Chapter 160: Endless Nightmare!

Chapter 160: Endless Nightmare!

When the sound of violent explosion came, Han knew, it’s the sign of Ma Jingkong’s death. As the warlord of the generation, the leader of the expedition team, although Ma Jingkong’s pretty rude with his words, but he remained a true warrior from beginning to end, fearless.

Han saw more than one teammate’s eyes became red, trying to fight back the tears in their eyes.

As a result of the nuclear explosion, Han didn’t dare to hold too much hope. Since that dark apostle was able to swallow a nuclear bomb, naturally they wouldn’t be afraid of a nuclear explosion initiated beside them. At most it would only be interfering with their genetic synthesis progress, or kill a group of dark beasts or something.

The leader of the expedition team was handed from the late Ma Jingkong to Lesa and Riley, who are both beast transformation descent. This type of super power can also be called special enhancement descent, where Riley can transform into a reaper from Hell, specializing in agile and quick attacks, nicknamed ghost, and Riley’s transformation is more violent, nicknamed mad lion.

Han glanced behind him and looked somewhat worried.

“What are you worried about?” The only female member on the team, the attentive Ms. White noticed Han’s concern and asked in curiosity.

“It’s been over 40 minutes since we heard the last dark beast roar.” Han said sincerely.

Everyone already got used to Han’s unique way of thinking. He’s very young but full of a sense of fear. At any time he would be preparing for something strange, preparing for enemies that could come out from any corner.

“Isn’t that a good thing? Perhaps Ma Jingkong successfully killed all the dark beasts.” Nicknamed Longbow, the long range attacker Wuyong said.

Han shook his head, “I don’t believe that a small nuclear bomb can kill all the dark beasts, nor do I believe that there’s only one genetic factory in this gigantic relic.”

Han’s words got everyone started worrying, and Mad Lion Riley started encouraging everyone, “Stop overthinking! Ma Jingkong was very clear with his last words, our mission is to deliver the news about dark apostles to the Alliance!”

“Since there are still a lot of dark beasts, then killing them and destroying the factory is no longer our main mission. Now, our only goal is to live on and complete our new mission!”

Han no longer spoke. Somehow, he could still smell a scent of conspiracy.

But how would they leave this relic be no easy task. For the past few hours, the expedition team continued descending no matter what path they took, Han didn’t know whether they are at the third or fourth level of the relic. But without question, they are travelling downward but the expected road leading to the planet’s surface did not appear.

In the rugged rock formation, and in the endless darkness, the expedition team didn’t hesitate to use more energy to escape with the fastest speed.

Han really wanted to tell everyone that we are going in the wrong direction!

But he couldn’t get the words out of his mouth, and Han also believes these teammates with the most powerful combat experience in the galaxy also knew that they got the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way. The road ahead has many choices, but no matter what path they choose, after a while they will find the angle of the path began slanting on a downward tilt again.

Han could see the anxiety on Ghost Lesa and Mad Lion Riley’s face. If possible, they are even willing to give up their life to find out the correct path!

But, the harsh reality wouldn’t give them many options, and every time they struggle to choose to right path, they would find out it’s still wrong every time.

It’s just like the dark world’s forest, the solid rocks are like the shadow of towering soldiers, anyone that spends too much time in this kind of environment would become anxious.

Finally, Mad Lion Riley couldn’t take it anymore. He shattered a giant rock with his fist and shouted, “F*ck! This route is wrong! I think we entered a maze!”

The team had no choice but to stop their flying footsteps, and Phantom Liu Gongjing still kept his hands up in a strange gesture, if necessary, he can immediately apply illusion on everyone to turn them into a rock or a dark beast.

But everyone knew in their heart, at this stage, illusion is no longer effective because the unimaginably powerful dark apostle has appeared, and no illusion can escape from his pitch black eyes.

Han looked around, he knew very well that it’s easy to enter a relic but difficult to escape from one.

This is because the relic isn’t actually inside the planet, but it is rather another independent space, a completely different world!

Their location and the ground level is actually very far apart, and they are also becoming more and more distant.

“Let’s fight our way back.” Ghost Lesa said, “This road seems to be endless, and if we go back we at least have hope!”

Everyone was thinking, moving forward is unknown and going back is a familiar road. If they give it their all, it’s not without hope. Perhaps turning around here would be a good idea.

Suddenly, just before everyone made a decision, the dark beasts’ fierce roar sounded again, and then the ground began trembling.

Earth Fairy Nie Tian suddenly umped out from a rock. He’s an earth descent esper, capable of merging together with earth and rocks. Ever since Cerberus Arthur disappeared, Nie Tian became extremely busy, having to not only scout ahead but also go back from time to time to observe the situation at rear.

“A large group of dark beasts are being controlled by a dark apostle and they are coming our way!” Nie Tian wiped the sweat from his forehead and said.

“How many are there?” Ghost Lesa quickly asked.

“Countless, completely countless! Dense mass everywhere, we must run! The enemies are at most 10 minutes behind us!” Nie Tian anxiously asked.

