Chapter 383: Tribal Battle

Chapter 383: Tribal Battle

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Xiao Bao took Han through a transition jump, quickly arriving in a new dimension within the Dark Net.

The space was a plant’s paradise. Inside the tropical forest, there were trees that were hundreds of meters tall with thick foliage. Past the tropical forest was a vast grassland. In the middle of the grassland there was a tree. The tree was taller than the Himalayan Mountains, and it reached tens of thousands of meters in height. Han could not imagine how a tree grew to such a magnitude.


Xiao Bao let out a cry of excitement, and brought Han to the top of a tree branch. To be honest, the tree branch was more like a wide road. Han felt as if he had shrunk and became an ant on the tree. The green leaves were like mini spaceships drifting in space.

On the branch, Xiao Bao’s parents and another person were waiting for Han. They had prepared a table full of food which was placed on a simple wooden table and in simple wooden pots. Inside the pot, there were some fruits which Han could not put a name to.

Han had met Xiao Bao’s parents before. Han was not sure which race the other person was part of. He had blue skin and blood like Boya, but he looked very different and wore a coarse garment made of the fiber of tree leaves. His feet were big and his knees were wide, his eyes were also big but his nose was small like a peanut.

"You must be Han?" The blue fellow extended his hand and asked.

Han shook his hand and asked, "Yes. And you are?"

"My name is Yun San. I am a translator and also the leader of the tribe." Yun San said.

"Translator?" Han asked curiously.

Yun San smiled and said, "Oh, I’ll do a demonstration and you will understand."

After his words ended, he nodded towards Xiao Bao’s father. Xiao Bao had been brought away by his mother and flew to the top of the large tree. Before he left, Xiao Bao had even made a face at Han.

Xiao Bao’s father slowly placed an arm on Yun San’s head. Yun San closed his eye and the end of Xiao Bao’s arm started to slowly sparkle like a sapphire.

Yun San opened his eyes and said, "Look. I have established a mental connection with Hong. Hong said that he would like to thank you for saving his child. To thank you, he shall follow your wishes and name his child Xiao Bao."

Han was dazed. He smiled and said, "Please tell Hong that Xiao Bao was only a nickname I made up since it sounded good. Please don’t take it seriously."

Yun San said, "Hong said that he really likes the name ‘Xiao Bao’."

Han scratched his head and said, "If that’s the case, then let’s follow his wishes. I wonder why we are meeting today? It can’t just be to name Xiao Bao?"

Yun San said, "Hong thinks that you are a trustworthy person so he wishes to be friends with you. He hopes you can take care of Xiao Bao."

Han said, "That goes without saying. Xiao Bao is lovely. Not only do I like him, my brothers like him too. You can rest assured, when Xiao Bao is with me, I assure you that he will be safe."

Yun San nodded his head. For some unknown reason, Han felt that there was a faint feeling of sadness in the air. A heavy weight seemed to be lifted off of Hong’s shoulders after he understood that Han had promised to protect Xiao Bao.

Yun San laughed and said, "Xiao Bao is very lucky to have met a kind-hearted person like you. Come and taste some of these fruits that we grew."

Han grabbed a melon and took a bite.

Instantaneously, a sweet taste passed through his tongue and into his brain. Han felt that this melon was the most delicious food in this world. As a carnivore, Han usually did not like to eat fruits or vegetables, but the fruits here were different – they were sweet and fresh. Once one started eating, they couldn’t stop.

Thus, Han tried each and every fruit. After tasting all the fruits on the table, Yun San happily said, "Eat slowly. I will ask them to prepare some fruits to let you bring back as a gift later."

"That will be great." Han smiled and said.

The meeting was so simple it made Han slightly puzzled. After Han promised to protect Xiao Bao, Yun San and Hong did not bring up any matters. They were only polite and asked Han to taste those fruits and bring some back.

Han smiled and said, "Thank you for your hospitality. If there is time, please come visit my place. I will treat you guys to some meat buns, my favorite food."

Yun San grinned and said, "To be honest, we are vegetarians."

Han instantly felt awkward, but thankfully Yun San didn’t seem to mind.

Just as Han was prepared to leave, he suddenly saw a group of Yun San’s tribesmen entering the territory. They seemed to have just been defeated from battle. They were supporting each other over their shoulders. Many had serious injuries and faces filled with dejection.

"What’s the matter?" Han asked Yun San.

Yun San said with a heavy voice, "This land is occupied by different tribes. There are occasionally conflicts between the tribes. It’s nothing serious."

