Chapter 33: Past Three Stars!

GDN Chapter 33: Past Three Stars!

Water under 50 degrees Celsius was obviously not something normal people could handle, even espers that enter will soon freeze to death.

And the training that put his life on the line was also what made Han’s training so different. Maybe no one else’s training method was more unique.

Under Pathless Origin’s mentorship, Han placed himself constantly in extreme conditions in order to forcefully activate the zero-degree brain region to fully unleash the power of that unknown predecessor.

Hard work yielded results and due to Han’s unique way of training, his level had been increasing at an insane rate, breaking past both 2 star and 3 star within one month. If other people heard about this speed of progression, many will doubt that Han was even a human.

Of course Han was a human, he’s just a bit more special.

Everything in this world came with a price, and Han’s lightning speed of improvement obviously didn’t just fall out of the sky. He traded it with hard work and sweat, constantly walking at the edge between life and death was not something anyone can do.

The cold water domain stimulated Han’s physical body and mental state, also triggering his zero-degree brain region to madly generate source energy.

So, is inheriting someone’s power a good thing?

Of course it is, an elite’s essence of lifelong training getting absorbed by another person, why would it be bad?

It’s just that absorption is easy, but what was difficult was the infusion. The majority of people that acquired their predecessor’s power crystal wouldn’t be like Han, paying heavy and cruel costs just to increase zero-degree brain region and infusion rate. That’s why, they only got the power, whereas Han will actually completely activate everything left behind by his predecessor.

In the negative 50 degrees Celsius pool, for every 10 minutes Han trained, he would get the same results as 10 hours of training done by normal people. After close to an hour, Han felt that his zero-degree region was actually pumping and trembling.

After having the last experience, Han knew that this was the harbinger of breaking through a star level!

The insane training had brought even more insane result! After only a month, Han had already reached three stars!


The collision of force was much stronger than when he was breaking past 2 star, and Han almost felt like his body’s going to explode from having too much source energy.

The water inside the pool was roaring and splashing in all directions. With Han’s body as the center, a giant vortex appeared inside the pool. Esper soldier 3-star level has been reached!


Han spent an entire half hour relaxing his body before finally climbing up ashore. He put on his battle suit and picked up his tritanium dagger.

Tremor was a typical melee weapon. It had a sharp edge that also had an intricate curve and the back of the edge was as heavy as an axe. The handle was metal as well in order to increase weight to balance out both ends of the dagger.

Han picked up Tremor, the dagger that he once felt was way too heavy now feels very light and maneuverable. Even as a heavy knife, it can still be used with great dexterity in Han’s hand.

As for the battle suit Black Celestial Python, its weight wasn’t even one fifth of Tremor, so putting it on felt like Han was still naked. Han tried to stretch his body. It felt quite comfortable with no resistance.

The material that went into the construction will indicate the level of the armor. Black celestial python was recognized as the king of pythons, capable of growing to 25 meters, and with a body covered by a layer of scales so refined that it didn’t even allow air to pass through.

But although the scales were very refined, it had an outstanding tolerance for physical attacks. In fact, the black celestial pythons were known because of this, because there species tolerance for physical attacks were just way too unfair. With that seemingly invincible scale and skin, they often picked fights with opponents even ten times larger than them in size.

However, the Black Celestial Python’s weakness was as outstanding as its strength. Although being almost invincible towards normal physical attacks, it was not so great in terms of defending against other powers. Thunder, fire, and ice elements could all do serious damage on black celestial pythons. That’s why Pathless Origin kind of despised the Black Celestial Python battle suit and labeled it as 2.5 star.

But for Han it was a completely different story. He could already defend against power attacks, and now he just needed protection against physical attacks, which made the Black Celestial Python a fantastic combination with him.

Han excitedly returned to the pool for practice, and due to the battle suit, the cold water wasn’t able to hurt him at all. Han followed Pathless Origin’s advice and slowly practiced the 46 Ensemble training, continuing to relax his body and mental state.

“Teacher finally allowed me to use the weapon. For the next step, he’s probably going to teach me weapon techniques right?” Han started to wonder.

Training with bare hands was totally different from when you had a weapon. Generally speaking, training with a weapon required greater control of balance, because after all there was another 40 something pounds added to your right hand.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, Han ended his training on schedule and was ready to go back to his room to rest.

Pathless Origin said continuing to push oneself was necessary, but occasional relaxing for a bit was also necessary. After a long one month of extreme training, it was time for Han to loosen up his tight mental state.

Suddenly, just when Han was about to take off his battle suit, a huge sound came from the ground, as if a nuclear bomb was detonated around the base. The water inside the pool started trembling, the stone ceiling and walls began to fall apart.

It was immediately followed by more explosion sounds, but they were far weaker than the first one, sounding like mines or hand grenades.

“Something’s wrong?!” Han was shocked for a second, he immediately grabbed his tritanium dagger Tremor and rushed towards the gate.

Before even reaching there, Han could already hear the sound of fighting and killing.


Han accelerated, he jumped out of the side path, and witnessed a fight breaking out at the front of the Extinction Domain’s gate. Gold hair Charlie was already lying in a pool of blood lifelessly, and Fo Liman was surrounded by two unknown espers in the corner.



A fireball was fired right into Liman’s face, and he had no choice but to raise his arm to block it. At that moment, the other esper on the side took advantage of this and sprinted at Liman, stabbing him twice in the chest.

“NOOOOO!” Han yelled in despair.

But it was already too late, Liman and Charlie, the two loyal guards had already collapsed onto the floor.

At that moment, Han finally saw the enemies clearly: a small-sized fat man and a muscular man, both in black battle suits with a strange bird icon on the back.

One tall and one short, the two espers quickly turned to Han. The strength descent big man led the charge with the short fire descent esper following behind. It seemed to be their typical combination.

Another raider group from space!

Han’s eyes became widely open as if they were about to explode! He had seen that type of battle suit before, it was the same as that fight in Shanghai, the group of enemies that took away 7 lives of Earth’s espers.

With eyes filled with red anguish, Han charged right into those two, raising his dagger at the same time as the strength descent raider raised his sword!

“Void End! Open!”