Chapter 444: Making My Own Path!

Chapter 444: Making My Own Path!

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Lushui Qiulin was in the midst of madness while Han was lost.


As the troops marched forward, Lushui Qiulin suddenly stopped in his tracks, held onto his head, and sent out a piercing cry!


Everyone was petrified. Lushui Qiulin was different from Jacquet, he was more of a scholar than a fighter like Jacquet. Although Lushui was second to Jacquet in combat prowess, he rarely displayed his true strength. He thrived in the world by mostly relying on his charm and adaptability to changes.

This roar was like a mad lion, a raging dragon! The vehemence was astonishing and did not resemble the regular Lushui Qiulin even slightly.

Lushui Qiulin was painfully debating, what was the most important thing to him?

Was it Jacquet’s trust?

Was it his position in the All Gods Corporation?

Was it his hard-earned reputation?



Absolutely not!

None of the above!

Lushui Qiulin finally understood after losing Jian Jia.

The most important thing in the world was family!

Those who he loved the most!

What All Gods Corporation, what Jacquet, who the f*ck cares!

Lushui Qiulin’s eyes glowed red and let out a series of piercing screams, his tone showed no sign of confusion as before.

Yes, family. Lushui Qiulin cared for nothing but his family! He didn’t want to care!

"Go find her! Find her for me! We must find Jian Jia! If anyone dares to lay a hand on her, I will wipe out his entire family!" Lushui Qiulin turned around and violently ordered his troops.

The hundred or so Lushui royal guards naturally would obey his orders. In fact, these guards felt much closer to the Lushui family than the All Gods Corporation. These soldiers have followed Lushui Qiulin ever since they were young kids.

In the All Gods Corporation, Lushui royal guards were famous for their strength and loyalty. If it were not for Jacquet’s pettiness, a lot more of soldiers would have joined the Lushui family.


The quality of Lushui family’s royal guards was very high as they immediately split into four tactical squads and cut forward diagonally. The other soldiers were more hesitant to this new order. Wasn’t their mission to go to the Wall of Sorrow?

Sa Hai wore a serious expression on his face. He didn’t care to address Lushui Qiulin as sir or mister, rather yelled out his name directly. "Lushui Qiulin! Your granddaughter has betrayed the Corp, we’ll ignore that you haven’t condemned her of her crimes yet, but how dare you to send troops to look for her?"

"Our mission is to arrive at the Wall of Sorrow ASAP! If we delay Mr.Jacquet’s important quest, can you handle the consequences!?"

"F*ck off!" Lushui Qiulin bare so much pain that he burst out swearing. He said to Military God Kabri, "Jian Jia is my life! For her, I can bear any consequences! What are you going to do?"

Kabri was stunned briefly, then let out a sign and ordered his troops, "What are you all waiting for? Execute orders!"


Kabri’s border troops spread out hastily to search for Jian Jia.

"Kabri! Just you wait! Mr. Jacquet will deal with you!" Sa Hai screamed at Kabri with a heavy face.

Kabri turned around and ignored Sa Hai. He also had grandchildren so he understood what Lushui Qiulin was going through. Therefore, he was willing to help Lushui Qiulin fully aware the risk of being punished.

Everyone knew that the Elder Demon Luo of Mass Demon would not let Han off easy. Jian Jia was with Han and therefore exposed herself to grave danger.

Lushui Qiulin was the chief in command as usual, but Jacquet gave him two assistants. One was his nemesis Sa Hai, and the other was Kabri.

Sa Hai raged on the exterior but deep inside he could not be any happier!

Lushui Qiulin made such horrendous mistakes. Once he returned to the Corporation, he’ll be dead!

Also, he could take care of Kabri along the way, who also had a strong reputation amongst the Corporation. If they both fell out of power after this mission, then Sa Hai’s position in the Corporation would be extremely solid.

Hunger for power was the best aphrodisiac that had corroded Sa Hai’s heart.

"Everyone else follow me to the Wall of Sorrow!" Lushui Qiulin ordered in a deep voice.

About half of the All Gods Corporation’s soldiers split up to search for Jian Jia, and the Corp’s strength was greatly impaired. The result would seriously affect the competition between the other four major Corps, and this was exactly what Sa Hai wanted most.

"Lushui Qiulin, you are SO dead!" Sa Hai was in ecstasy.


No one knew that as the Five Corp tried their best to gain grounds, there was already a group of people in front of the Wall of Sorrow. It was 9527’s group who took the shortcut via the Veins Channel.

The Wall of Sorrow was like an ancient wall, made of bluestones and covered in vines.

"This is the Wall of Sorrow?" Sima Hunfeng frowned, "We just need to break this wall and then enter the West Dark Net?"

9527 shook his head, "It’s not that easy. These stones are only the exterior. Its core is more complex than space rifts. More like a space chasm, but much more complex than the space chasm."

"So there will be stuff floating out of this wall?" Boya pinched his chins.

