Chapter 243: Completely Out of Control

Chapter 243: Completely Out of Control

(btw guys, the author didn’t drop GDN. He just finished it with a sudden ending. Dw, I will consult the author when we get there and we will finish it with another ending. You won’t be left hanging.)

“Wolf Fang, move!”

As Han shouted, he suddenly withdrew his Void Domain, and everyone’s powers within the 10km radius were recovered. But only the soldiers knew it, the bugs were still confused about why they didn’t have their powers anymore.


The soldiers’ super power attacks poured down like a rain storm, and the duration wasn’t long, just a few seconds and that was all.

But these soldiers were all not weaklings, with the lowest level ones already being at the five star. There were also a great number of warlord elites. When all of these people attacked at the same time, the damage was really terrifying.

What ice descent, fire descent, water descent, lava descent, light descent, fantasy descent, wood descent, earth descent, who cares, just shoot it all out as long as it can deal damage to the enemies.

Normally speaking, the warlords usually wouldn’t team up to attack because of their level.

The logic was very simple, putting a pile of sharp blades together and using it to attack, its effect isn’t necessarily the same as one plus one equals to two. The elites usually all had their unique styles. Who will accommodate who, who will work with who, these were all difficult questions to answer.

But with Han here, all the problems were naturally solved. They didn’t have to worry about what kind of elites they were, Han will just take all of their power. Everyone will look the same, just with differences in source energy.

But when Han takes away with Void Domain, rather than saying attacking at once, in fact, it’s just do whatever the f*ck you want, the rhythm of chaotic blows can kill pros. Whose power is stronger, who’s weaker, it all doesn’t matter. In Han’s Wolf Fang tactic, this chaotic effect was exactly what was wanted.

When Han’s attacking side appeared to be extremely chaotic, the enemies’ defense will become even more chaotic.

Without exaggeration, Han on his own controlled a chaotic legion of soldiers with uneven levels and powers, and completely grabbed the rhythm into his own hands.


The 5000 people took advantage of the opportunity when the enemies couldn’t fire, and struck at the same time. The result was terrifying.

The sky crackled with thunder and lightning, while stones, blades, giant beasts rampaged about. The enemies were immediately terrified. Don’t know where, there will also be small knives coming out, and immediately piercing through the enemies’ chest.

Within a few seconds, the enemies in front of Han were put down like a machine harvesting wheat.

After all, this was a chaotic attack created by 5000 espers, the scene was just too magnificent. All kinds of abilities, seen or unseen before, all played its explosive effect in the same second.

The effect was just like buying 5000 different kinds of fireworks, and then releasing them together, directly bombing these bugs into pieces.


Quietly, Han opened his Void Domain again.

The soldiers’ attacks immediately disappeared, but at the same time, the counter attack that the bugs were preparing and channeling all disappeared as well!

How come you guys can do whatever the f*ck you want with your power, but when we want to use our abilities, only sh*t comes out?


This was a question many people asked Han before.

There’s no why. That’s just how unreasonable Han’s power is.

Don’t think about how awesome your power is, the moment you get close to Han, he can just directly take away everything. You can only use it when he lets you!

Without a question, the Wolf Fang tactic was a tactic that makes teammates feel awesome but enemies feel like sh*t.

Seeing the bugs getting killed, the way people look at Han was clearly different.

If before, what Han demonstrated was someone that had some whimsical ideas and used forbidden techniques, then now, what Han was demonstrating was true strength! The strength of a natural born commander!

No commander could be like Han, controlling a temporarily put together legion and completely grasping the rhythm of attack.

The effect of the Wolf Fang tactic was amazing.

This temporarily put together legion achieved a stomping result!

After switching the void domain on and off a few times, Han and his legion was like an unstoppable tank, rolling over the body of countless bugs.

Behind them, corpses were everywhere!

The reason was that Han could not only control the enemies, but he could also control his own team!

This was a very important point, and it was also what gave countless commanders the most headaches. Basically, when commanding a higher-ability legion, the moment the attacks start, it was very difficult even for the commander to control the attacks’ rhythm and direction. After all, it’s a formation of many espers, every one shoots out an ability, the battlefield immediately becomes chaotic, and then what the f*ck can he control!

But Han not only could control his legion, he could achieve a very high precision of control.

It’s easy when everyone uses their power at the same time, but it’s difficult to stop all attacks, and it’s definitely impossible using commands. But, only Han could use his power to forcefully stop all attacks!

The black bugs were just like the waves when the ocean was angry, they came wave after wave towards the next energy wall.

Han and his legion was just like the assault boat that insisted on going to the top against the current to ride the wave!

His direction was not to retreat, but to go head on!

Any experienced sailors knew this, when the tsunami hits, one must not run while being chased by the tsunami, and the only choice was to sail against the waves and break it!

Somewhere in the Universe, the judgement committee was currently in front of a screen and they were dumbfounded looking at everything that was happening.

“Insect Tsunami, sh*t, it’s actually Insect Tsunami!” When those big bugs began clashing into the energy wall, someone inside the judgement committee yelled in surprise.

“Hurry and summon Han and the others back! Really didn’t expect, the Insect Tsunami that doesn’t happen in a thousand years is actually encountered by them.”

“Those damn bugs, they are getting smarter and smarter. There was no abnormal signs on the battlefield and suddenly the King Kong Bug just rushed out, destroyed the energy defense wall. The Border Legion will really beat their ass this time!” The sparse head of the committee hastily ordered.

But just when he was giving out the order, Han led this legion made of people being trialed by the All God Corporation, and charged towards the bugs.

“What are they trying to do?”

“Could it be that they want to fight?”

“Chief, the dark net summoning system is busy, unable to immediately summon them back!”

“Then order them to come back using their own particle modules!” The chief ordered.

“Impossible, the Insect Tsunami is currently destroying the energy wall, the communication system is also being interfered with. Our orders cannot be send!”

Now, shit, all the people of the judge committee became dumbfounded.

According to their original plan, they were just sending Han and the others to the border battlefield to be punished, not for them to defend against the Insect Tsunami!

What was an Insect Tsunami?

It’s an attack long been planned by the bugs, great in quantity, completely uncalculatable, just like you will never know how many water molecules are in the ocean.

Just when the judgement committee were anxious, Han didn’t know what’s going on and he still thought that the Insect Tsunami was a test for him, so he led the temporarily formed Legion and charged up.


The first energy wall fell, Han’s temporary army suddenly clashed into the Insect Tsunami, just like a sharp edge, lonely yet hard-edged, directly charging into the center direction of the Insect Tsunami.

“Those bastards at the Path of All Gods are too brutal, they actually gave us such a difficult challenge.” When the battle just began, Han thought angrily.

He didn’t know at all, this was a sudden event that not the judgement committee could predict, and the situation was already completely out of control.