Chapter 72: Meet Again

Chapter 72: Meet Again

The world has always been strange, some people you see every day but you can never remember their name, but some people you just encounter by chance but you will remember for a lifetime.

When Ye Weiwei saw Han again, her heart actually felt an inexplicable surprise. Her two little paws (TL: not actually paws, just a cute way of saying small hands) immediately hid back into the pocket, afraid that they would be held on to by Han again. It was not that the feeling of holding hands with Han was terrible, but Ye Weiwei had never been touched by others before that time and she was just not used to being too intimate with others yet.

“What a coincidence haha, we meet again.” Han smiled and said, and then he began to look for Lan Feng. This was so strange, just now the two were having a good conversation and in a blink of an eye this Lan Feng guy is gone?

Ye Weiwei followed Han and looked around. She curiously asked, “You are looking for someone?”

“Yep.” Han nodded, “I just made a new friend. He’s got an agreeable personality, but in a blink of an eye, he disappeared. Maybe he already entered the arena.”

“Oh? Don’t move, there is something on your face.”

Ye Weiwei was shocked, but she listened and didn’t make any moves, letting Han use his finger tip and gently rub her face for a moment.


Yei Weiwei’s little face became red right away. She never thought that Han actually wouldn’t go for her hands this time but would actually jump straight to touching her face! What should I do! He’s becoming more daring!

Han gently blew on his finger and said, “I guess it’s also not good to have a skin so white, even a little dust can be seen. Although it’s just dust in virtual reality, but it also has some aesthetic impact.”

Staring at Ye Weiwei’s little face and taking a careful look, Han lightly nodded his head and said, “That’s better! Wait, why are you blushing?”

“I…I…I…” Ye Weiwei was stunned for a long time, and she couldn’t make out a full sentence. No one can blame her, Ye Weiwei was too much of a special case. It was just something too normal for other people, If Han were to help other girls by cleaning some dust off of them, they might even thank him, but for Ye Weiwei, it was just too much.

“I remember you used to speak without stuttering?” Han slightly frowned, and whispered, “Don’t get nervous, I won’t eat you.”


Ye Weiwei’s mind short circuited The saying went, there’s always a counter to something and the Ye Weiwei that had always been so stubborn and arrogant now couldn’t even talk without stuttering.

Both Han and Ye Weiwei looked up at the numbers on the screen at the center of the square.

The last stage in the pressure exam was called the Path to the Netherworld. An individual round started the moment it had ten thousand people, lasting an entire 24-hour period.

Participants under no circumstances were allowed to leave in advance. They must wait until the end of the test. Killing other people during the test could earn points and being able to protect oneself well will also earn points. There will be uncertain elements in the process to cause interference.

Overall, this was a big test of survival. All participants taking the test will go through 24 hours of high tension because any error may lead to the fate of being eliminated.

At the moment, the number had past 9300 people. They just needed 700 more people and they could get started on the Path to the Netherworld.

Yi Weiwei decided to quickly get away from Han and hide in the crowd because if she stayed longer with Han, who know what will happen. She had just met Han for a total of three times but as a result both her little paws and cute face were already touched by Han.

The Han that didn’t belong to the pervert category, was even scarier than the worst pervert in Ye Weiwei’s eyes. She’s completely no match for Han and she couldn’t do anything to him.

“I’m going to go take the test!”


Ye Weiwei jumped up like a little cat and rushed into the portal with her head lowered, not even daring to take another look at Han.

Han didn’t say anything. He always treated Ye Weiwei like a little girl and didn’t know that his actions were absolutely ridiculous in the eyes of Ye Weiwei. Han didn’t even suspect that he was the scariest figure that she has ever encountered.

Surrounded by a lot of unfriendly eyes, Han knew these were the people that were thinking of trading his head for the bounty.

“Among the ten thousand participants, there are probably a few thousand that want my head. Whatever, who cares if it’s a nest of dragons or cave of tigers, I will just give it a shot. Whatever should come, will come sooner or later.” Han thought.

So, Han smiled, stepped into the nearest portal into the last stage of the pressure exam.



Ye Weiwei clutched her heart with one hand, and opened her mouth gasping for breath. She finally managed to escape the scary Han, but there was still lingering fear in her heart.

“Damn the pressure exam, why did they make it so realistic!” Ye Weiwei’s little temper began to act up again and she started to complain about the organizers of the pressure exam.

When Han held her little hands or touched her face, Ye Weiwei couldn’t adapt at all. Her reactions could almost be mistaken as symptoms of a deadly illness; blushing, a quickening heart rate, shortness of breath and dizziness.


The final stage began. Ye Weiwei got teleported to the stadium. There was one yellow dirt path to the Mirror Lake in the distance, and it was flanked by dense trees and hills.

Looking around, the contestants were all some unknown espers, no Han.

