Chapter 339: Battle of the Stars

Chapter 339: Battle of the Stars

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Behind the universe, the Dark Net.

The celestial bodies of the Solar System, which were termed Star Gods by 9527, started acting after entering the Dark Net. The smallest planet Pluto moved to the front of Earth, orbiting twice around the turquoise planet as if it was conversing in a strange language.

Afterward, Pluto then separated apart from Earth and the sun.

Under the protection of the sun, Venus, and Mars, Earth turned into a stream of white light and disappeared rapidly into the depths of the Dark Net. No one knew where it went.

Yet, Pluto remained at the same place with the Coppola asteroids, and they watched as Earth left under protection.

Afterward, Pluto suddenly turned around. The Dark Net shook severely.

This scene looked like a general was testing his soldiers.

A new battle order was issued. The two dwarf planets of the Coppola belt, Makemake, and Ceres, separated to the left and right side of Pluto like two assistants. The other asteroids and meteors were then like soldiers and commanders.

This troop that deviated from the solar system also started to move in different directions as if they were obeying a special command.

Not until this point, 9527 woke up from the shock. He regretted not having tracked planet Earth, and losing the opportunity to observe the Star God at a closer distance. Therefore, he wouldn’t let go of any other chances to observe the second Star God army led by Pluto.

"Queen, track! Track these Star Gods! See what they are trying to do!" 9527 ordered out loud excitedly.

He frowned his brows and thought for a second, before commanding, "Earth is the mother planet of Han, but the mother planet of Han is a Star God? This thing might have a complicated background with Han. Use the law of space now and take back Han’s spaceship! He should view what a magical existence his mother planet is by himself."

"Yes, sir. Turning on the Space Law Controlled Engine. Taking back the Ark Spaceship." The artificial intelligence program Queen replied with her electronically synthesized voice.


In a flash, Han was then brought back to 9527’s Space Station from the solar system. Jian Jia and Luo Ying were also on the ship.

It was just that 9527 didn’t expect that Han lost his consciousness.

It was just when the solar system was about to mutate, a mystical power invaded into Han’s body and activated an inner special reaction that shut down his consciousness.

"How could that happened?" 9527 was shocked when he saw the inner scene of the Ark.

"We detected the signal of the Pluto, do we need to follow up?" The Intelligent System Queen asked.

"Follow up! Send out all the Tracking Stars!" 9527 ordered out loud. He then rushed to the ship he lent to Han, the Ark.

Han was unconscious and was visibly uncomfortable. The Lunar Mark on his chest was burning and his brain was a mess.

It might be because Earth released some sorts of mystical energy fluctuation before it left. Han felt like his Zero Degree Brain Region had a slight change, which caused Han to be able to see the message Luyao left before he died. In terms of why Han couldn’t interpret the message in the past, it might be due to the frequency of the Brain Region.

"There is nothing wrong with Han’s body, don’t worry." 9527 confirmed after seeing Han.

"Then why isn’t he waking up?" Luo Ying asked concernedly.

9527 thought for a second and said, "This situation is akin to dissociation. Han’s spirit disconnected with his body and entered a deeper level in his mind. Now, all of Han’s attention is focused on the inner part of his Brain Region, to the point where he lost control of his body. As long as we wait with patience, Han will wake back up after his mind recovers."

Luo Ying and Jian Jia kept nodding their heads. They were very worried about Han suddenly going unconsciousness.

All of the sudden, the artificial intelligent program Queen reported, "Sir, the destination of Pluto has been tracked. Our Tracking Stars will soon send us the scene."


A bright scene opened with light. Pluto came back to the universe dimension with its troops. Right in front of them was a fleet, a fleet that belonged to the Three Eyed Race.

"It’s the Ninth fleet of the Three Eye Race. Location, 48th Star Sector." The Queen said.


On the screen, right after the stars jumped out of the Dark Net and appeared in the universe, they started to attack crazily.

Under Pluto’s lead, billions of dwarf planets and meteorites started to charge and collide with the Three Eyed Race’s fleet in the distance.

This battle strategy looked like the battle of the Fifth fleet that just happened in the solar system. However, since the sun and Earth weren’t present, Pluto was the one leading the whole star troops. That’s why it made the battle call more decisively.

In a flash, this fleet containing three million star ships turned into fireworks in the universe. The army of celestial bodies didn’t even give any chance for the Three Eyed Race to escape. They destroyed their gigantic fleet in a few seconds. It was absolute domination!


Pluto completed its mission, leading the dwarf planets and asteroids, using the law of space again and entered back into the Dark Net.

In approximately a minute, the celestial body army appeared in another sector of the universe. The enemies they faced now were the Eleventh fleet of the Three Eyed Race, located at the 46th Star Zone in the Milky Way.

Under the same attack and absolute domination, 9527, Jian Jia and Luo Ying all felt a bit dumbfounded. Thousands of lives were gone in a flash. The celestial body army was indeed cruel.

9527 swallowed his saliva and said surprisingly, "Are they going to kill the entire Three Eyed Race?!"

Han finally woke up. Although he didn’t lose his consciousness for too long, he still felt light-headed. The sheer size of the quantity of instant information Han received made it hard to digest.


Han removed the Lunar Mark from his neck. The heat generated from this stone brought severe pain to his neck, and he didn’t know why that happened.

Looking up, Han saw 9527, Jian Jia and Luo Ying. They were all looking at a screen with surprise.

There were wreckages all over the battlefield on the screen. A fleet was destroyed, evident by the numerous metallic remnants that resembled the hulls of warships. On both sides of the fleet, there were a group of stars.

"What are you looking at?" Han asked curiously.

"A battle." 9527 said.

"What kind of battle?" Han asked.

"After the Solar System destroyed the fifth fleet of the Three Eye Race, the Earth and the sun, as the leading planet and star, disappeared into the depth of the Dark Net. Yet, Pluto led the asteroid troops formed by Ceres and Makemake and continued to attack other fleets of the Three Eyed Race."

"The Ninth fleet, the Eleventh fleet, the Third fleet, all the way to ultimately the main fleet of the Three Eye Race. Now what you saw are the wreckage of the Three Eyed Race. Under the terrible attack of Pluto, the whole Race has been destroyed."

"At first, we thought this was the battle between the Star Gods and the Three Eyed Race, and now, I don’t have any clue what is going on." 9527 shook his head and said.

Han was shocked, "On the left hand side of the wreckage was Pluto, Ceres and Makemake. The stars on the other side suddenly arrived right after the destruction of the main fleet of the Three Eye Race."

"However, Pluto didn’t leave after the battle. Seems like a war is going to start again between these two star fleets."

All of the sudden~

Right after 9527 ended his words, these two planets charged simultaneously. In comparison, Pluto was definitely on the weaker side. Although with plenty of dwarf planets and meteorites surrounding it, the size of these planets was very small, and lots of them were merely meteorites, not even planets.

However, the stars on the other side were all formed up by planets. There were millions of them. Even the smallest one was as big as Jupiter, and the largest one was a thousand times bigger than the sun!

Facing this far more powerful star army, Pluto still rushed up and fought without hesitation.

The battle was like fighting rocks with eggs. Those stars of Pluto scattered into pieces once they hit their humongous enemies. However, under the lead of the Pluto, the Star Troops still rushed ahead crazily. It seemed like they didn’t expect to survive in the first place.

The battle between the stars was far worse than one between fleets. Billions of stars of varied sizes clashed into one another, almost detonating the entire universe!