Chapter 340: Death of Pluto

Chapter 340: Death of Pluto

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In the short period of one day, Han had experienced a lifetime’s worth of strange events that one could never imagine. First were the celestial bodies releasing large amounts of energy and destroying the fifth fleet of the Three eyed race, and now a battle between two groups of celestial bodies had begun!

No one knew where this legion of stars arrived from to attack the celestial bodies led by Pluto!

Han witnessed the tragic death of the asteroids and suddenly realized that stars and people were not very different. They could also be brave, and embrace their death fearlessly.

"Why? Why didn\'t Pluto leave with Earth? Why are these stars attacking Pluto?" Luo Ying saw the asteroids unceasingly being destroyed and could not bear but to ask.

"Perhaps it is to protect Earth, Pluto deliberately attacked the three-eye race’s fleets. Firstly to draw enmity, and secondly to allow Earth to retreat safely. That is, Pluto and the asteroids are using their deaths in exchange for the safety of Earth." 9527 answered with his speculations.

Han did not speak. Seeing the sacrifice of the asteroids hurts his heart.

After all, Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, and all the asteroids were part of the solar system. As a man born on Earth, these familiar names were not missing from Han’s memories.

The battle lasted only a short time, and everything was over.

Hundreds of billions of asteroids from the solar system were shattered, Makemake and Ceres were turned into dust, leaving only the lonely Pluto.

Pluto was still in the extraordinarily fierce charge. As the commander of this celestial army, Pluto had its own prestige!

He was powerful, fast and incomparably solid!

Boom ~

The planets that were in its way were torn open by Pluto, which was shattered into hundreds of pieces.

The war between stars was simple and brutal, comparing who’s superior in terms of energy levels, speed and the solidity of their bodies!

And Pluto was definitely the backbone of the solar system, with the demeanor of a general!

The speed of this black celestial body was accelerating faster and faster, and its energy index was rising higher, speeding towards the opposing side’s largest planet to collide directly! Enemies that it could dodge were dodged, enemies that it couldn’t dodge were torn apart!

"Come one! Come on!"

Not only Han, Luo Ying also started to regard Pluto as a person, a desperate soldier charging fearlessly into danger.

Finally, after blasting open countless enemies that were trying to block it, Pluto closed into the other side\'s largest planet. This planet was golden with a size equivalent to 1000 suns!

The contrast between Pluto and this giant planet was like an elephant and an ant.

But Pluto, this ant that did not fear death, still wholeheartedly charged at the large golden planet!

Pluto’s energy index was rising higher and higher, and more and more intense light was emitting from the inside of Pluto!

"Pluto, he\'s going to explode!" 9527 shouted.

Just as the most powerful attack of an esper came from burning one’s Zero-degree brain region, the strongest destructive power of a planet was the detonation of its core.

Boom ~

Pluto had finally completed its mission. When it was about to collide with the massive golden planet, it detonated itself and became a resplendent explosion of light.

Unfortunately, the Golden planet was too big. Pluto’s desperate self-sacrifice was like a single firework lit in the night. There was a hot glow, but it was still surrounded by the endless darkness of space.

With Pluto\'s explosion, all of the celestial bodies from the solar system army died!

Luo Ying put her head on Han’s shoulder and cried. She miserably muttered: "Why? Why didn\'t Pluto run away? It was a fool, a big fool!"

Han was speechless and had to whisper back, "Perhaps it was because it had its own mission. Like those loyal soldiers, they would rather their blood dye the battlefield than escape."

In the fading light, the victorious stars and planets were leaving.

This was a group of cold celestial bodies. They were huge, vast, and insufferably arrogant.

Soon this part of space was quiet again. There were stars shining brightly in the distance, and the battlefield behind the battle was filled with wreckage.

Han said to 9527, "I want to go to the battlefield to look around."

9527 was first startled, then nodded his head, "Okay, the battlefield is in the 51st sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. You can take the Ark again, I’ll take you there.

Finishing speaking, 9527 then turned and left the ark. He had always been very strange. He was capable of using the law of space to send Han to where he wanted to go, while 9527 himself refused to leave the dark net, even rarely leaving the space station.

Taking advantage of the traveling time, Han opened the Lunar Mark and poured the entirety of the contents out.

At this time, this space was no longer overheating, but Han was still very curious. What was the cause of Lunar Mark burning up? Ordinarily, storage spaces and the outside universe were separated by a gap, how did the heat get transmitted?

Han’s Lunar Mark had a full 1000 cubic meters filled with all kinds of messy things, tools, plants, poisons, meat buns, and even a few boxes of cigarettes and lighters.

Jian Jia and Luo Ying squatted down and helped Han look through it together.

"What are we looking for?" Jian Jia asked.

"Anything that is damaged, mutated or out of the ordinary. Actually, I don\'t really know what to look for." Han shrugged his shoulders and helplessly replied.

Ceng ~

Suddenly, Black egg rushed up and picked out a thing from this messy pile. It happily fidgeted around with it in its hands.

