Chapter 443: Incredible Strategy, Wrong Direction

Chapter 443: Incredible Strategy, Wrong Direction

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Watching Jian Jia crying out loud in his arms, Han felt defeated, he could only put his hand on Jian Jia’s shoulders and nodded forcefully at Lushui Qiulin.

This was a hint, he was hinting that he will use all his power to protect Jian Jia.

Lushui Qiulin was momentarily stunned, and then he gestured slightly to Han.

Lushui Qiulin would have never imagined, that Jian Jia would leave him to go to Han’s arms. Even though this couldn’t prove that there was anything between Han and her, the attitude that Jian Jia had made Lushui Qiulin extremely sad.

Spoiled children were always capricious.

At the same time, it was hard to go back. As the second leader of the All Gods Corporation, regardless of how thick-skinned Lushui Qiulin was, it would be impossible for him to call Jian Jia back.

At this moment, Lushui Qiulin felt like his heart was being shredded by a knife, after following Jacquet for so many years, he was still being forced to do the thing he didn’t want to do, and Jacquet also sent Sa Hai who he hated the most to keep an eye on him.

Because of the laws of nature, it was hard for the ones higher in the hierarchy to have offspring. It was extremely difficult for him to have his son Lushui Jingtao, and it wasn’t easy for Lushui Jingtao to have Jian Jia too. Even though Jian Jia was a girl, but it was still three generations, compared to those friends who don’t have any offspring, Lushui Qiulin was still much more fortunate.

So that was why he really loved Jian Jia. faced with this wave of betrayal, Lushui Qiulin suddenly felt like it wasn’t worth it at all. At the end, Jacquet didn’t trust him, Jian Jia left him for Han, why would things happen like this?

Jian Jia finally stopped crying, she also felt that it was unfair. Who didn’t know that it was her grandfather who was supporting the All Gods Corporation most of the time, Jacquet showed up at random times, her grandfather tried so hard but he had always been oppressed by Jacquet. Jian Jia felt bad for her grandfather.

"Don’t cry anymore, I am here. Follow me later." Han said to Jian Jia.


Jian Jia nodded with all her might, at this moment, she had infinite trust in Han.


After not a lot of time, Time Activator stood at the entrance of the Veins Vortex and said in a low voice, "Everyone be quiet. According to the rules, it is us at God Send’s turn to host the ceremony. In about over 10 minutes, the blood red vortex will open, I will emphasize this slightly here."

"To be honest, I don’t really need to say the rules, everyone should know. I just want to emphasize that this year, the troop from the Cursed Zone will enter the Veins Vortex too. He is Han who came from the Wolf Fang Corporation."


After Time Activator stopped talking, the whole crowd started to laugh, numerous warriors were laughing out loud.


Han was alone, how does that count as a troop?

Other than the few who had watched Han perform before, most of the people didn’t put him in their eyes or cared about Han, who cares if he controlled the Cursed Zone? That was an unimportant place, once they enter the Veins Channel, the lonely Han will get smashed for sure.

Time Activator then said a couple of useless sentences out of courtesy, and then he left.

He was a smart individual, he knew that it didn’t matter what he said, back in the days when the Big Fives wanted to share the Veins Vortex, they made more than 300 pages of rules, but when were they actually followed?

The sky was big, the ground was big, but benefits were the biggest. When there was an opportunity, one must seize it regardless of anything else.

As the Veins Vortex started spinning slower and slower, the atmosphere became more intense. Jian Jia held onto Han’s hand tightly, her hands were covered in sweat.

Lushui Qiulin and Lushui Jingtao looked very nervous as well, their whole body was tense.

Before anything started, Mass Demon let out words that they wanted Han’s life, because Han kidnapped Lushui Han’s little daughter, Luo Ying.

Lushui Qiulin also knew that the reason why Sa Hai invited Han here, he didn’t intend on letting him leave here alive.

Without any exaggeration, Han’s current situation was very dangerous. There was no other in comparison, yet Jian Jia was stubborn enough to stand with Han at this time. This was basically jumping in a fire pit!

"Father!" Lushui Jingtao couldn’t hold it in anymore, he wanted to pull Jian Jia back from Han who was in the most danger.

"Wait!" Lushui Qiulin said before his son could finish his sentence.

The atmosphere was intense to the max, Lushui Qiulin already saw that Luo Shock Scale and his people were eyeing Han and Jian Jia. Even though he didn’t believe that Luo Shock Scale would have the courage to do anything to Jian Jia, but knives and swords don’t have eyes, he was afraid of an accidental injury.

Suddenly, Han did an additional something that surprised everyone.

He held Jian Jia’s face emotionally, and kissed her!


Lushui Qiulin’s anger was about to raise through the roof and he almost spat out blood!

This brave action shocked everyone, that was Lushui Jian Jia! The center of Lushui Qiulin’s universe. After Han did this, he clearly did not want to live anymore!


In the next second, Han picked Jian Jia up and rushed forward, and released Claw Beast Blue Star from his Lunar Mark.


Like a hallucination, Han and Jian Jia jumped into the Veins Vortex, the timing was so perfect because it was right when Veins Vortex had opened!