Even though his words were lighthearted, but Han could still see dejection from Yun San’s face as well. He recalled when Hong entrusted Xiao Bao to himself and his heart became more doubtful.

After Han had left, Yun San left to visit those injured tribesmen.

"Tribal leader Yun, we have been defeated. We lost territory number 7. The remaining people have transferred to territory number 4 and are defending there."

Yun San let out a long sigh and said, "We have lost even territory number 7. Now we only have 3 territories to defend. This is not good. To be honest, Hong has thought about the worst outcome. If we continue to lose, Hong has decided…"

"NO! Absolutely not! Tribe Leader, Hong said that he met a very strong tribe and the tribe is very friendly towards us. Why can’t we ask for their help?" Yun San’s subordinate asked.

Yun San shook his head and said, "That is not a tribe. Their leader is called Han. I met him just now. As a friend, we cannot involve him into the complicated tribe battles. This will harm them."

Yun San’s subordinate said heavily, "If there are no reinforcements, our tribe will be extinguished. And Hong..Hong will.."

Yun San said, "If it is nature’s will for us to be extinct, we need to follow the wishes of Lady Nature. This is not only my wish. But also Hong’s wishes."

Yun San’s subordinate seemed dejected but could only nod his head.

Han returned. He was frowning and deep in thought as he entered the blue water of the lake.

"How are Xiao Bao’s parents and tribesmen?" Luo Ying asked curiously.

Han said, "They are of an intelligent species who are at peace with mankind. They are vegetarians and live simple lives..but…"

"But what?" Luo Ying asked while lifting her chin.

"But I think, they might be in trouble. Today, when I met Xiao Bao’s father, he specially mentioned that if there is any accident in the future, he hopes that I can take care of Xiao Bao." Han replied.

Luo Ying pursed his lips and said, "Hopefully there is no accident. As you said, they are kind and simple."

Han thought and called out, "Lance."

"What’s the matter?"

"When I went to Xiao Bao’s place, I secretly recorded the geographic coordinates. I hope that you can investigate and find out what kind of troubles they have met. Everyone are friends. Even though they have not come to us for help, but if we can help them, we should try." Han voiced his thoughts.

"No worries. On it." Lance stood up from the lake water and left in the blink of an eye.

Luo Ying lightly punched Han on his shoulder and said happily, "This is the Han I know. Xiao Bao and his tribesmen are so kind, we should be helping them if we can."

Han shook his head and said heavyheartedly, "Things are not that simple. If they need help, they would have said something. Why would they hide it from me? Do they have some difficulties they are unwilling to disclose?"

"Never mind, everything will be clear once Lance returns."

Lance returned in two days. His face looked very bad.

He threw his armor heavily on the ground and furiously said, "F*ck this tribal territory. Too cruel! It’s too cruel!"

"What’s the matter?"

"What did you see?"

"Say something. We are all anxious to know!"

Everyone on the scene, including Han gathered around him curiously.

Lance pressed the transmission recorder on the armor and connected the information he had gathered in the past two days onto the server. Then he asked Queen to display it onto a screen.

The screen recorded Lance’s trip for the past two days. After going into stealth mode, he followed Yun San’s tribesmen into their territory.

Like Xiao Bao’s house, it was also filled with beautiful mountains and clear water. It appeared to be luxuriantly green and Yun San’s tribesmen lived a communal and simple life. They lived in wooden tree houses built on the top of the tall trees, wore coarse clothes made of plant fiber and lived off fruits.

Han noticed that when they ate fruits, they would carefully remove the seeds, place it in their hands and bring it to a designated person who would find an empty plot of land to plant the seed. Then, there would be some people that carefully water the plant.

Without a doubt, Yun San and his tribesmen were a race who believed in Nature. Under their care, all kinds of plants grew on their land. The intelligent species lived in harmony with plants and lived a quiet life in seclusion.

Everyone nodded. They were a bunch of warriors who could kill without a blink of the eye but that did not mean they were inhumane. The reason Han and Sima Hunfeng fought with all their might was for the people in their hometown to live in a peaceful and happy environment.

Everyone admired the lives of Yun San and his tribesmen. They did not have to fight every day. If they could live lives like this after they retire, they would be content.

But for some reason, the eyes of these intelligent species who lived rural lives were filled with worry and despair. Han suddenly thought of Earth –many years ago, the ordinary people on earth lived in gloom and fear. Their eyes were too similar to the eyes of the people on Earth many years ago.

Suddenly, with a change in scene, the barrier seal was opened and an army had invaded.

They wore a black armor and held all kinds of weapons in their hands and wore ferocious masks on their faces.

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