Chapter 385: Organisms of Fate, Liquid Nether

Chapter 385: Organisms of Fate, Liquid Nether

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Yun San swallowed some saliva and asked loudly, "Excuse me, who is the Ghost Face Tribe chief, Lord Fan Qin?"

Yun San kept his politeness despite all the troubles surrounding him.

From within the thousands of Ghost Face Tribe soldiers came a tall middle-aged man, his dark skin was scarred and he wore a painted devil mask with two black horns on top.

Standing opposite of Yun San, Fan Qin spat on the ground, "I am your grand-daddy Fan Qin, what do you want?"

Yun San paused and replied politely, "I am Yun San, chief of the Tree God Tribe, grandson of the first chief of the Yun Family from Tree God Tribe, not yours."


The Ghost Face Tribe soldiers laughed loudly, this savage tribe had never seen a bookish and kind man like Yun San, so they treated him like a joke.

Fan Qin picked his yellow teeth, "Yun San, any final words before I kill you?"

Yun San replied in a deep voice, "I don’t understand why your tribe is attacking us. What did we do wrong? We have always paid our tributes on time. We made sure your tribe received the full ration of tribute even if we had to starve our own tribe members."

"How come you will not respect the peace treaty? What’s the benefit for your tribe to eliminate our Tree God Tribe?"

Fan Qin started to pick his nose and scoffed, "Originally, we didn’t bother to eliminate small weaklings like your tribe. Having your tribe to take care of our orchards was a clever idea. Too bad someone leaked a secret to me, so I decided to terminate you all."

"Secret?" Yun San was confused, "Our Tree God Tribe has secrets? Everyone knows that we make our living by farming, and we are only good at taking care of orchards."

Fan Qin shook his hand, "You are not qualified to know who told me, but I already know. The two big guys with you have very strange origins!"

"These two big octopus are called liquid nether, they are organisms of fate from the back side of the universe and supposedly have legendary divine powers!"

"Like all organisms of fate, liquid nether are doomed to live a tragic life. Their members will be less from each generation to the next, until the ninth generation, where the liquid nether clan will only have one last member. Everyone else would be met with tragic death."

"But nevertheless, the ninth generation of liquid nether, shall have the fate clan’s most powerful abilities!"

"Now with your aid, the liquid nether clan have successfully reached the ninth generation. The youngest and also strongest member of their clan has been born. Therefore game over, your tribe is too weak to have the strongest fate organism, the ninth generation liquid nether shall belong to me!"

"You want Xiao Bao?!" Yun San was shocked and turned around to Hong and Qin.

Hong and Qin inadvertently confirmed all Fan Qin’s words by not denying.

Looking back, the kind hearted Tree God Tribe met the scarred and wounded Hong and Qin, and took them into shelter. As wise organisms of fate, Hong quickly became Yun San’s mentor. They lived in the Tree God Tribe’s tribe and gave birth to Xiao Bao.

To Yun San, Xiao Bao was like his own son!


Fan Qin said with disdain, "A stupid octopus, only you fools have the time to give him a name! Now hand over the liquid nether named Xiao Bao, otherwise I will help myself."

Yun San trembled and asked, "What do you plan to do with Xiao Bao?"

Fan Qin smiled coldly, "Since he is an organism of fate, then of course he shall be my slave. This is his fate and he cannot change it!"

"The person who told me this said that organisms of fate are meant to be slaves. They shall spend their life as pathetic wanderers. They betrayed the God of Creation, and the God of Creation felt it would be too easy to just kill them, therefore he gave them an even more cruel punishment. Every generation of organisms of fate shall receive fate’s judgement, and their numbers will decrease each generation, until the last one. Then, it shall bear the miserable fate of all previous generations! Until death in the end."

"Impossible!" Yun San screamed, "Xiao Bao is the nicest kid, how can he suffer such a miserable fate! Impossible, and unfair!"


Fan Qin looked impatient, "Only a softie like you speaks of fairness, there is no such thing as fairness in this world! Only whose fist is stronger!"

"Maybe you can explain this, since we both are of intelligent races, how come you Tree God Tribe would starve yourselves and send your hard-earned fruits to our tribe as tribute? Furthermore, please explain why we both are of intelligent races, how come I can kill you whenever I wish and there’s not a thing you can do about it?"

"Fairness? That’s the shame curtain for you softies! Once you are as powerful as us, we don’t like fairness! We like to bully you, and kill you! We will uproot the Tree God that you worship today!"

