Chapter 122: Han Lang, the “Lang” that means Homeless

Chapter 122: Han Lang, the “Lang” that means Homeless (TL: that word means homeless in Mandarin)

Levi suddenly hesitated for a moment, and without caring about the pain in his mouth anymore, he shouted, “You really have evidence to prove that Han illegally used dark fusion beasts during the exploration event?”

The secretary nodded and said, “Mr. Prime Minister, please watch this video!”

Then, he quickly pulled out a window on the screen. They saw that the video came from a famous video site in the Milky Way named Butterfly Fantasy, the video’s name is called, “Han’s so Cool! Using the Earth Claw and performing a double-jump to attack!”

Only under-aged little girls liked this type of video site. It was full of exaggerated cartoon decoration, and the majority of the color that appeared were pink and white.

This video was shared by an user, don’t know which family’s little girl uploaded it to the site.

The Milky Way was, after all, a place that worshiped young heroes. Ever since the last exploration event, Han was not just a celebrity on Earth, he also became popular throughout the Milky Way. Many girls and young women became his fans and made a lot of videos for him, and this is just one of them.


Turning on the video, it was the site at the A-19 relic. The part where Han was being chased by Sally Empire’s Fei Roger! He acted very arrogantly just because he could fly, but Han performed a double jump using the Earth Claw, dragged Fei Roger down from the sky and killed him in one breath.

The video was very short, it ended right after Han successfully killed Fei Roger.

“Look, this is the evidence of Han using illegal dark fusion beasts! The Milky Way law strictly limits anyone using the Earth Claw. If we hand this video to the Alliance, not only will Han be in trouble, Earth will also be!” Secretary Luo said in excitement. After all, a piece of evidence this important was found by him, so by logic, Levi will reward him.

But, Levi’s face became even more ugly, because the Fei Roger was none other than Levi’s nephew!

It has been a long time since any talented espers came out of this family, Fei Roger was given high hopes for glorifying the family name in the future.

Unfortunately, Fei Roger couldn’t come back from A-19 and Levi had been really upset.

And today, he actually got to watch everything, so Han was the one that killed his nephew?!

Now, the new hatred and the old hatred all combined together。

Levi’s face became distorted right on the spot.

“Where did this video come from? Is it reliable?!” Levi questioned in a low voice.

“We are enemies of Earth, so the technicians have been in continuous search of negative news about Earth. This is the latest video release, I don’t know who anonymously uploaded this video, our technician team is still doing the final analysis. At most half an hour later, they will be finished and submit the complete data to prove this video’s authenticity.” Secretary Luo quickly replied.

Levi gritted his teeth, and his hand slammed down on the table.

“Okay, you asked for it! Since Han’s a member of the Earth Federation, then the Earth Federation must be responsible for him!”

“Immediately connect the line with the Ganges Republic’s Prime Minister Mode! My words alone will not be enough, we need to work with Prime Minister Mode, that kind of powerful figure and take down that damn Han and damn Earth!”


Earth Federation, Nazca Base.

When leaving the Miracle System, Han and Lance left each other their contact information, but Han did not think that the first time Lance contacted him was for such a thing.

In the screen, Lance’s face was full of guilt, and he was so anxious that tears were about to fall.

Slightly frowning, Han let out a light sigh and asked, “How much more time do I have?”

Lance replied, “There should still be some time. A minute ago when my sister was uploading the video, I caught her. But now the Milky Way’s internet network speed is way too quick, I didn’t stop her early enough and the video was uploaded.”

“I usually have the habit of installing a micro-video-recording system on my combat suit. That way after I fight someone, I can use the video replay to see where I can improve.”

After entering the relic that day, I opened the video recorder like usual, and everything that happened inside the relic was recorded down.

“My sister is a fan of yours. I felt that she was just a child, so I showed her my recording after seeing you fighting that Fei Roger. She had many praises for your combat ability and ability to react. We are brothers, so after hearing how she complimented you, I felt very proud too.”

“But who would’ve known that she would turn around and put your video on the web? Fortunately, it was just that part of you using the Earth Claw. If she finished uploading all the videos, it will expose that you have a lot of other dark fusion beasts.”

Han slightly nodded, he had understood the whole situation.

If it was some other time, it wouldn’t be a big deal even if Han used some fusion beasts inside the relic. After all he was the exploration event champion, worst case scenario was a warning.

But now is the critical moment for Earth to rise and there cannot be any mistakes. Sally Empire, Ganges Republic, these guys already hated Earth to the guts. They will for sure take this opportunity to worsen the situation and put Earth in a very dangerous situation.

They definitely will.

“Let my sister come and apologize to you.” Lance suggested.

