Chapter 442: Stranded with No Reinforcement

Chapter 442: Stranded with No Reinforcement

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Even though Han had prepared himself mentally for this, but when he really saw the Veins Vortex, he was still surprised.

He saw that there was an entrance to space deep in the Dark Net, this entrance wasn’t a space wall, but rather a blood-red wall.

The energy vortex that was blood red continued to spin. Han saw that someone threw a giant blade made from triple-titanium alloy into it, and then he heard a loud sound. This sturdy knife was shredded into dust by the blood red vortex.

A stranger that was a warrior laughed loudly, "See? I didn’t lie to you guys. When the blood-red vortex isn’t open, not even a fly can go in."

A group of warriors who were clearly seeing the Blood Vortex for the first time all nodded, they were all in awe of this mysterious space.

There were a lot of people, divided into 5 camps, Han left the dark ship alone and immediately received a lot of looks of hatred and confusion. Some of the warriors had been to the Golden Tower before. They quietly explained Han’s past experiences to the people around them.

When they saw how young Han was and that he was already the controller of the Cursed Zone, everyone was a bit shocked, but nobody took him seriously. After all, they came from the Big Five, the five huge organizations on the east side of the dark network.

Han was looking for the team from the All Gods Corporation when his eyes caught Lushui Qiu Lin’s eyes. Lushui Qiulin immediately turned around and frowned.

But Jian Jia who was beside him rushed over. She was surprised and shocked and she said, "Han! You really came? Why are you the only one here?"

Han showed expressions of awkwardness, he dry-coughed twice and said, "When the others heard about how dangerous Veins Vortex was, they all didn’t want to come here and die."

Jian Jia said, "Dumba*s! If they don’t come then you shouldn’t come either! This place is actually very dangerous!"

Han smiled and said, "I can’t, I promised before, I can’t make it difficult for your grandfather."

After Jian Jia heard that, she was on the verge of crying, but she needed to hold it in and not let her tears flow.

"What a great comrade!" Jian Jia pulled Han towards her, and disregarding the fact that everyone was looking at them weirdly, she took Han to find Lushui Qiu Lin.

"Don’t worry, you have a great sense of obligation, I will get grandfather to protect you. Regardless of how dangerous Veins Vortex is, nobody would hurt a hair of yours." Jian Jia pressed her lips together and said.

"Grandfather! What did I tell you? Look, Han really came, I knew it, he is so reliable, and a great brother!" Jian Jia said to Lushui Qiu Lin.

Now, Lushui Qiu Lin could no longer pretend he didn’t see Han.

He turned around with a bad expression on his face.

"Jian Jia, go outside, I have things to say to Han." Lushui Qiu Lin said.

"No, I want to listen too! Han is a man of his word, you have to guarantee his safety too!" Jian Jia said stubbornly.

Who knew that Lushui Qiu Lin would glare at Jian Jia. Ever since she was little, Jian Jia had never seen her grandpa so fierce to her, it made her shiver.

"Jian Jia, listen to me." Lushui Qiu Lin said in a serious tone.

And then, Jian Jia’s father Lushui Jingtao walked over, grabbed Jian Jia by the arm, and pulled her to the side.

Han noticed that the facial expression of Lushui Jingtao was as serious as Lushui Qiu Lin.

It was a suffocating pressure, Han had seen it before. Back when it was the night before Earth sunk into darkness, all his brothers had the same eyes and looks on their face.

And Han also noticed the whole Lushui clan was here.

Even though the Lushui clan was famous, there aren’t that many people. An old man who had lost his wife, an even older man who had lost his wife, and then Jian Jia. Those were the three members of the Lushui family.

In the army, there were some armors with symbols of the All Gods Corporation, and there were also warriors with the droplet symbol of the Lushui family, they are probably the family guards of the Lushui family.

After seeing all this, Han started to worry, he slightly frowned and his brain started to spin quickly.

Lushui Qiu Lin asked in a low voice, "Why are you here alone?"

"They all don’t want to die here."

"Including that person?"

"If you are talking about 9527, he is the person who was the most against coming to Veins Vortex."

Lushui Qiu Lin laughed and said, "Of course, the old fox is still an old fox. Of course, he wouldn’t come here."

"You call him 9527? This means he doesn’t trust you, or why wouldn’t he tell you his real name."

Han didn’t say anything. Trust wasn’t something that can be said with the mouth, it needs to be proven with actions.

Lushui Qiu Lin didn’t know that while they were talking. 9527 had led his crew to the back of the Veins Vortex.

Han smiled slightly and said, "I have something that I don’t understand."

"Ask away."

"Why is Jian Jia here?" Han briefly looked at the angry Jian Jia and asked.

Lushui Qiu Lin said, "I wanted her to see the world, the foundation of the Lushui family. It will eventually all be hers."

Han slightly shook his head and suddenly switched from regular voice to source energy voice that only Lushui Qiu Lin could hear, he said in a low voice, "Don’t lie to me, bringing your whole family to such a dangerous place isn’t really the style of an elite strategist like you."

"Judging by the way Sa Hai’s looking at you, he clearly has eyes for your whole family. Military God Kabri has a pretty good relationship with me but he didn’t even gesture at me, and he is purposely standing very far away from you, and these warriors, their eyes are on full alert."