9527 replied, "Yes, we have arrived at the wall early. In a short while the wall will begin to cry, you’ll hear a very sad cry and that’ll be the signal for Wall of Sorrow’s opening."

"There are countless obstacles between the entrance and here. Even if the Five Corporations charged at their full strength, it’ll be at least another hour before they get here. So within this hour, we can collect whatever the wall lets out at our will."

"Remember, the Wall of Sorrow connects to the much more advanced West Dark Net. Everything that floats out of this wall is valuable! Even if it’s just a pebble or something you don’t understand. Try your best to collect as much as possible."

Wu Yun laughed, "Don\'t worry! I\'ve got some genetic beasts that may not work well in battle but can be used to collect things, and Feng Taiji also has some special-shaped plants that can collect. "

Feng Taji also laughed, "We must gather everything before the Five Corps arrive. When they get here they’ll be shocked! We have to do this, and do it right! Piss off those bastards!"

Everyone was at ease laughing, they all felt proud for robbing the Five Corporations.

9527 spoke again, "In summary, everything, even a stone, we’ll take it! In addition, Han specifically asked me to retreat if there’s a case of emergency. We shall abort all plans and ignore the treasure if we have to, but we must not lose a single brother!"

"Everyone check the emergency flare if you are in danger ask for help immediately. Everyone must put down whatever they are doing and attempt to rescue. The Wall of Sorrow will not only leak out treasure, it’ll also let out dangerous materials such as hostile species. We must take extra caution!"

"Lastly, we have ONLY one hour, we must retreat immediately on command. We need to avoid confrontation with the Five Corporations, our strategy is to stab them in the back!"


"Don’t worry!"

Everyone agreed in a happy mood except Ye Weiwei, who was still worried about Han.

Quickly the group split into many teams and spread among the base of the wall. It was a very long wall, and the maximum reward could only be obtained by dispersing.


Han found himself to be really lost. Everywhere were strange eyes staring at him, and every direction was a dead end.

While Han was worried, Silver Fox let small bean sprout communicate with its own kind to find the correct passage.

"I know this place is strange, filled with mixed energy and signal. But you must be quick as master is very concerned." Silver Fox said to small bean sprout.

Small bean sprout nodded in agreement, as he tried his best to establish communication with the vegetation inside this space.

Jian Jia was extremely upset on the other side, "It’s all my fault. If I knew grandpa’s words couldn’t be trusted, then I wouldn’t have taken you down this road, and we wouldn’t be lost."

Han comforted her, "It’s no problem, you meant well."

Jian Jia pouted, "Doing something bad with a good intention, how could I be so stupid! Grandpa said this place changes every time, the only correct way is to focus attack. Once the direction is set, push all the way forward. That’s why the Five Corporations gathered their three strongest armies in preparation. If they ever get lost they’ll still have the strength to push forward by brute force."

"Push by brute force?" Han was stunned a bit and suddenly thought of an idea.

By reasonable logic, the Five Corporations could have sent a lot more elites. Then, they were also afraid that if there were too many soldiers then it was more likely for them to hide and keep the most important treasures for themselves. Also, the more people involved, the more intense these battles get.

Since the Five Corps would fight regardless, therefore they decided to cap it at three standard armies per Corp. It was a comprised agreed upon by all Five Corps.

Meanwhile, Silver Fox excitedly ran to Han’s side and pointed at the 9:30 position to Han’s left.

"That is the correct direction?" Han surprisingly asked.


"Good job! I love you!" Han picked up Silver Fox and gave him a kiss, he felt extreme happiness.


Silver Fox turned around to lead the way, but he was stopped by Han.

"No need to lead the way, follow me on Blue Star’s back," Han commanded.

Silver Fox dared not to oppose, but he scratched his head with his cute claws. He didn’t understand why Han didn’t let him explore a way when there was no clear passage ahead.

Han’s fingers slightly touched Moon Marking and took out the Flying Feather Bow!

"Since there is no passage, then we shall make one!"

"Black Egg! Protect my perimeter!"


Black Egg yawned and nodded expressionlessly, he was not interested in this type of battle.

Han quickly grabbed Jian Jia onto the mount and pulled the bow to shoot out the sky!


A black dragon burst out from the bow!

Followed by what seemed to be effects of an erupted volcano!

Jian Jia couldn’t believe her own eyes, all the messy obstacles in front of them were blown to pieces!

Han used one arrow and opened a passage over ten kilometers long!

Just one short month span and Han’s combat power has increased to this horrific level? It was too unrealistic!

Jian Jia did not know that Han was in possession of a new secret weapon, that was the Sky Fire!

Sky Fire combined with the stent made by Thousand Hand, it won’t be as sharp by it would be extremely violent!

Forget these messy obstacles, obliterate everything!

"Blue Star! Charge!" Han commanded Blue Star below, "From now on, attack relentlessly!"