension from the human’s zero-degree region, monsters don’t have that region so what he was using was not a super power.

A sneer emerged on Han’s face, he shouted out loud, “Come out! Kill him for me!”


A hidden necklace suddenly appeared on Han’s neck, and in the next second, a person actually jumped out of the necklace!