Chapter 88: Killing Machine

Chapter 88: Killing Machine

Ye Family’s Convoy Fleet, Flagship, Class Airwalk.

The sailing continued, Ye Weiwei shut herself inside her room. 24 hours had passed since that news report on the big crisis in A-19. Ye Weiwei almost didn’t eat anything, and she was simply depressed to the extreme.

After all, she was just a silly little girl. Ye Weiwei didn’t know what happened to her. All she knew was that it felt like as if she had lost something very important. The moment she closed her eyes, Han’s shadow was everywhere in her brain.

Maybe it was because Han gave her something that no one else could and that was freedom. Beside Han, Ye Weiwei could wear a dress, pick up a playful puppy, and do a lot of things that she always wanted to do but couldn’t. This gradually formed a type of attachment.

Lying in bed, tossing and turning, Ye Weiwei took out her laptop and started watching the live news. Right now, all the eyes of the Milky Way were on the tragedy that happened at A-19.

The hostess said hastily, “According to our latest information received, the Milky Way Alliance officially announced, 24 hours after Extinction Domain A-19 was activated, the casualty count reached 98.1%. This means, among the 100 thousand young talents, only 1900 are still alive.”

“Right now, please welcome our special guest, Professor Prandelli to explain to us, what this number really means? And among the survivors, how many can really make it through the remaining 29 days?”

The old professor scratched his head, and said in a deep voice, “Ah, to be honest, we should be glad that the 100 thousand espers were not all killed. After all, when the relic was just activated the casualty count was already that high. Right now, I have reason to believe, the survivors have already left the entrance point which was the dark hall.”

“As we all know, once out of the dark hall, they will be facing the dimension world fabricated by the prehistoric civilization with high level technology. This world is very vast, although it is still dangerous, it won’t be a complete slaughter like what happened at the dark hall. So, these 1900 espers still have a chance to survive until the extinction domain deactivates.”

“Besides, those soldiers that survived are all elites. The majority of the lower level or weaker power espers might have already been eliminate. In conclusion, I’m still cautiously pessimistic about the result after 29 days. After all it’s still a long way to go, and no one really know what’s really happening inside A-19.”

The hostess quickly asked, “Professor, you just said that leaving the dark hall means temporary safety, can you introduce to us more about the inside of an extinction domain?”

The old professor nodded, “Overall, A-19 relic is like a complete world, and it is not too different than the world we live in. I’ve mentioned the entrance point which is the dark hall. After the hall and before the relic world, will be a temporary safety period.”

“The real threat is that the world inside the relic doesn’t remain the same. As time passes, more and more hidden entrances or switches will be revealed, which are originally opportunities for espers to find a lot of priceless treasures and blueprints.”

“But at the same time, more dark beasts, and things even stronger than dark beasts will also appear in the extinction domain. This is like a gradual process of increasing difficulty.”

The hostess hesitated, “Do you mean to say, there are internal operating rules inside the relic, and the difficult of survival will gradually increase meaning the last few days will reach its peak level difficulty, which is the most dangerous, is that right?”

Professor Prandelli nodded his head, “It has always been like this. In addition, A-19 is different from other relics. It was originally a training ground for the pre-historic civilization. When they left, they also put in a lot of dark beasts and other even more powerful hostile creatures, so…”


Ye Weiwei suddenly felt her heart trembling. It was not that she was someone that could be easily scared, but hearing about the difficult situation those participants at the relic were facing, she didn’t know why but she was just really scared, she didn’t even dare to continue to listen to the news anymore.

“Han, you definitely need to stay alive.” Ye Weiwei curled up in bed, and her eyes became a little bit watery.


Miracle System, A-19 Extinction Domain.

It really was a trial with the high level 7 difficulty. It has been 18 hours nonstop and Han was surrounded by a large group of orcs. They would stand up and challenge Han one by one, and Han would need to beat every one of them or else he will be eliminated.

Around him were collapsed buildings and a burning city. This test was to simulate Han as a survivor of an attack and under the siege of countless enemies.

Luckily, it was not like a siege attack from before, but more like a never-ending challenge tournament. It’s been 18 hours and Han already killed countless opponents but the test was still not ending.

Another Orc stood out, stepping on broken rubble and displaying his muscles which were harder than steel.