"All of this proves one thing, the Lushui family is being suspected by the All Gods Corporation, you guys have been isolated!"

"The person you mentioned earlier, he wanted me to bring a message to you, back in the day, it wasn’t because he wanted to leave. It was because if he didn’t, then he would never be able to! Everybody who was better than Jacquet, must die!"

Even though Lushui Qiu Lin was trying his best to hide it, but Han still saw a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Of course, Lushui Qiu Lin knew he was faced with a very difficult problem, but he couldn’t believe that after a few minutes of observation, Han was able to understand his difficulties!

How was this possible!

Maybe he knows how to read minds!?

Han, of course, didn’t know how to read minds, he just had a high IQ, and he was good at observing and thinking.

Han’s last sentence made Lushui Qiu Lin feel like thunder had come down on his head.

Lushui Qiu Lin was loyal, back in the days when 9527 and he helped Jacquet conquer the world, from being nobodies to the All Gods Corporation, from weak to strong, Lushui Qiu Lin had done a lot. He didn’t believe Jacquet would hurt him.

Even though today, he received Jacquet’ inhumane order, Lushui Qiu Lin just thought that Jacquet was testing him, and wanted him to be more low-key in the future. Jacquet was like his big brother after all. If the younger brother was more powerful and greater than the older brother, the older brother would obviously be dissatisfied.

But Han was telling him that everyone who was better than Jacquet must die!

This sentence shocked Lushui Qiu Lin completely.

Within moments, not only did he remember his situation, but also a lot of people who were oppressed. Without exception, they were all elites of the corporation. What was more saddening was that that oppression, a lot of those orders were executed by Lushui Qiu Lin, including 9527’s oppression.

This was called the person in the situation cannot always see the bigger picture, Lushui Qiu Lin was very loyal to Jacquet. He never really thought about why he had to oppress those people, but now he began to think.

But it was very difficult for Lushui Qiu Lin to change the way he had been thinking for the past years in a short period of time, regardless of anything, he thought Jacquet was like his big brother, and he wouldn’t hurt him.

Han was observing the changes in Lushui Qiu Lin’s eyes, he knew that if he wanted Lushui Qiu Lin to understand it wouldn’t be this easy. This time, he just successfully planted in seed in Lushui Qiu Lin’s heart. If he wants him to believe him, then that needs time.

Lushui Qiu Lin paused and said in a low voice, "Han, I appreciate that you keep your words, but you must know, you represent the Cursed Zone and the Wolf Fang team of yours this time."

"So, I can’t let you follow me, the most I can do is to not let my subordinates attack you, that is all that I can do."

"Understood." Han nodded and said.

"Then please go back to the place you are supposed to be at." Lushui Qiu Lin waved his hand and pointed to an empty ground.

Han shrugged and walked over in ease.

Big Fives, there were apparent awes, and a lot of people.

Within this huge group of people there was one person that was very lonely. He was isolated by everybody. That one person stood in the middle of an empty space, surrounded by eyres of laughter and hatred.

Han saw Bruce, an aggressive midget. He used source energy voice to say to Han, "Little bro, I can’t help you either, but you can be assured that my subordinates won’t touch you either. You need to be careful about All Gods and Mass Demon, I heard you stole the little daughter’s heart of Luo Shui Han? Holy f*ck!"

Han smiled bitterly, what stealing, he doesn’t have anything with Luo Ying, if there was someone to blame then Luo Shui Han only has himself to blame. He was too inhumane, his daughter betrayed him and he wanted to kill her.

Han was a real man, he couldn’t just push Luo Ying out to die right?

Time Activator and Dark North were here too, even though they didn’t say anything to Han, but from their looks, they probably wouldn’t do anything to Han.

As for Luo Shock Scale, he had already made a decapitation gesture with his hands earlier, with a cold smile on his face.

Han wasn’t surprised, he understood the risks of coming here before he came.


Han saw that Jian Jia and Lushui Qiu Lin were arguing, Jian Jia yelled loudly, "It is just Jacquet? Why are you afraid of him? Why would he dare to do anything to our Lushui family? Without you, he would never be able to manage such a huge organization as All Gods Corporation!"


Han’s heart jumped up, Miss Jian Jia, how can you say that! That is like pushing your grandfather into the fire???!

If these words somehow get into the ears of Jacquet, then it would be very unfortunate!


As expected, a huge slap landed on Jian Jia’s face, that pretty pale face immediately became swollen.

Lushui Qiu Lin’s hand was shaking, and Jian Jia, she couldn’t believe it. It was his first time in her life being hit, and the person hitting her was her grandfather who loved her the most!


The stubborn Jian Jia stomped her foot and walked towards Han.

Lushui Qiu Lin said in a low voice, "If you dare leave, then don’t ever come back!"

Jian Jia was stunned and paused momentarily, her face was as white as snow.

But she still stubbornly walked to Han’s side.


Han sighed and caressed Jian Jia’s hair and said, "And you said I am stupid? I think you are the little dumb*ss here."

Wronged, anger, sadness, all sort of emotions added to Jian Jia’s heartache.

She didn’t care about anything and hugged Han by his waist, and she started crying in his arms.

The whole place was quiet, it was like the air froze.

Nobody could believe that this kind of thing would happen!

Han glanced over the whole area, and sighed defeatedly.

This time, he could feel the sh*t hitting the fan.