Everyone took a deep breath, it turned out that these damn dark beasts didn’t give up on chasing them, and there is a powerful dark apostle together with the dark beasts.

There is no doubt that Ma Jingkong’s last-ditch effort to blow up the dark apostles with a nuclear bomb was useless, and they still don’t know if the dark apostle that’s chasing them is the one that swallowed the nuclear bomb earlier.

No one mentioned the plan of going back and kill, because that is simply not realistic now. Ma Jingkong said before his death that they must deliver the message about the dark apostle back to the alliance, and that’s the most important mission at the moment.

Gritted teeth, everyone kept on running and moving forward.

The terrain became more and more complex, and those dark beasts’ figures are getting closer. On several occasions, Han even saw some dark beasts a few hundred meters away on his side moving past the rocks.

“You guys run! Let me burn them to hell!” Pyro Rock Dance Xiao Hanfeng shouted.

Immediately then, he stopped his footsteps and left the formation.

“Xiao Hanfeng! Don’t be stupid!” Longbow Wuyong who is very close to Xiao Hanfeng shouted.

“I’m not stupid! Someone must stand up to them. Carson’s dead, Ma Jingkong’s dead too! I never felt like my life is any more precious than theirs!”

“The reason I entered this relic, it wasn’t to prove anything to anyone! The reason I’m here today, is the blood that’s running inside my body! It’s the blood of a proud warrior!”

“Come on! Come at me!”

“Believe me, I’ve never been this proud of myself than today! Pyro Rock is my undying pride!”


At the corner of Han’s eyes, he saw Xiao Hanfeng angrily roaring, the strange rocks surrounding him all became flame red, became extremely hot! He ignited the dark underground world!

The flaming rocks danced, they are becoming waves after waves, and those huge waves merged into rivers, and the rivers roared and became a red ocean!

Rock moves and flame dances, Xiao Hanfeng, fire-descent’s top tier class, Lava style!

The temperature he produces is enough to melt rocks, and melt everything in this world!

The painful cries of dark beasts came as the rolling lava flowed not only the dark beasts, but also Xiao Hanfeng himself. This man with a fiery super power, is burning his own life to make this hellish lava storm!

The expedition team became abnormally silent. Everyone can feel the heat behind them, but no one looked back.

Remembering someone isn’t about talking about them, but holding them close in their heart!

Han is sure, if someone can make it out of here alive, they will for sure set a monument for every single brother that was left behind in the relic, remembering them as true warriors!

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.


The dark world is still endless, the expedition team still haven’t found the path back to surface, but everyone is already exhausted and had no choice but to take a break, breathing heavily from their mouth.

From the original size of 13, the team is down to only 7 members. After Han Xiaofeng sacrificed himself, Longbow Wuyong and Raider Terry also didn’t make it out alive, being submerged by millions of dark beasts.

The team became very silent, although there’s no sound of dark beasts chasing behind them at the moment, but no one wanted to talk at the moment.

They don’t know when this endless nightmare will end.

All means failed. Potions, illusions, they were all seen through by the dark beasts. They are like a group of persistent ghosts chasing, no matter where the expedition team runs to, they just can’t seem to get rid of these monsters with seemingly infinite energy.

Phantom Liu Gongjing smiled, and reached his hand out to Han, “Give me a pill you use.”

Han hesitated, “That’s the Nuclear Fission pill that’s 100 times stronger than nuclear energy pill, you will die if you take it.”

Liu Gongjing was unmoved and said, “That’s even better. In a bit, you guys run. I will use my strongest illusion and plant a deceptive maze to buy you guys some time.”

Han frowned, “They might not fall for it.”

Liu Gongjing lowered his voice and said, “I know, but I can’t run anymore. I was never a true soldier, just an illusionist. Although I know how to use illusion techniques to kill, but I’m no match to my grandpa. It would be nice if he’s here. He might even be able to use illusion to kill that damn dark apostle.”

The air became dense, and the scene is even more silent.

Mad Lion Riley stood up and quietly said, “We have rested enough and still need to continue moving forward. Even if there’s one of us left, we still need to deliver the message about dark apostles back. That’s our responsibility!”

He turned around and looked at Liu Gongjing, then turned back and pretended to be tough, “Han, if Gongjing wants to stay, then just let him stay. Give one of your pills to him, and also give everyone one as well.”

Han hesitated, nodded silently, and handed down the nuclear fission pills to everyone.

When the pill was placed in Liu Gongjing’s hand, Liu Gongjing handed Han a dimension ring and smiled bitterly, “It’s no use for me anymore, you keep it.”

Han became silent for a moment, took the ring, turned around, and whispered in his heart, “Although you only use illusions, but in my eyes you have always been a true warrior!”

“Thanks!” Liu Gongjing looked at the backs of everyone leaving, he whispered in the dark.

The determination to deliver the message out is stronger than all emotions. Han and the others left.

When the expedition team went on the road again, there’s only 6 lonely figures.


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