Chapter 289: Three Idiots’ Enemies Appeared!

Chapter 289: Three Idiots’ Enemies Appeared!

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Han left the witches’ territories effortlessly. Rumors say that this was the Great Witch Conference’s decision. They thought that Han had only killed the crazy King Neptune, and not the original Witches’ mental leader. If Han didn’t kill King Neptune, the Witch Conference will have done so.


Han went back to Star City by taking the Particle Module.

Just reaching the dark net again, Han received a lot of emails. During the time he was not around, the three addicts and Ke Lake had already arrived successfully. Especially Ke Lake, he had gone up to the level of warlord!

Good things come in pairs. There were two warlords on this tiny Earth now!

Other than that, WeiWei and Jian Jia have emailed Han too. He was happy and simply suggested a gathering, calling all the people he knew to come join.

Everyone responded heartily to Han’s idea. Therefore, the night when Han returned to Star city, in the large-scaled Deceitful Star Club within the city, Han saw a lot of his old friends.

Han brought Ye Weiwei along. Honestly, he took particularly good care of this girl, because of her superpower was uncontrollable and could randomly harm others. If Han was not going to pick her up, Ye Weiwei would wear the slightly-too-simple and sexy black leather jacket to the gathering again.

Han believes that every single girl should have the right to wear dresses, a right to dress themselves up beautifully.

Maybe it’s out of compassion, as long as Han had time, he would always take better care of Ye Weiwei. Also, Han’s attitude would improve a lot after seeing Ye Weiwei in her dress with a smile to her face and this was compensation enough.

“Han, wait for me!”

When Han arrived at Ye Weiwei’s house, this lady climbed halfway out of the window and waved frantically at Han. What followed were the thumping footsteps of a person rushing downstairs, Ye Weiwei walked hurriedly towards Han’s side, not only did she wear a dress tonight but also high heels and looked slightly unnatural when walking.

“Let’s go.” Han scanned Ye Weiwei briefly, while smiling said, “Tonight you have to stick close to me, because right now the size of my extinction zone is slightly big, so you cannot open it randomly, otherwise someone will beat me up painfully.”

Han spoke the truth. Right now, he was a dark void esper at the warlord level, able to control an impressive radius of a hundred kilometers!

The result of randomly opening the extinction territory was very bad. There were so many training grounds in the city, so many fighting grounds. If Han opened the extinction territory, within the radius of one hundred kilometers, millions and millions of espers will lose their superpowers and if they knew Han did it, they will not let him go.

Therefore, Han can only use his close quarter zone to cover Ye Weiwei. But this way, Ye Weiwei must keep herself within one meter of Han. If she goes pass this distance, her storm powers will be uncontrollable.

“You…you…” Yeweiwei looked at Han, with a surprised look and spoke with a lisp.

“You figured it out?” Han smiled and said, “Honestly, it is nothing special. Let’s go, don’t make them wait for so long.”

Han pushed Ye Weiwei into the backseat of the Landing Speeder while he sat beside her himself.

The level of warlord and the level under warlord had a distinct difference. Therefore Ye Weiwei immediately recognized Han’s astonishing difference.

The first time she met Han, he was still a small fry, but now the small fry Han was different from the past. Ye Weiwei had been witnessing his growth, she was really happy for him.

When they reached the Deceitful Star Club, Han and Ye Weiwei walked down to the Landing Speeder together and walked into the reserved suite. Ye Weiwei like Han’s little tail. She followed him all along and gazed at his back and grew happier, like Han’s achievement was correlated to her.

The level of warlord cannot be hidden. Originally everyone was celebrating with Ke Lake but the moment Han appeared, everyone encircled him. Han immediately admitted he had ranked up to the level of warlord, but he hadn’t explained the obstacles he met and the reason.

This was of course a good thing. The three addicts were laughing hard, accounting for it all. Han was their unofficial disciple, with his achievements to date they also felt proud.