Clap clap clap!

As Fan Qin’s voice faded and Yun San’s tribe members were on the edge of despair, a clapping sound from afar was heard.

Everyone turned around and saw a bunch of strangers appear from the seal. Their leader was a very young man in his twenties. He had a disgusting smirk on his face while walking and clapping. Beside him was a very tall old geezer. The old man was very serious and he frowned so hard that his brows locked up.

It was Han and his bros!


Han spotted Xiao Bao as he called from afar. Facing grave danger, Yun San had people hide Xiao Bao on top of the big tree. Xiao Bao saw Han as a savior and tried to run to Han, but he was held back by the people surrounding him.

Han gave a look to Xiao Bao, and then turned around to his bros and casually said, "Brothers, he did say that if you find it unfair then flash your fists, right? You all heard him?"

"Originally I had thought that it would be too cruel, too ruthless to kill off an entire tribe. But if this is how they think, then I don’t have a burden anymore!"

Han’s joke cracked up everyone, and angered the soldiers from Ghost Face Tribe.

"Which tribe are you from?" Fan Qin said, he felt Sima Hunfeng’s strong intent to kill, and was uncertain about the current situation, so he did not attack Han’s group abruptly. These people were super warlords. The effect of Sima Hunfeng was like a lion standing behind a pack of wolves, very scary.

Han smirked, "We are not from any tribe, and we are who we are. Tribes have levels, have chiefs, elders, and etcetera. We are just a band of brothers."

"Look at the guys behind me, they are not good people and they are not my subordinates, we just like to be together that’s all. They’ll obey me on the battleground, but back home they are not afraid to beat me up.

"If you must know, I can only tell you that when we are together, we are called the Wolf Fang."

Fan Qin stared blankly as he was confused after hearing what Han just proclaimed, but others like Boya were very satisfied with how Han described their group.

They were never an army, or tribe like organization. They were just friends, a group of friends with equal status. No one ordered another around, they would disband anytime if anyone was unhappy.

Fan Qin had never seen such loosely organized army, and did not believe it had much fighting power.

Even though Sima Hunfeng was scary, but Fan Qin still didn’t think much of Han and his friends. After all there were only a hundred of them at most. Most of their group was still out, and they only heard about Xiao Bao and those who stayed home decided to come out together to help.

Fan Qin gave his orders, "I don’t care if you are a tribe or whatnot. Since you dared to meddle in the Ghost Face Tribe’s business, you shall pay the price with your life!"


Thousands of Ghost Face Tribe soldiers surrounded Han’s group.

Fan Qin kept on winking at his most powerful men, he meant to take care of Sima Hunfeng first and foremost when the battle began since that was who he feared the most. Sima Hunfeng’s high level imposed so much pressure that it clearly got to Fan Qin, causing him to treat Sima Hunfeng as most dangerous enemy even though this was their first encounter. As for Han and the others, Fan Qin did not think much of them.

"Han, this has nothing to do with you! You are outsiders, please do not get involved in tribal wars! Once you are involved, it means you are declaring war against all tribes!" Yun San urgently screamed out.

"So we are to watch them kill you? Bullshit!" Han suddenly changed, and scolded Yun San harshly, "What’s so special about tribes that we cannot declare war against them? Our team arrived here by stepping over the All Gods Corporation’s blood!"

"If we dare to oppose the All Gods Corporation, then we dare to fight against the tribes! Dare to be the enemy of the whole world!"

"If you don’t believe me, ask my brothers behind me if anyone cares!"

Everyone had looks of disdain, from Boya to Sima Hunfeng, even Luo Ying. They all fought against the All God Corporation, and if they weren’t scared of such a behemoth like the All God Corporation, what were a few tribes!

One hand was raised and pointed at Fan Qin, Han shouted, "Let me tell you! There’s no such thing as fate or destiny in this world! They all said that my home planet was going to die, I did not buy into that. Today you say Xiao Bao is doomed to a miserable life, I still am not buying that! "


Han’s cracked his right knuckles.

"Three minutes!" Han shouted at Fan Qin, "It will only take 3 minutes for me to kill you all!"


Arrogant to the bones!

The Ghost Face Tribe’s chief Fan Qin had never been threatened like this, he angrily waved at his armies to initiate their attack.

"Void Domain, OPEN!" Han’s right fist finally opened as he muttered in his mouth.