Chapter 34: Han vs. Thorn Bird Raiders

Chapter 34: Han vs. Thorn Bird Raiders

Han charged right at the muscular raider, his eyes turning red!

A cunning smile appeared on the face of the tall and muscular raider. He saw that Han was about to step right into their trap and quickly stepped aside. Immediately the shorty raider suddenly shot two fire balls right at Han.

This was their usual combination, the big guy tried to attract the enemy attention and dodge immediately before the clash to create an opening for the shorty to shoot fireballs. When the fireballs hit, the big guy will then wickedly take advantage and jump onto the enemy and end their life right there.

It was a very logical and efficient tactic which utilized great synergy between range and melee. It was also a trap that enemies could easily fall into if they were not prepared.

But today, they faced Han! The Han that possessed the Void End!

Secretly, the void domain was already summoned. Han didn’t even need to dodge the enemy fireballs, and he held on tighter to his Tremor, ready to strike.


The fireballs that entered the Void Domain immediately vanished, and the two raiders were completely confused for a second.

But at that moment, Han had already arrived right in front of the big guy.

The black edge drew a beautiful curve under the quiet night sky, slicing through that big guy’s neck.


Killed in one shot!

Han didn’t hesitate at all, continuing on closing in the shorty.

When had Shorty run into this kind of strange event, seeing the big guy get his neck cut by Han. He wanted to keep on using his fire power to attack Han. Unfortunately, he lifted his hand, but nothing came out. Han’s void domain had completely taken his fire power!

What welcomed him was only Han’s icy cold dagger! The edge passed through both of his hands, and sliced his head right open like a watermelon!


Fresh blood mixed with white brain fluid, it splashed up at least 3 meters high!

Double kill!

Han couldn’t care less about those two bastard raiders, he anxiously kneeled down beside Charlie. Charlie’s signs of life had been weakening drastically, he felt very weak but he struggled and opened his eyes, took a look at Han. The usual smile appeared on his face again, “Hairstyle, is it still fine?”

“Very!” Han quickly responded.

His eyes turned lifeless and he passed away.

Han closed Charlie eyes and felt his eyes tearing up. He lifted up Charlie and wanted to bring both Liman and Charlie to the doctors.

Han only saw Liman putting one hand on his chest, struggled to sit up in his pool of blood, trying to stop Han with his eyes.

“I… can’t make it. Defend this place… Please! Defen…” Without finishing the sentence, Fo Liman collapsed and his breathing stopped.


Han let out a painful cry, his eyes were blood red, and blue veins were popping out all over Han’s forehead!

Suddenly, Han heard footsteps from the passage ahead, it was the enemy closing in.

Han clenched his teeth and stood up.

“Fuck! We were delayed by a bunch of weak Earth espers. The Ken brothers should have opened up the Extinction Domain portal yet.”

“Those people were stronger than predicted, but that’s okay. We have completely sealed off headquarter so they won’t have any reinforcements coming in. It’s our world now!”

Due to the echo from the passage, Han could clearly hear their conversation. Delayed by a bunch of Earth espers? They were probably the brothers on nightshifts at headquarter. If they were sacrificed too, it was very likely that Han’s the only man left capable of defending the portal.

Headquarters was sealed off, this meant Han won’t be able to wait for any reinforcements, he had to face everything on his own.

About 20 raiders have closed in, the two sides spotted each other at the same time.

Wu Di’s words were still resonating in Han’s ears, today decided the fate of Earth. If the Extinction Domain could be successfully captured, then Earth will have hope in the future!

And Liman’s last words, at the final stage of his life, he was still thinking of his duties.

Han doesn’t have any big principles to live by or any important responsibilities, but he really loved his home. If that little park where Han and his mother used to fly kites was no longer there, if his friends were no longer there, if those places and people that created the precious memories inside his brain no longer existed, then what was the reason for continuing to live?

Han once thought, with a Galactic Passport, if Earth fell he would just go live on another planet.

But now, he realized. Even if his physical body was to leave this place, his heart and soul will always belong to his land!

Instead of running away like a pussy, he would rather die trying!

He will sacrifice his life, and defend this homeland that he truly loved!

“Tonight, I will protect this place for you guys, I swear on my life!” Han felt blood surging inside his body.

Han held tighter onto Tremor, at this moment he has no other choice. He had to stand here, and stop those raiders at any costs!

Even though he was alone, even though he would probably die alone!

“There’s one more left?”

“I will finish him!”

“Careful, the Ken brothers died to him!”

A black-haired man with a stubble quickly charged out of the crowd. He was very quick, and was able to jump again before his feet even touched the ground. He opened his arms, summoning a dark cold wind.

Wind descent!

Han was shocked for a second, he chose to charge instead of dodging.


That man was called Wang Xiaoshan. He was a very powerful fighter in the Thorn Bird gang, a 3 star ranked esper and was also the right-arm man of Pan Gongjin.

Wang Xiaoshan smiled faintly, crossing his arms in front of his chest, forming a weird gesture.

Wind had always been a very cool looking ability, and what Wang Xiaoshan was using was called the Double-edged wind blade, a long range wind attack. The strong wind soared like blades, capable of wiping out an entire army!

It seemed like Han wanted to engage in a melee fight, but Wang obviously wouldn’t give him that chance!


He swung both arms, the move was as good-looking as always.

But what was strange was, not even mentioning any wind blades, he didn’t let out a single fart! After being within 10 meters range of Han, Void Domain had mercilessly robbed away his power!

Just at the moment of shock, Han already arrived in his face, lifting up his Tremor and sliced down as hard as he could!

If Wang immediately stopped relying on his power and fought Han in melee, maybe he would have had a chance.

But humans always have a habitual way of thinking, Wang never knew how powerful Han’s power was, and he was still thinking of letting out another wind attack.

He folded his hands and gestured towards Han, still trying to say, “Mad win…”

But before even letting him finish saying the name of his ultimate, Han’s Tremor had sliced through Wang’s shoulder, removing his entire head and neck from the rest of the body!

“Mad wind your mom!” Han cursed.

Triple kill!

That was Void End, the most brutal power in this world. The moment someone entered the Void Domain, no one’s power was useful! Either you fight Han like a caveman with a weapon, or you die!

“Stop!” Pan Gongjin found it very odd, he raised his arms and halted his squad.

Di Fu strongly recommended him to lead this operation not without reason. Pan Gongjin was not only cold-blooded, but very intelligent, he was not like the typical brainless warrior that just jumped right into a fight.

“What happened?”

“How did Xiaoshan die?”

“Where was his wind blade? Where did Xiaoshan’s wind blade go?”

The raiders began to worry. They’ve never seen an enemy as strange and mysterious as Han, it looked like Han took away all of Wang Xiaoshan’s abilities.

If he can take away Wang Xiaoshan’s then couldn’t he take all of theirs? With his back to the Extinction Domain, Han raised his head. He held a blade in his hand, a black dagger.

The body of the blade was as black as the night, fresh blood was dripping nonstop from the tip of the sword. The enemy’s blood. At this moment, he was on his own. He had no other choice.