Chapter 193: Magical Virtual Reality Pod (Part One)

Chapter 193: Magical Virtual Reality Pod (Part One)

Han’s virtual reality pod finally arrived. It was sent by a company Han had never heard of, called the Interstellar Flash Freight Group’s company, to Han’s mother planet Earth.

When the pod was delivered Han, was still on his way back, so he didn’t care about exactly who sent the package. When he told Yuan Yuan to investigate that company, they found out that it was only registered a year ago, and the registration location was in the 43rd Star Sector, a remote mining planet close to the galactic wilderness.

This Dark Net Meet felt strange all around. Not only did the participants have to use the specially delivered virtual reality pod and activate the login program on one’s home planet, but up until now, Han didn’t know why he was invited and who else was invited to determine the criteria for selecting guests.

To everyone that wanted to attend the Dark Net Meet, they were all attracted by one of the three things.

First, one could meet many dark net dwellers that mastered top tier skills.

The galactic dark net was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. It was because Han met people like the three addicts on the dark net that he was able to lay down the foundations in one swoop for his rise in the Milky Way.

And the dark network used the isolated island rule, limiting the use of search engines. Everyone’s like an isolated island on the dark net, only lucky people could find experts that appreciated their work, and the majority of people didn’t even know what was on the dark net and what they did.

Now that they had the opportunity to gather all the top tier experts on the dark net in one place, that’s like breaking the island rule, and it’s definitely a golden opportunity for people that loved to learn.

Secondly, one could perform trades.

Without a doubt, the people that will attend the Dark Net Meet will all bring works that they were the proudest of, and the scene will definitely be fun and eye-opening.

At that moment, the things that couldn’t be easily bought on the dark net or treasures that were never even shown to the world will make appearances, equivalent to a top trading summit, even for those that could not afford those shocking goods, it’s still good to get some information on them.

Third. The temptation from the dark net itself.

It was said, the Dark Net Meet will not have the founder of the Galactic Dark Net joining. It will also give rewards to the top experts in each industry, and announce a piece of major news that was sufficient to change the entire galaxy.

Not even the Protector knew who founded the dark net, and that was enough to show that the dark net’s existence itself was still a myth. Wanting to reveal the answer is human nature, no one would not want to know the secret of the dark net.

Not to mention the rewards and major news.

In general, it was very hard for anyone that received the invitation to reject.

Of course, except for people like the 3 addicts that lived in the Oblivion Realm. They seem to have some kind of unbeatable nemesis, and they still adamantly refused after taking into account the risk.

Although the organizer strongly advised everyone to come in disguise, that was still not enough to dispel the concerns of people like the 3 addicts. Han speculated that the person that the 3 addicts offended in the past was probably an existence at the Protector’s level, or maybe even stronger.

So, although the majority of masters in the Oblivion Realm received the invitation, among them, the majority refused the invitation.

After returning to Earth, Han went to see the virtual reality pot that was just shipped. It was placed in an independent room at the Nazca base’s training center, where the talents of Earth once trained in preparation for the galactic meet.

“What kind of people delivered the virtual reality pod?” Han curiously asked Long Chuan who accompanied him.

Long Chuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “To be honest, we didn’t see any of the people and the ship of that delivery company. Just a few days after you told us that a virtual reality pod was coming, we received encrypted communication saying that the virtual reality pod is here, and it was placed at a hidden place at Colorado’s Grand Canyon and told us to go retrieve it.”

“So I sent people there, and when our people arrived, they just saw a box lying on the river bank by itself, no ship, no delivery people. So we just brought back the box, opened it, and placed the pod in the room you often used.”

Han nodded, he had expected that the people of the dark net didn’t want to make an appearance.

But there should be a lot of people in the Milky Way that received the invitation. To deliver virtual reality pods in such a short time period across different places of the Milky Way which had a span of 120,000 lights years, it was a heavy task, and it showed that the power of the dark net founder was likely to be even stronger than he imagined.

Pushing open the door, Han saw that virtual reality pod. It was not much different from the model that was commonly used in the Milky Way, black, like a large duck egg.

The pod came with a miniature controllable fusion reactor, so there is no worry of power cut. It also had an overclocked encrypted cellular data port, capable of always keeping the network smooth.

Long Chuan said, “I asked the lab to check the device and realized that this pod was only one piece, and if we want to see its internal circuit structure we will have to completely destroy it.”

“Even the Weimar ray machine cannot penetrate to the inside of the virtual reality pod, so until now we don’t have any information on this thing’s internal conditions and we can’t even open the cabin.”

Frowning, Long Chuan continued, “In fact, even if we use a high-intensity industrial laser cutter, we still have no way to open the shell of this pod. Old Mo came to see it himself. He said, this was a metal alloy he had never seen before, and judging by his analysis, even if the pod was thrown into a black hole, this thing will still be able to remain intact.

“Han, who actually sent you such a strange thing? Its level seems to be much higher than the Milky Way’s current technology level.”

Han smiled, “It’s a friend. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”