Chapter 288: Death and the number zero apostle

Chapter 288: Death and the number zero apostle

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Although the aurora light had already disappeared, there was still a magical smell that came off of Han’s body.

Yes, this was a magical smell, because Han had entered the warlord level through a twisted path. As a warrior, Han started with forbidden skills. This was very unusual. As he entered the warlord level today, he relied on dark energy.

So when Han entered the warlord level and the phoenix ascended into the sky, he looked quite different from the other super powered warriors as they entered the warlord level.

The Star-Strangling Boa stood up once again. Han’s smile had a demonic edge. He called off Ghost Claw and the others, stepping closer towards King Neptune himself.

9257 was right, entering the warlord level was very important for a warrior. Han felt that every cell in his body was alive with energy. Even his broken left arm was starting to itch. That was the sign of a fracture’s healing process being accelerated.

Han was happy that he chose the right goal from the beginning. Super powered warriors did not have any shortcuts, constantly making oneself stronger. That was the only path.

As a warrior, if one day one’s power stopped growing and they no longer gained anymore levels, it meant that he was one step closer to death.

The smile on Han’s face made King Neptune very angry. He was no longer being controlled by the Brain of Darkness at this moment, releasing the evilness in his heart, he growled like a beast, then rushed towards Han holding the remains of the staff.


Demon Claw, Silver Fox, all of them took in a cold breath. King Neptune was still powerful, with shocking speed, and shocking strength, shocking reflexes, the three areas to evaluate a warrior, King Neptune surpassed Han in all areas even after reaching the warlord level.

Han was still very calm. As they got closer together, King Neptune raised his staff. Han suddenly used force from his waist, bending his entire body twisted like a Machete, not pleasantly looking, but definitely an odd posture as he exceeded the body’s limit and performed the Half-Moon Dodge!

Although Han’s agility and reflexes were lower than King Neptune’s, but the Half-Moon Dodge was spectacular. The space created in between his body was just enough to avoid King Neptune’s attack.

After, his crescent shaped body suddenly reflected! Bursting upwards!

Right after was Han with the triple-edged blade in his hands for the counterattack!


The blade accurately sliced through King Neptune’s wrist. From an extraordinary angle, it cut off all the nerves that controlled King Neptune’s hand movements. King Neptune’s right hand lost control right instantly, releasing the golden staff from his hands!

The first time!

Until now, this was the first time that Han managed to hit King Neptune!

It was not relying on reflexes, but it was by precise calculations!

Without a doubt, the Brain of Darkness’ precise calculations abilities had been transferred onto Han!

Now was not the matter of King Neptune trying to outsmart Han, but Han calculating his moves to beat King Neptune!

The Brain of Darkness, it was the most unique item left by the Dark King. Not only does it give Han an increase in power, but it also improved Han’s cognitive abilities!

This increase in intelligence was scary.

First was the combat style of the Path of Void. It was already a strange nature decent, after improving the brain calculation speeds, its powers grew exponentially!

Han’s movement became more unpredictable, more exaggerated, more complicated.

Also, it became more useful in battle. By dodging with a strange posture, and sliding into a strange posture to counterattack, it left the enemy very hard to defend against!


King Neptune lost his staff and let out a scream of madness.

From the other perspective, as this warrior exceeded the limit of its body. After losing his wisdom, he was starting to show his weaknesses. Han was right, power and wisdom were both scary, but overall, intelligence was more critical than brute force.

A simple-minded warrior with a fully developed body, regardless how strong he is, there was still a way to defeat him if you find the right way.

But a warrior with strength and an even more advanced brain was almost perfect! Because he was always one step ahead of his enemy. Intelligence with a powerful body can achieve the effect of 1+1 is greater than 2!

“Die! Die!”

King Neptune once again rushed towards Han.

“Path of Demon!”

Han used the Path of Demon to combat King Neptune’s attack!


A black beam of light exploded. At the moment when Han approached King Neptune, he suddenly turned, putting the Star-Strangling Boa on his back, and as his body went over King Neptune, he used a Scorpion-tail style attack!

Precise calculations, incredible balance, Han was starting to implant powers into his Path of Void.

In the past, Han’s abilities were not very powerful, and lacked flexibility. Now that he had extraordinary computational powers, can react in which seemed to be impossible high speed combat and perform his abilities!

High speed combat was just like a jet flying at high speeds. To turn or change state was a very difficult and dangerous thing to do. Without precise calculations and the perfect timing, it was impossible to do.

