Chapter 227: Judgment Arena

Chapter 227: Judgment Arena

Unexpectedly, Han killed Ying Luo. The hall fell into silence.

He turned around and saw the horror painted on the faces of other beast tamers. They all seemed to be very scared by the way Han ignored the Path of All Gods’ rules.

Han slightly frowned and opened his mouth, about to say something.

Suddenly, a strong light rushed down and struck Han, instantly taking him away from the main hall.

Han couldn’t even open his eyes in the strong white light, and when his vision recovered, he saw himself in the middle of the universe, with a rotating nebula below his feet. There were several pairs of eyes looking at him from above.

For a moment, Han felt as if he was a lab rat in a cage. Even a little carelessness could push the owner of those eyes to throw him into the rotating nebula.

A deep voice came from the void and said, “Killing someone in a place that forbids killing, you violated the rules.”

Han asked in curiosity, “Who are you?”

That low voice spoke again, “We are the judges of the Path of All Gods, specifically dealing with all kinds of regulation violations.”

Han calmly replied, “He violated the rules first, and I was just returning the favor.”

“No, Ying Luo reasonably used the loopholes inside the rules, but you completely disregarded the rules. This is not the same thing.”

Han said, “In the end, whatever you say goes. After all, you are the ones that control the dark net, as long as you are happy it’s fine.”

“Human.” That deep voice said, “We built the dark net and formed the Path of All Gods all for your own good. Otherwise, you weaklings wouldn’t even have the chance to understand the truth of this universe, nor have the chance to become a member of the universe-level elites.”

For your own good?

That was one of the phrases Han found the most annoying. He pouted and didn’t say anything.

That low voice continued, “Your situation is very special, because although you killed someone and violated Path of All Gods’ rule, at the same time you also completed the Demonic Sand Castle mission to our surprise.”

“This mission is very difficult, at least for people that are competing for the star lord position. Very few people can pass this mission. But you, you not only completed the mission, but also took the Sand demon.”

“According to the rules, we should give you a huge reward, but we can’t because you ignored the law of Path of All Gods. This was a slap in the face for the dark net system and the Path of All Gods.”

“Now, we can only give you two choices. You can choose to leave the Path of All Gods forever. We will erase your memory so that you won’t remember a thing about the deep layer of the dark net nor the Path of All Gods.”

“The second choice is that you join the Judgement Arena. In the many branches of the giant dark net system, there are always some careless, insidious or vicious people that had violated the rules.”

“Amongst those offenders, there are some that we feel have potential and don’t want to give up on right away. So, we would gather these people to participate in another trial.”

“The rule of this trial is very simple. We place all the offenders in a giant battlefield, and you will have to go against powerful enemies and also each other. Whoever can survive until the end will pass the trial.”

“In addition, there’s another benefit of going to the Judgement Arena. If you pass the trial, you will be directly promoted to the final station and start working towards the Star Lord position.”

“You probably already know that with the Star Lord title, you will be considered an official member of the deep layer dark net. There are many benefits, and the dark net highway will be accessible by you, allowing you to travel a million light years away in just minutes. Besides that, there are also many hidden benefits that are tempting to everyone in the universe.”

Han thought for a second, and replied, “Alright, I choose to enter the Judgement Arena.”

That voice sounded again, “Are you certain? The people that join the Judgement Arena are all the evillest people that can be found on the Path of All Gods.”

“No need to consider any further, I accept the challenge.”

“Very well!” That voice sounded again, “From now on for one month, the Path of All Gods will not be open to you anymore, until one month later when the Judgement Arena opens. Of course, during this time, you can still use the transition station provided by the dark net. Go back now, and wait for our summon.”


The white light flashed again and Han was teleported back to the hall. The other beast tamers surrounded him and asked him about what happened.

Han didn’t hide anything; he just shrugged his shoulders and told them that he’s going to the Judgement Arena.

Right after he finished, he was forced to teleport again. This time he was directly teleported to the transition station, forced out of the Path of All Gods. Before that mysterious voice summoned Han again, he won’t be qualified to go to the Path of All Gods again.


9527 walked out from the mezzanine. He saw that Han was a bit angry, and Silver Fox and Yuan Yuan were both complaining for Han, feeling that the dark net was not fair to their owner

9527 slightly smiled and said, “Oh, you are going to Judgement Arena? I already know about that. To be honest, it’s not a bad consequence for you.”

Han hesitated for a second, and then asked, “Why do you say that?”

9527 replied, “Simple. According to my knowledge, many people that had walked far on the Path of All Gods all had been to the Judgment Arena.”

“Intelligent lives are proud. The more powerful and arrogant, the more rebellious one will be. Those guys will always be violating rules, and then they would end up being sent back to the Judgement Arena. This was just fact, most elites are rebellious when they are young, there’s no way around it. They are just too talented.”

“The Path of All Gods is very difficult. Although you are going quite smooth and already reached Communication Station #4, you should know it’s only a matter of time before you start running into obstacles. Going to the Judgement Arena is just you running into difficulties, and if you can’t even overcome it, then you probably don’t have what it takes to continue walking down this path.”

Han nodded, “I understand what you mean now. It’s just going to be one of the many obstacles I have to face in my life. Since it’s here, I just have to overcome it.”

9527 smiled, “That’s right. Although the judges in the Path of All Gods are very strict, but they are fair. Although you were kicked out from the Path of All Gods, but the points you should’ve earned, they gave you the full amount. Just go check yourself.”

Then, Han went to check his point bank, and he was indeed stunned. The Demonic Sand Castle mission actually gave Han 500 thousand points.

500 thousand!

In the past, Han repeatedly passed the preliminaries and four communication stations, and took 20 big and small battles and missions, and in total he only obtained 46 thousand points. Now, one hidden special mission and its reward was already more than 10 times the points he gained from past missions!

But now thinking about it, Han felt that these points are also well-deserved. After all the Demonic Sand Castle was that scary, and his whole squad almost died.

This was the definition of high risk high reward.

In addition to the leftover points from before, Han’s total point bank was over 530 thousand and could allow him to use the insane mode of the training mode. At the cost of 1000 points per hour, Han could train for 530 hours.

Han shut himself in the training room, and let out a long breath.

Very soon, when Han opened his eyes again, his entire body exuded a serious aura.

“One month later, the Judgement Arena. Since it’s meant to come, then just let it come!” Han thought, and then he immediately activated the insane training mode. Suddenly, Han felt a massive amount of power begin to travel into his body, making his blood boil!

“Six Paths of Void, fifth path.”

“The Path of Demons!”