Chapter 384: Reinforcement

Chapter 384: Reinforcement

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It was not hard to see from Lance’s video that there were warriors within the ranks of Yun San’s tribe. However, their strength and numbers could not compete with those enemies in masks.

Even though Yun San’s tribesmen bravely defended, they still were defeated in a short amount of time.

The crossfire spread to the residences of the ordinary citizens, and the tree top houses were burned down one by one. The old and weak were mercilessly killed. The warriors wearing masks did not even spare the infants of the tribe. In the end, they lit a huge fire to destroy all the plants and threw poison into the lake to poison the innocent fish.

Towards the end, a broken doll rolled next to Lance and he picked it up.

The video ended and Lance placed the doll he picked up onto the table. It was handmade with fibers and was badly burnt. The small owner of the doll had already perished.

Han felt very depressed. Even though he had long known the cruelty of war, but Yun San and his tribesmen died such tragic deaths. They were like the herbivores of a food chain and were no match for their cruel enemies.

"Why were the fellows in masks so cruel?" Sima Hunfeng frowned and asked.

Lance said in a low voice, "I heard some information that their targets were not the ordinary citizens but Xiao Bao and his parents. The tribesmen refused to give up Xiao Bao and were thus slaughtered."

The scene was silent, everyone turned their gaze to Han.

Han thought for a second, then a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes, "Even though 9527 had repeatedly warned us to be low-profile and make no enemies, I think we already have enough enemies, why does it matter if we have another one or two. What do you guys think?"


Everyone burst into laughter. Boya said, "If we want to kill someone, why do we need an excuse?"


"Let’s destroy them!"

"Master, Han has secretly left with the group. The chances of them having conflict with the tribe warriors is higher than 90 percent." Queen reported to 9527 after it sensed that Han had led the others away.

9527 suddenly hesitated. After understanding the reason, his frowned and muttered to himself, "This group gives me a headache. Especially Han, trouble follows him wherever he goes."

Yuan Yuan said anxiously, "There’s no time to discuss this. Let’s quickly notify the others. Master has only brought 100 people this time and most of the other people are away executing missions. If there is conflict, perhaps Master will need reinforcements!"

9527 nodded and quickly asked Queen to recall the warriors who were training or out in order to cope with the worst possible scenario.

9527 felt that he was faced with a difficult problem. He had the ability – he had previously single handedly created the All Gods Corporation, a strong force of the Dark Net.

Now that he had betrayed the Corporation, 9527 planned to use Han and the others to recreate a force that could rival the All Gods Corporation. This new force should avoid the many flaws of the All Gods Corporation and become a team that was strong but was also open, fair and just.

But now, 9527 was no longer confident. Even though he had envisioned it well and his approach was brilliant but he had ignored an important variable – people.

Han’s group was very different from the previous people in the All Gods Corporation. They were all free spirited and unrestrained by rules. Sima Hunfeng used to view rules as more important than life, but now, Sima Hunfeng’s personality had changed drastically since he was provoked. For some reason, everyone in the group behaved like hooligans.

They would start a fight if there was an argument. If someone irritated them, they would fight too!

This was almost like a violent Corporation, nothing like a team that would do great things with a strong vision and goals.

This time, just because they were not pleased with what they saw, Han led the others to battle. They completely ignored the severe consequences of their actions on 9527’s long term plan.

9527 had also looked at the video that Lance brought back. To be honest, he was also angry but he suppressed it. As the most outstanding chief designer in the Dark Net, he knew that one must not act on impulse.

"Ke Lake, go and find Han immediately. Stop him from fighting with the other tribes at all cost." 9527 said heavily. "Our foundation here is still weak. It is never too late for revenge."

Ke Lake nodded his head and led the second group who had just returned to the territory to chase Han.

9527 specially asked Ke Lake to lead to team as Ke Lake had been with Han for the longest time. They both originated from Earth. Han surely has to listen to Ke Lake’s words?

At the dimension where Yun San and his tribesmen resided.

Han had parted with them for less than three days but the green garden which seemed like a retreat and paradise looked like it had faced a formidable enemy.

The warriors formed a lose formation around Yun San. Being an intelligent species that Han did not understand well, Hong and his wife Qin were also in the group but Xiao Bao was nowhere to be found. It was not clear where the little fairy had gone or if he had hidden himself out of fear.

Yun San and his tribesmen were the weakest tribe in the Cursed Triangle region. At the very most, they had one thousand warriors.

Even though they were self-proclaimed warriors, in the eyes of Han and other real warriors, it was more suitable to call them armed farmers. Their equipment was simple and they had not received any real training.

What was more crucial was that not everyone could be a warrior. One needed a strong heart to be one! One must be ruthless and bloodthirsty!

Looking at the warriors from Han’s group. Even if they killed a thousand or ten thousand men, they would not blink an eye!

The tough bone Han, brave Sima Hunfeng and Lance who would work to complete their mission till death – only people like them were qualified to be warriors. Each one of them had survived from near death experiences and each had their own unique skill set.

As for Yun San’s subordinates, even though they had superpowers, they usually only cared for plants for a living. They were a bunch of vegetarians who did not have the heart to step on a small plant. Even if they try to be ruthless, how ruthless could they be?

Behind the thousand warriors were their family, and the old and weak. They have all in succession knelt in front of the giant tree to pray, and hope that the Goddess of Fate would have mercy on them.

Unfortunately, the Goddess of Fate would not have mercy on anyone. If one wanted to live, they need to fight for it! Yun San’s tribesmen did not understand this principle.

Yun San’s face was pale. The warriors’ faces were pale. They were faced with a disaster. The warriors of the Ghost Face tribe were on their way here. After destroying all of Tree God Tribe’s subdivision territories, they have finally turned their target to here.

A loud blare and the barrier was completely destroyed. The Ghost Face race warriors walked in confidently.

They were not nervous at all and were not even in formation. For them, a weak tribe like the Tree God tribe stood no chance against them. They only needed to come here, kill them and leave. It was that simple.

This could not even be considered as a battle, but a massacre.