After all Lance wasn’t Han, he couldn’t understand Han’s complex emotions at the moment.

“Well, it already happened so I will find ways to face it. Being tangled to the past won’t help.”

After comforting Lance a bit, Han turned off the communication with him, turned around, and looked out of the window.

The Nazca wilderness was empty, there was nothing. Aside from this military camp, it was a land where nothing grows.

But Han still feel that it was very beautiful here.

Opening the window to let some of the fresh air into his room, Han began to quietly pack things up.

It didn’t take long, because Han had always been fighting for Earth, he really didn’t really bring anything with him, and the only thing with a little value was probably that little house his mom left him in Shanghai.

Han suddenly smiled bitterly, there was a “Lang” in his name. It seems like when his mom already knew when naming him that Han was doomed to wander around the galaxy homelessly.

A few minutes after, a Falcon-class frigate from Nazca base took off at great speed across the sky.

Han was on that frigate, but he was by himself, lying in front of the window. There’s a smile on his face like usual.

The deep Pacific Ocean, a school of dolphins noticed this frigate. they jumped out of the ocean in excitement, swinging their beautiful tail fin.

A group of whales ignored Han’s frigate, and they continued to swim with their slow and clumsy strokes.

Across the Pacific would be China, Han’s home.

He saw a white sandy beach full of tourists. It was the middle of summer and the girls were wearing attractive three-point swimsuits. Don’t know when, the Chinese girls that once desired white skin now liked their skin to be healthy tan color.

But Han was still a bit traditional and liked girls with whiter skin, like Ye Weiwei. But she was really too far away and Han never got the chance to go visit her.

A green bamboo forests, blue streams, a temple built on the hillside constituted this beautiful landscape.

Shanghai, a place where skyscrapers stood like trees in a forest, Han quickly spotted that little park that his mother used to take him every day when he was young.

It was just a really small field, two wooden long chairs, one of the chairs was even missing a piece of wood, and sitting on it was very uncomfortable.

It was really nothing special, really simple, but Han still felt that this small park was very beautiful, and it was worth giving up his life to protect.

Maybe what Han want to protect was not this park, but the memory inside his heart.

That little shop not far from school that sold meat buns and hot chocolate was still in business, but unfortunately Han didn’t have any time left, otherwise he really wanted to go and try it again.

Through the hills and Gobi in the Middle East was Europe. Undeniably, Europe was also very beautiful, but compared to China, Han felt like it’s still missing something.

Flying past London’s Big Ben tower, Han entered the Atlantic Ocean. In front of him was America, and the trip around the Earth will also end there.

“No matter what, I’m still considered to be someone that already toured around the world.” Standing in front of the window, Han slightly smiled as he mumbled to himself.


“What happened?! What kind of stupid sh*t did those people at the Parliament do again?!” Li Yu entered the meeting room shouting.

“What did the Parliament do? Be more clear!” Talin frowned and asked.

“Did you not see the live news? Han single-handedly went to New York to attack the Parliament, and even smashed the parliament building!” Li Yu slammed the desk and said, “It must be those people at the Parliament giving Han a hard time or something!”

Ke Lake whispered, “Since it’s fight, why didn’t he take me with him? Aren’t we brothers?!”

The scene was very strange, after knowing that Han attacked the Parliament building, everyone’s reaction was actually not blaming Han, but complaining why Han didn’t take them when he went to New York. Since everyone were brothers, they should go smash it together.

“Sh*t.” Long Chuan slightly shuddered, he lowered his voice and said, “Han just approached me earlier, asked me for a frigate and said he left something in his room.”

“What? Hurry and go look!”


The gang rushed into Han’s room, and they only saw that the not so big bedroom was already empty.

There was a dimension storage ring, and a letter.


Li Yu has an anxious temperament, he directly ripped open the envelope and read it out aloud.

“There’s some trouble, the fact that I used dark fusion beasts in the A-19 was found out. The enemy will certainly take this opportunity to find fault in the Earth Federation. I can’t let them succeed, and of course I can’t drag Earth into this.”

“In the ring, there’s some potions I just made. Read the instructions on how to use them. There are also some blueprints, go sell some when you need money.”

“I’m gone, don’t look for me. I will naturally contact you guys when in need.”

“To the public just say that I had some conflict with the Parliament, defected out of Earth, and put a bounty on me or something to make it seem more realistic. It’s just that the people at the Parliament will be suffering a bit, my attack will probably scare them a bit.”

“In the face of the dark unknown universe, us soldiers are like vulnerable sparks. The darkness is powerful and we are very weak. But even as weak sparks, as long as we make every effort to burn brightly, we can still bring a little more light, to the people and Earth in the dark.”


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