As for others, they were Han’s friends and brothers, there was no need to say more. Ke Lake happily consecutively chugged three large glasses of alcohol, mumbling constantly about the brothers and their souls in the afterlife who have died in battle, so emotional that he couldn’t control himself.

News reached Earth, Long Chuan and the others were also drunk. Three years ago, Earth was still constantly battling in order to not be colonized. Every face was fraught with worry, and now, with the birth of two great warlords, a flagship army, a robotic army, fighting power over the top.

As of now it’s not a matter of where people were being treated unfairly, it has already become a matter of whether or not Earth wants to treat others unfairly or not!

This is all thanks to Han, the two main great forces were created by Han. Even Ke Lake was brought over by Han from the edges of the galaxy.

Earth’s residents normally did not believe in Gods, they only believed in Han. Not afraid that people said Han was a demon, they were still willing to frantically believe in this demon.

Han doesn’t want to use the word entertain, as it was too distant. The people present were mostly sworn brothers, but as the number was high, there were many that Han had not yet been able to treat. All he can do was to try his best to chat a little bit with everyone he meets and ask his brothers how they were faring.

At a glance, Han saw in the corner Jian Jia. She was also Han’s acquaintance, but as she’s not too close to others, she hid in a corner drinking by herself.

Han smiled, and brought Ye Weiwei to Jian Jia’s side to sit.

“Congratulations, big warlord.” Jian Jia looked like a sulking little fox, looked at Han and Ye Weiwei who was leaning close to him and pouting as she spoke.

“Thank you. Why are you so depressed and unhappy looking today, did someone anger you?” Han asked slightly politely.

“Pff, a person who dares anger me has yet to be born, you don’t have to worry about my matters, you should go take care of sister Weiwei instead. You see, sister Weiwei’s skin is quite nice, you can see that she has never been exposed to sunlight, as smooth as silk, even prettier than lilies.” said Jian Jia slightly jealously.

Ye Weiwei did not talk back, nor was she excited. Lightly sighing. she said “Actually, I wish I had no superpowers. That would be for the best.”

Jian Jia was actually a sincere person. It’s just that she had a temper. It was not the first time that she and Ye Weiwei met. Actually during the time Han was away, the two were always very close, often shopping together and tasting red wine.

Jian Jia did not understand it herself, after seeing how close Ye Weiwei was walking with Han, as if their shadows never parted, her heart felt uncomfortable.

Seeing Ye Weiwei with a pained look in her eyes, Jian Jia immediately felt uncomfortable in her heart, quickly said “Sister Weiwei, don’t take this seriously, I’m just messing with you. Yesterday I stole a splendid bottle of wine from my father’s stash, later I’ll bring it to you and we can taste it together?”

“Um, sounds good, really don’t know where your father finds so much good alcohol. My room still has the lingering touch of a refreshing scent. Last time the alcohol you brought was not simply splendid, it was the best of the best.” Ye Weiwei said.

Jian Jia joyfully said with a smile “Sister Weiwei sure knows her stuff, but let us be clear, it will only be us two drinking. Han has no right to join us, to him, even the best wine does not compare to a cup of hot chocolate. Giving him some of this alcohol would only be a waste.”

The atmosphere of the party slowly livened up, even those who were originally strangers became close after a few drinks. In a blink, it was already midnight.


From the main door in the lobby you could hear a heavy sound. It didn’t ring, but it was loud enough that everyone heard it, as if on purpose.

An old man wearing a military uniform could be seen. He had white hair and a stern look.


The main lobby was suddenly dead silent. Especially the three addicts and the few others who also came from the realm of oblivion, frowning collectively. It seemed as though they did not want to see this old military man.

“Heard you were all here, so I came to see.” The old man wearing the military uniform looked at the three addicts coldly said, “Back in the days, I promised Chuli, and let you all live within the realm of oblivion, but I also said, if you were to leave without my permission, then you would have to pay the price!”