On a different note, Han decided to keep calling the soul beast Black egg. For no other reason, than that it was easy to say. After all, Han was already calling it that before it broke out of its shell.

Jian Jia and Luo Ying were both very dissatisfied with this decision. They were both from high-class families, liking beautiful and refined things, and the name Black Egg was obviously not very refined, even a bit crude.

But there was no way around this, Han had already decided. Whenever he shouted Black Egg’s name, Black Egg even answers. Even if Jian Jia and Luo Ying were dissatisfied, it was difficult to change anything now.

"Let me have a look."

Han called Black Egg to his side, and carefully took a look. So, it turned out that Black Egg picked out the necklace that Han’s mother left him.

This was a very common necklace made of silver, with a pendant that could be opened. Inside was a picture of his mom and the chip that logged him onto the Dark Net in the first place.

Thinking about it, it was this chip that allowed Han to, after a series of crazy events, eventually end up walking this road.

Now that this chip was useless, Han still kept it along with the necklace. In order to avoid losing it, he put it in the lunar mark.

"Ah, this is something my mother left me, you little thing. You are so considerate." Han said as he gently tapped Black Egg on the head his knuckles. Han felt that being able to pick out the one thing his mom left him from within this pile meant that Black Egg was sensitive to matters related to Han’s heart.

Unfortunately, Black Egg wasn\'t going to go along with this at all.

I’m a little thing?

And you’re knocking on my head?


Once a word didn’t sound right to him, one man and one Black Egg would start to fight.

Luo Ying covered her mouth while laughing while Jian Jia pretended to be angry and said, "Are you two done fighting yet? Continue looking."

This could not be blamed on them. Han and Black Egg were always fighting. Han had a habit of knocking on Silver Fox’s or Ghost Claw’s head when he had nothing to do, so Black Egg was no exception, but Black Egg was not like that cunning Silver fox. If Han calls him small or knocks on his head, he and Han would start tearing each other up. After a while, Jian Jia and Luo Ying became accustomed to it, looking at it as a fun past time.

In fact, it was also very interesting. Not saying that Han was wise and great, but at least he had an indomitable spirit, and was very respected.

And Black Egg had golden pupils in both eyes, a supreme level Soul Beast equivalent to a monster from legends.

These two guys were like children, one remark that didn’t sound right to one of them would result in a fight. Outsiders absolutely could not imagine this scenario.

Soon, the fight was finished. Han was not let off lightly. One of his ears had been the bit, constantly dripping blood.

And Black Egg was somewhat breathless. Although he won, he did not win easily. it seemed like Han progressed. At first, Black Egg was very easily able to smack Han flat on the ground, and with the two of them constantly fighting, Han gradually adapted to Black Egg’s fighting habits. This coupled with his own strength rapidly growing, caused Black Egg to need to use a bit more energy to beat Han into the ground.

Swish ~

At this point, 9527 used the Space Law and transported them. The small spacecraft called the Ark was sent to the battlefield containing the remnants of the asteroids led by Pluto.

Han came to the porthole on the side of the ship, his eyes were flashing. He lightly said, "Pluto died to protect Earth. Ah, if he was a warrior, I really would like to make friends with him. If nothing else, we came to the battlefield to pay tribute to him."

Jian Jia disapproved of Han regarding Pluto as a person but Luo Ying was very much in favor of this. She hurriedly kneeled on the ground and recited a litany she knew.

Suddenly ~

Han felt that the necklace in his hand began to heat up again.

"Could it be this necklace?"

Han looked down in surprise and saw that a holographic screen pop out from the silver pendant. It seemed to be a scanned diagram of this area of space, with a flashing indicator in the middle of it.

"Look, everyone, this seems to be a star map!" shouted Han.

"What are you talking about? I don’t see anything." Jian Jia was puzzled.

Luo Ying also said, "I don’t see anything either, only your mother\'s necklace."

Han was frightened. So, this star map, only he could see it?

This was not scientific!

That flashing indicator seemed to not be far from him. What could be there?

Because no one else could see the map, Han had to take manual control of the small Ark vessel to the point on the map. At the same time, he opened the ship\'s scanner, and set it to the maximum range.

"We should be close. You guys help me look for it carefully." Han told the others.

Jian Jia and Luo Ying were lying by the portholes on the sides of the ship, their eyes opened wide, staring outside.

"There\'s a man! He\'s floating!" Luo Ying suddenly scared herself, pointing outside the porthole while shouting.

Han quickly strode over and followed the direction Luo Ying was pointing.

Sure enough, behind a floating piece of debris, there was a naked young man with long black hair and scars all over his body. What’s especially shocking was his face. Half of it had caved in and his eyes were gone.

There was no sign of life on the scanner, which suggested that the man may be dead already. But this man appeared in the battlefield where Pluto was destroyed, causing Han’s heart to be filled with curiosity.

"Turn on the capturing energy beam and bring the body back!" Han thought for a second, and gave a command to the ship’s systems.