Chapter 244: Border Legion

Chapter 244: Border Legion

“They actually charged in? And also killed that many bugs!”

“What! How is this possible?!”

“They are completely stomping the Insect Tsunami!”

“What is that strong ability?”

“That’s Han’s Void End. He used the tactic based around the Void Domain. And I must say that this tactic is pretty effective.”

“Effective, what the f*ck are you talking about! This temporary team of novices, they are stomping the Insect Tsunami okay? You call this kind of heavenly power just effective?”

Without much time, the judgement committee was shocked again and again by the power of the Wolf Fang strategy. Even the people that disliked Han in the beginning couldn’t help but admit, he really did use his power to the extreme.

Seeing Han rolling forward, any number of insects that came in their way were immediately torn apart. The people at the committee became very blood-boiled!

“What’s going on? Why isn’t the Border Legion still moving?!”

“This time the insects were very cunning. They jammed our long distance transmission signal. There’s already one legion that has entered the battlefield, but due to the signal interference, they were placed at a direction far away from the Insect Tsunami. The technical legion is performing emergency debugging.”

“Damn it! Damn it! The insects are about to break past the second energy wall!”

The judges became nervous again. Although they weren’t responsible for the work at the border, that doesn’t mean they didn’t care about the security at the border areas.

If the border legions couldn’t enter the battlefield until very late, then the border region will become really dangerous.

There were five energy protection walls, and now that the first one was already down, if the bugs just rode the momentum and continued their assault and destroyed all five walls, then the dark net system in the universe will be at risk.

Still remembering back then, the god race even invested all the power of its race, trying to take over the dark net. Now, it looks like there are many forces that wanted to deal with the dark net and make it their own, and these bugs were just one of them.


Just when everyone was feeling anxious and wished that they could go on the battlefield to help, the second energy wall was broken too.

At the same time, this temporary legion of Han’s already escaped the most dangerous area.

The Insect Tsunami was, like its name, a tsunami. Everyone knows, the places that were close to the shore were under the most risk of the waves, and when one was in the middle of the ocean, he will be surrounded by the ocean but the waves are also a lot weaker.

And this was the situation Han and the others were facing right now. Large numbers of insects were swarming towards the energy wall, and after seeing Han’s group, they would naturally get angry and attack them. However, that’s not their primary direction of attack. After noticing that Han’s group was really a bone that’s hard to chew, the bugs naturally wouldn’t waste too much more time with Han. Most bugs would go around this army and go attack the energy wall.

As the fighting progressed, the temporary legion’s coordination also became better and better.

The soldiers stronger in melee combat were at the peripheries, ranged and supporting units were the middle, forming a circle, following Han as they moved, and listening to Han’s call to use their powers.


The second energy wall also came crashing down. Han frowned, feeling that there was something not right. The judges told him that this was a test, but Han felt that this was more like siege warfare.

Those energy walls were like walls to a castle, the insects’ primary attack target. As for the legion formed by Han himself and other random people, they were more like the unluckiest bastards that were set to someone else’s battlefield.

“This feels awesome! Kill! Han let’s continue killing these bugs!” Bo Ya excitedly shouted to Han.

“Wait! Something’s not right!” Han very seriously shouted. When in combat, Han never joked, nor did he like having someone else tell him what to do with his tactics.


Right after Han finished, a white light flashed across the sky, and at the direction which the insect Tsunami was attacking, appeared an legion, one that was in golden armor like an army from heaven.

Somewhere in the universe, inside the judge committee’s office.

“What the f*ck happened?! Only one legion was teleported over?!” The head shouted.

“The second attempt went wrong! The technician legion adjusted the coordinates, but the transmission variable was wrong, causing only one of the 200 legions to arrive onto the battlefield!” Someone read the data and said.


This old leader smashed the table, with a dark face, he said in a painful voice, “Letting only one legion go protect that long line of defense, isn’t it the same is sending them to death?!”

The office was in complete silence. In the dark net system, there was not only one judgement committee responsible for the punishing procedures. Now, every office and every conference room were all paying close attention to the situation at the border.

“Technician Legion decided to restart the transmission system, replacing the code system to completely resolve the interference situation!”

The head judge anxiously asked, “How long will it take?”

“30 minutes!”

Then, everyone became completely silent. Without a question, the border legion won’t make it through that long.

Just during this dead silence.


The third energy protection wall also went down.

Border Battlefield.

Not only did Han notice this army that fell from the sky, everyone beside him also noticed.

At first, they thought it was just another group of people being judged like them, but they realized that they were wrong very soon, because the first thing this new army did after landing was to disperse and establish a defensive perimeter.

This was very puzzling. The reason why Han’s no-name army regiment could stomp those insects, other than Han’s special ability, was more important was everyone grouping together, back-to-back, and then they achieved crazy combat effectiveness when coupled with Han’s power.

But this strange army was still dispersing nonstop, going from a 10,000 standard legion, scattered to ten combat battalions each with 1000 people, then dispersing again into 100 combat companies, each with 10 soldiers.

These golden armor soldiers were very powerful, their individual combat capabilities were much higher than Han’s no-name army. But that’s not important, because this legion was still dispersing, still trying to expand their defensive area.

When this legion finally divided into 1000 combat teams, Han finally realized, the reason they kept on dividing up, was to protect the energy wall behind them!

The Insect Tsunami’s attacking area was too large, the front line was too long, and if one wanted to protect such a long defense line with this many people, spreading out was the only way.

At first, the combat teams could look after the backs of each other that were side by side , but very soon, the disadvantage of spreading out was completely exposed.

After all, this was the Insect Tsunami, and Han didn’t even know which mathematical unit he could use to describe the quantity of enemies. Millions, hundreds of millions, billions?

Anyway, the insects were like the ocean, they crazily attacked the energy wall and massacred those in golden armor.

Han felt that his heartbeat was accelerating.

Although facing the unstoppable Insect Tsunami, these soldiers actually didn’t back off one step!

Han used his dark vision, saw the blood on those soldiers and how they desperately fought as if it was their destiny to die protecting the energy wall behind them.

This scene couldn’t help but remind Han Earth. When faced with an invasion, how the insignificant soldiers on Earth used their life to protect their home. The names of those soldiers were something Han would never dare to forget.

Both were guardians! Those Earth soldiers guarding their home, respectable!

These soldiers guarding the energy walls, they were respectable too!


The fourth energy wall was also broken, those soldiers in golden armor, began using the most heroic yet tragic method to protect the last energy wall behind them. Those soldiers with serious injuries, they ignited their life, charged into the Insect Tsunami, and detonated themselves!


Very alike.

These soldiers are almost identical to those dear comrades Han has on Earth, they were all using their life to guard something very important to them.

Han was completely shocked by what he’s seeing. Inside his no-name army, most people have been shocked by this brutal war as well.

Suddenly, Han gritted his teeth, waved his arm. That’s the signal commanding the no-name army to charge back.

“I don’t know them, but today I really want to lend them a hand! Those that aren’t scared of death follow me!” Han shouted.

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