Thank god, Ye Weiwei finally eased up. As long as she doesn’t meet Han, she was able to immediately resume her usual confidence. Gently smiling, taking off her gloves, she exposed her pair of extremely soft white hands. As well, the removal of her half sleeved leather jacket exposed her white, lotus like, thin arms.

The ten second countdown ended and the majority of espers around Ye Weiwei have already entered the jungle on the side to hide. There were also some relatively higher level fighters who were more audacious and confident. These ones attacked the participants around them right away in order to get higher points.

“What a beautiful little bitch, but being pretty is useless in this situation! If you want to blame, then blame the system that spawned you too close to me!”

On Ye Weiwei’s right hand side, a very tall and big soldier shouted as he rushed towards her.

From the registry information, he was a solider of the Sal Republic, one of the permanent members of the Milky Way Alliance. He was at the intermediate 5-star level and could be considered to be a top-notch presence on the battlefield. That was why he had the confidence to directly attack Ye Weiwei without hesitation.

In addition, Ye Weiwei’s registry information showed that her level was at the beginner 5-star level, a lot lower than that solider from the Sal Republic. She was also coincidently closest to him, so she naturally became his prey.

As long as she didn’t face Han, Ye Weiwei’s confidence and pride could be fully displayed. She sneered, and actually turned her back to the attacker and didn’t even look at him.

The situation was very dangerous, that soldier was at least 2.3 meters tall and weighed over 300 pounds. The skinny and tiny Ye Weiwei was like a little cat in front of him. The two people were on completely different levels in physique.

At this moment, the attacking soldier had already jumped up with his arms open, transforming into something like the root of a huge tree which was gradually spreading.

Wood descent!

He was a wood descent esper!


Just when the vines that were originally from his hands were about to capture Ye Weiwei, a blue lightning bolt sliced down from the sky, directly striking that man in the air!

He only felt dizzy, since he was after all, an intermediate 5-star level esper with strong survivability traits from his wood descent. One lightning bolt was obviously not enough to kill him.

But at that moment, boom! Boom! Boom!

A blue lightning storm that had formed above began to attack like crazy, unleashing lightning bolt after lightning bolt! In one breath, this big burly soldier had been burned into a tall piece of charcoal. The lightning bolt shower didn’t stop until his body was fully cooked!


Ye Weiwei proudly raised her head, and, like a majestic queen, serenely walked into the woods on the left side of the road.

A few minutes passed.


Someone that tried to attack Ye Weiwei from the back got killed.


Someone else that tried to surprise her also got killed.

Boom~ Boom~

Who would’ve thought, a weak-looking little girl could have such a terrifying ability. The thunder was like a loyal guardian looking after her, instantly striking anyone that tried to attack Ye Weiwei.

There were also a few unlucky guys who didn’t even intend to attack Ye Weiwei. They became medium-rare just for being too close to her. Wherever Ye Weiwei walked, that was where people ran away like a stampede and where a trail of medium-rare to well done bodies could be found.

Ye Weiwei’s pretty face displayed a little bit of arrogance. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a fierce battle in the forest ahead so she followed the noise and walked towards the scene.

Not too far away Ye Weiwei saw a clearing in the forest. 7 to 8 espers were in a battle against one, but that beleaguered person had extraordinarily ferocious close combat techniques. For someone like Ye Weiwei who has witnessed countless battles between elites ever since she was small, she actually couldn’t see through that person’s moves.

It seems like the guy wasn’t even using any moves and solely relied on his own instincts in battle. When looking at how he was obviously about to attack the enemy on his left hand side, but the result was the fat guy on his right got crushed, Ye Weiwei was stunned.

“So interesting!” Ye Weiwei was shocked, her eyes were shining as she said to herself.

That besieged esper was simply playing out the full potential of the element of surprise, and those opponents that were accustomed to routine tactics couldn’t be more uncomfortable. In addition, his fist was very hard, very very hard. As long as he punched, then it will be a critical hit! One punch was enough to break through an opponent’s body!

“It’s actually him!”

Ye Weiwei finally saw the face of that besieged man. It was that Han that she was most afraid of. That little arrogance that had just surfaced on her face was now completely gone. The special existence of Han was like her destined nemesis. Everyone was afraid of Ye Weiwei but only Han wasn’t. Han even touched her!

“He’s actually that strong?” Ye Weiwei couldn’t help but think about it.

Suddenly, the number of people sieging Han reached more than a dozen people. More astonishing however, was that Han was still holding the advantage. When the enemies attacked him, he would exchange with his strange moves!

Fight to kill!

Hit every punch!

Trade eye with eye!

Only surrender in death!

Without question, Han not only had a tough fist, but h was also a master at physical combat!

In the past, Ye Weiwei only had an impression of Han’s frivolous side, but now inadvertently, she also discovered Han’s valorous side.

However, just when Ye Weiwei was surprised that Han was actually a formidable warrior, something dangerous approached!