Orc was a name Han gave to them. These guys didn’t look human, their foreheads were narrower and higher, nose pointed to the sky, and a row of fangs grew casually in their mouth. They wore animal skins, and their bodies were covered with ornaments made from animal bones. Most of them were about two meters in height.

In the Milky Way, aside from humans, there were a lot of other alien races. But due to humans being more powerful, the alien races’ living situations were generally tougher. As well, they engaged in industry that had high risks, like Old Mo from the Kui race who was working as a Skinner, or like the Witch race which were generally working as assassins.

Right now this strange race, all their soldiers were power descents, relying on brutal force in battles and fighting like beasts. That was why Han called them orcs.

The Orc race’s fighting style was simple yet brave. They don’t say anything, and they stood up and started attacking Han with brute force immediately. After one got killed, another one stands up again to fight Han, and it was like an infinite loop.


This guy was just like the previous challengers, all he knew was to roar and throw his fist at Han.

Han was secretly crying on the inside. Among all types of espers, strength class were relatively common, but they were the type that Han wanted to avoid the most. Han’s void end simply couldn’t do anything against those huge muscles.

Han could drag a flying guy back down, he could hold a water guy in water to suffocate, and he could force all the thunder, fire, and ice class espers into a worthless state! But for a strength class opponent, what could Han do?


The Orc warrior’s fist was like a huge steel hammer, smashing right down towards Han’s head. The fist flashed towards him, its force was thunderous!

Han couldn’t see the end of these battles, and he started to doubt if this type of fight will last seven days and seven nights.

If that was really the case, then Han was screwed. Han becomes stronger when he faces strong opponents, but against these normal opponents that just dominated in numbers, he really couldn’t fully utilize his strengths.

Han’s eyes firmly fixed on the enemy’s fist, his body inclined in a strange way towards the left.

After a long time of fighting, Han learned to predict the direction of enemy attacks, and learned to minimize the amount of energy consumed for each kill. After all, the enemies were great in numbers and Han doesn’t know how long this battle will go on for. So saving drugs and energy became the most important mission for now.

Han’s attacks and counterattacks were more natural. He just turned his body down sideways to dodge the fist, and suddenly, his body that was just parallel to the ground came right back up in a very incredible way. His right fist started gathering dark energy as Han reached to the back, and it went right after the Orc’s heart from behind!


Dark Fist!

The power of darkness penetrated the opponent’s body straight from the back, completely crushing his heart!

Without question, this was an extremely effective way of attack. Han didn’t use any extra moves or consume any additional energy. Han only used one punch to hit the most critical place, and one punch was enough to take the opponent’s life!

Unknowingly, Han’s killing techniques was improving at an insane rate.

Han’s Dark Fist was powerful, but in the past, Han always used full force to make sure that one punch was enough to shatter the enemies in pieces, blowing up like a balloon!

But now that he needs to conserve energy, Han couldn’t use full force anymore, but rather needed to cleverly use his energy, and kill using the most effective, most efficient, and fastest way.

“Are you guys done yet?! Fine, again! I will kill you all sooner or later!” Han shouted, he was also trying to raise his own morale.

After all, it was already eighteen hours of non-stop battle, Han doesn’t even remember how many people he killed. In comparison, the stress he had to endure from the pressure exam was nothing. The methods that the pre-historic civilization used to train their soldiers were a lot crueler than humans.


Just when Han shouted that sentence and thought that the battle would just go on endlessly, the surroundings suddenly disappeared. Those long tusks ugly Orcs disappeared too, and it was pitch black in the floating tower again.

Instead, a screen lit up.

“One Thousand Kills Completed.”

“Time taken, 18 hours 4 minutes 5 seconds.”

“Evaluation: Beginner Level Killing Machine…”

Han read the words on that screen, it seemed like he had unknowingly killed that many people? A thousand kills took 18 hours and 4 minutes, so that’s on average one minute per kill?!

Beginner Killing Machine?

Han doesn’t really like the title he was given.


Suddenly, the screen flashed again, and the second dialogue appeared, and it directly shocked Han to the extent that he almost cried!

“After four hours, begin Intermediate Killing Machine Test. Target, 10,000 kills!”

Han finally realized, this Level 7 Floating Tower, is a place that that trains killing machines!

He just finished killing a thousand targets, and now 10 thousand?!

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