This was Han’s tactic!

The best tactics are not necessarily the most aggressive, but the most unexpected!

Rubbing his fists, Luo Shock Scale who was ready to kill Han didn’t really understand what just happened. His mouth was open in shock, and looked like an idiot.

In reality, Han had already entered the Veins Vortex for more than 3 seconds, and nobody at the scene really knew what was happening. From this it could be seen that Han kissing Jian Jia was kind of a perverted move, but definitely a good tactic.

"Brother! Let’s go!" Luo Shock Scale realized that he had been played by Han. He waved his arms and led his people to rush into the Veins Vortex.

Lushui Qiulin wobbled suddenly. He was dizzy, he was so angry that he almost got a heart attack.

"Congratulations man! Han is a genius! You won’t lose anything by having him as the son-in-law!" Bruce the midget came over to mock Lushui Qiulin, "It’s just that I don’t know, your granddaughter and that Luo Demon’s younger daughter Luo Ying, who will be the main wife who will be the side chick?"



Bruce laughed maniacally and led his people and left, leaving the father and son of the Lushui family.

Lushui Qiulin’s face looked as ugly as it could be, he lightly waved his hand to gesture his big troop to move in. At this moment, he was seriously considering killing Han.

Unfortunately, Lushui Qiulin didn’t notice the evil smile on Sa Hai’s face. Han was the enemy, and Jian Jia got into this with the enemy, Jacquet definitely wouldn’t like it.


"Blue Star, please, use your quickest speed to run!" Han squatted down, stroked Blue Star’s head and said.

Blue Star, of course, would use all his power, this guy who looked kind of dumb always gave it his all when he was executing on Han’s orders.

He was already Han’s third generation claw beast. The first generation was Earth Claw, the second generation was Demon Claw and Ghost Claw. They all used to be like Blue Star, carrying Han at a rapid speed on his way. As well, they all looked kind of dumb like Blue Star.

Jian Jia was still shocked from the kiss, but Han didn’t have time to explain anything to her, he was busy spreading transparent powder to cover up his own smell.

It was very weird inside the Veins Vortex, Han felt like he ran into the body of some big monster, and it was in their nervous system. There were a lot of red veins connecting the ground and the sky, but if you observe it closely, you will notice that it is just a very hard and sturdy rock.

"This way!" Jian Jia suddenly pointed to the left, "My grandfather said, the first cross you come across in the Veins Vortex, you have to turn towards the ten ‘o clock direction!"

Han looked carefully, there were actually two veins that crossed in front of him, it was different from all the other veins before.

So Han told Blue Star to turn to the left.

"Right turn! One ’o clock direction!"

"Right turn again, direction of three ’o clock!"

"Left turn, direction of eleven ‘o clock!"

Jian Jia tried her best to direct Han, but she didn’t really know where she was leading herself and Han. She didn’t even know whether the first cross she saw was the first one. Maybe they already passed it, or didn’t notice.

An hour passed and Blue Star’s speed had been strengthened. A bit over an hour was enough for him to run a couple thousands of kilometers.

The scene in front of their eyes completely changed. Numerous eyes appeared, these eyes were embedded in the nervous veins. It was like they were watching them.

"Let’s stop here, Blue Star needs to rest!" Han said in a low voice.

Blue Star was really loyal, if Han didn’t tell him to rest, he would run until he died.

Han patiently looked Blue Star over, he was severely injured last time, even though Blue Star had incredible life force and healing power, but there were still some injuries that never healed, and then there was Blue Star’s energy storage, Han was worried about that too,

Silver Fox, Black Egg, Xiao Bao were all released.

Not needing Han to say anything, Silver Fox started to scout out the surroundings, Xiao Bao was on the lookout, and Black Egg was lying down lazily.

"Blue Star has no problems." Han petted Blue Star’s head and said.

To be honest, Jian Jia was a bit jealous, Han was nicer to a claw beast than her, for at least 10 minutes, Han gave his full attention to Blue Star and didn’t even look at her once.

"Did your grandfather say anything to you about these weird eyes?" Han asked frowning.

He was starting to feel like there was something wrong, almost as if the road Jian Jia pointed to was not right.

Jian Jia said proudly, "No way he would tell me that, he didn’t even want me to follow him, but when he told my father, I overheard them outside. He didn’t say anything about these weird eyes, he just said he needed to get to the Wall of Sorrow as soon as possible. All the important products will fly out from inside the wall."


Han was momentarily speechless, this joke was way too serious. Jian Jia had only eavesdropped on her grandfather and she dared to point Han in the different directions, Han thought she had a map or something.

But Han didn’t blame her because he knew, the more dangerous the place is, the more they need to stay together as a team, blaming would not result in anything.

"9527 told me about this too, that we need to find the Wall of Sorrow, at the same time he also told me to find the Wall of Sorrow from the entrance, you need experience, but also need luck."

"I think this place is kind of weird, let’s leave here as soon as possible, if anything, we can always go back," Han said patiently.

And then, Han pointed to the direction that they came from.


Han was shocked, he completely became dumbfounded, because he looked back and he saw eyes everywhere, and the path on which they came here had disappeared!