Chapter 242: Border Battlefield

Chapter 242: Border Battlefield


The dark net teleportation system waited until everyone was ready, and then sent the over 5000 soldiers to the #5075 Border Battlefield.

When seeing the title of the trial, Han didn’t know what to think at all. Border Battlefield? The dark net had borders?

When they arrived and Han walked out of the particle module, he realized how terrifying this border battlefield place was.

All the soldiers arrived at some barren hills, which were divided into two by a giant energy wall. On one side stood Han and the other 5000 or so soldiers that were sent here for breaking the rules, and the other side was covered by a black mass of insects.

Yes, insects.

As a beast tamer, Han was familiar with all kinds of insects, but he has never seen insects this terrifying on the other side of the energy wall.

In short, this type of insect looked very similar to the Ghost Claw, walking upright on two legs, with their front claws waving threateningly as they roared at Han and the others.

“What kind of hell is this?!” Bo Ya began swearing again.

Han obviously didn’t know what this place was as well. He looked at Jian Jia, and saw that his face was completely pale, so he placed his hand on Jian Jia’s shoulder. But when Jian Jia noticed Han’s hand, he jumped away like a frightened cat.

“What are you scared of, I won’t eat you.” Han frowned, “Jian Jia, do you know what this place is?”

Jian Jia hesitated and bit his lips as if he wanted to say something but immediately closed his mouth.

Han noticed that Jian Jia’s lips were very thin, like a woman’s. At the moment, they were becoming a bit blue.

“Crap, wouldn’t these bugs drill their way over to this side of the energy wall?!” A soldier pointed at the distance and said.

It was a very frightening scene in the distance, the transparent energy wall was blocking hundreds and thousands of millions of upright walking insects.

But this kind of blockage was not absolute. The bugs were desperately trying to squeeze towards the other side of the wall, pushing and shoving. One had pushed its arm through the energy wall, then after all the pushing and shoving, it actually managed to get the rest of its body across as well.

At the direction of the energy wall, more and more bugs started coming in, slowly forming a small army.

Han then looked behind himself, and saw that there was another energy wall behind him, going all the way up into the sky, its height and length unknown. Then behind that, there were more energy walls.

Han and the others were thrown in between the two walls, but very unluckily, they were between the walls closest to the enemy.

Now, Han and the others couldn’t back off but only move towards the left or right, but both directions have bugs constantly squeezing in.

The bugs saw Han and the others and they immediately went mad, trying to squeeze into the middle ground of the two walls where Han and the others were at.


Suddenly, a fireball was shot from the insect army that had already gotten over the wall. It drew an arc in the air, and landed not far from Han.

“Super powers! F*ck, these bugs actually have super power!” Someone shouted.

Everyone was shocked, what kind of enemies were these things! A mass of upright walking bugs with weapons and also super powers?

Then what was the difference between them and espers? Maybe those creaky calls they make was their language?

The soldiers were shocked speechless. Originally, they had somewhat looked down on the insects, because although they were great in quantity, they were just bugs.

But now, the soldiers realized that these bugs actually had super powers, they might also have their own language and strategy.

If they were really facing an esper level army with over millions of members, not to mention the temporarily gathered soldiers right now, even if it was a regular army of 5500 that had years of training together, there’s still no chance of survival! The difference in quantity was too big!

“Eye of Darkness!”

Han activated his right eye and looked into the distance.

He saw that those mad bugs were currently hastily withdrawing, making way, and there was a giant figure running towards this direction from a further location

“There’s no time now, you guys listen!” Han suddenly shouted, “This is an emergency! Right now, I have a tactic, you guys must learn it right away and master it as soon as possible!”

“Later on, I will activate my power. My power can nullify all power within a 10 kilometer radius, both the enemies and ours!”

“When I activate the domain, super powers will lose its effect, but when I close my domain, you guys have to use all your power to attack at once.”

Han had always been low-key, but when he found the situation to be urgent and that he will soon fall into a tough battle, he didn’t hesitate to take over control and began arranging his strategoes. His voice was calm yet passionate, just like all of the best commanders.

The soldiers carefully listened. Right now, Han had some status in this group of soldiers. During the first round, Han jumped out to kill the executioners, causing everyone to quickly pass the trial. During the second round, it was also under Han’s command that they get to kill the Scorpion King and pass the trial.

The credits all went to Han, and that’s why the intuitions of these soldiers told them, Han might look young, but he can be trusted.

When Han finished giving a brief idea of his tactic, everyone felt that this tactic was really too incredible.

“Taking advantage of your void domain, fighting within the time difference, erasing the enemy’s super powers, but allowing our firepower to be more concentrated, this is a really good tactic!”

“I agree. This is the type of brutal tactic used to break through the might army and go straight for the enemy’s commander! It’s most suitable for this battle!”

“Then let’s do it!”

Many people present were experienced fighters. After hearing Han’s Wolf Fang tactic, they appraised this tactic and admired Han from the bottom of their hearts.


A huge noise came from the distant, and they saw a very big black beetle sprinting towards and then smashing against the energy wall.

So that was the insects motive. The reason they dodged left and right was just to make way for this ferocious big bug.

After the first big insect smashed against the energy wall, the wall began trembling.

And that’s not it. Behind the big black beetle, there were more big insects of over a thousand meters in height. They were all running one after another towards the energy wall.




The energy walls shook due to the consecutive impacts. These damn bugs, their stupid tactic was actually very effective, the energy wall looked like it couldn’t support itself anymore!

“Let’s go, Wolf Fang!” Han shouted.


Five thousand or so soldiers began following Han, sprinting towards this wall that almost collapsing.

“Void Domain, activate!”


The magical void domain was summoned, with Han as the center. Within 10 kilometers radius, all powers went extinct in an endless darkness.

Strength descent and other more ferocious power espers were at the front, and the ranged and special power espers were behind.

Although it was a temporary combination, these soldiers were high leveled and experienced, making their first time performing the Wolf Fang tactic very stylish.

It’s just that the direction of their sprint was a bit not clear for some people. Under Han’s leadership, they began charging towards the energy wall that was about to collapse and right into the insect crowd.

Han had always liked unorthodox thinking. Although he did not serve the role of a commander before, he had a very good sense of battle.

He knew very well, the moment the insects broke the energy wall, they will surround the soldiers, and then there was another wall behind them. What is this called? This is despair!

But charging directly into the insect crowd, this seemingly crazy strategy actually helped Han gain more room to act due to the change in battle environment. This was danger and desperation!

If Han were to choose between despair and danger, he would choose the latter for sure, because he knew the law of high risk high reward.

Although the soldiers didn’t understand what this temporary commander was thinking, all the human-like intelligent species were similar in that once they encountered real danger, they will actually unit.

Besides, this batch of soldiers’ fighting capabilities were quite nice. They were well educated and trained. At the moment, they all suppressed the questions they had and tried their best to do their job.


Finally, the energy wall couldn’t hold the big insects’ consecutive desperate charges, and it became fragmented.

The temporary army formed by Han and 5000 people, and the insect army of millions of units, directly began their cruel close quaters battle!