Han was able to do so because his brain was calculating every second, thinking, constructing attack models in his mind, predicting different combat strategies!


The Scorpion-tail style attack allowed Han’s Ares-class Star Strangling Boa to slice King Neptune’s waist. He shockingly touched his waist and discovered that it was filled with blood, from his waist to his spine. Han had cut a bloody wound on him!


“Path of the Demon”


“Path of the Demon!”


“Path of the Demon!”

To take your life when you are weak!

As it worked the first time, Han was attacking with all his power!

The tides have turned!

Every time when Han used the Path of Void to get by King Neptune, he would use the triple-edged blade to leave a fresh wound!

Han’s attacks were filled with void but at the same time not losing his wisdom, his attacks could break through anything!

Attacks can never be countered if one was fast enough.

Attacks can never be countered if one was intelligent enough.

Han’s six paths of the Void, could be described as demonic, sharp, and intelligent. The combination of these 3 elements!

This was the Demon’s attack. It was filled with demonic spirit, radiating with intelligent and agile attacks!

“This was what you took from me, and now I want it returned 10 fold!”

“If you cannot repay it, then you will have to pay with your life!”

Han was very stubborn and did not easily forgive others.

One slice after another, Han treated King Neptune like an apple, slicing him with his blade.

Han’s advantage had slowly built up, but in the end, it turned into a critical blow. The blade entered King Neptune’s neck with a slight movement.


King Neptune of the witches was dead!

As Han killed King Neptune with his last slice, the witch’s holy realm was filled with emptiness. There was only one person, witnessing the death of King Neptune, with a strange smile on his face.

He was not a witch, but a dark apostle. To him, the death of King Neptune was not important, the death of his 16 buddies was also not important. What’s important is that he found what he was looking for.

Opening the long-range communication device, the person at the end was surprised and asked, “Number 2, why are you using the central line of the witches?”

“It was alright. King Neptune was dead, the witches are in chaos. I am the only one in the central control room, no one will notice me using the witches communication channel.”

“I guess so, our people died. King Neptune also died, the witches will not let Han go. Although we didn’t get the Brain of Darkness, witnessing Han being killed by the witches is also a satisfying result.”

“No, I plan to stop that from happening.”

“Why intervene?”

“Because Han cannot die.”

“Why can’t Han die.”

“Because Han has the power to be a human weapon.”

“But Han is still our enemy in the end.”

“That’s right, I did not say that he was not our enemy, but number 1, you have to remember, Han has already acquired 4 of the items from the Dark King. More importantly, he acquired the Brain of Darkness today, so we can be certain, Han had already destroyed our plan of retrieving human weapons.”

“That is right, so what?”

“So I am thinking, not only does Han have to live, but we also need his help to obtain the other 3 crystals.”

“By then, Han will become even more powerful, having complete dark energy.”

“Not bad, the result would mean that Han inherited the power of the human weapon, but we can wait until then and kill him!”

“So you are saying, purposely let Han gain complete dark energy, and then we kill him. From his body, we can take back the human weapon.”

“That is what I am thinking.”

“But you have to know, we originally had 99 brothers. Including the loss today and the past, we can at max call another 81 brothers. After Han gains complete dark energy, even if all our brothers fought him at the same time, we still might not be powerful enough.”

“I know, that is why we need to activate number zero.”

“Number zero? Zero and the apostles are different, he is not loyal to god.”

“But isn’t number zero very powerful? He is the evolutionary version of us apostles. Our master used all the resources, and only managed to build a number zero. Judging by Han’s powers now and what he will become, number zero is the only one that can defeat him.”

“Number 2, Zero was created based on our master’s blueprints.”

“I know.”

“He has transplanted master’s third eye.”

“I am also aware, but number 1, our mission has failed, if we do not activate number zero, we might not even have a little chance. But activating zero, he might bring disaster, he might betray us, but he might also be our only hope, to complete this glorious mission given by our masters.”

“Alright, number 2, you convinced me. I agree to activate number zero, but at the same time, you stay with the witches. Make sure Han will live, also all apostles need to evacuate the Milky Way galaxy immediately, to prepare for number zero’s arrival, after all he has the third eye.”

“Understood, Han will not die on witch grounds, because King Neptune is already dead. Witches’ highest commander is now the elder witches, I can control the elders, I successfully cloned the puppet technique for Emperor Sha.”

“So you had a plan all along, very good. You are in charge of things on witch’s ground, I will be preparing for number zero’s activation, that’s all for now.”

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