Chapter 162: Triple Dimension Explosion

Chapter 162: Triple Dimension Explosion

The six-arm star apes finally stopped their steps, because at the moment they really have reached the bottom of the relic. There’s no more road in front of them, but a beautiful garden.

The darkness is no longer here, the world brightened up, at the dome lies many glowing stones, and they not only emit light like the sun but also exude a warming heat.

A green bamboo grove occupied the entrance to the last layer of the relic, and through the bamboo forest is the garden, full of large and small flowers of exotic color.

This garden is huge but quiet.

“Garden, it’s actually a garden!” Mad Lion Riley couldn’t help but exclaimed.

Han slightly nodded and said in a deep voice, “What do you guys think, how about we get buried here?”

Everyone hesitated for a second, and Ms. White with a reddish face broke the silence, “Well, I do like flowers.”

“Who doesn’t?” Han slightly sighed and said.

He used his dark vision and already confirmed that there’s no other exit in this garden. Although the garden is huge and seemingly borderless, like the ocean, but its four sides are surrounded by solid rocks. The path Han and the others took to enter the garden is the only way back.

Han turned his eyes to the path they just came in from, continued watching with his eye of darkness.

“What are you waiting for?” Mad Lion Riley couldn’t help but ask.

“Waiting for the dark apostle to come a little bit closer.”

“And then?”

“Then I prepared a gift for him.”


“A gift that might bury us with him. If you guys are scared, you can step a little farther away from the entrance.”

Mad Lion Riley began laughing, shaking his golden hair and said in a deep voice, “No, I already have no fear, just do it.”

Han said calmly, “No hurry, I want to wait for him to get a little bit closer. He had been following us the whole way but yet maintained a fixed distance from us, and that’s very suspicious.”

“So you are going to use your own way to get rid of him?”

“No, I might get rid of him and all of us. Although I already did some calculation, but there is still a possibility that we are going to die with him.”

The team no longer spoke, and they all waited for Han’s so-called gift.

Just like that, Han kept watching the path using his dark right eye, no one knows how far his vision can reach, nor how Han planned on killing the dark apostle, but clearly these things don’t matter anymore and all they need is to quietly wait like this.”


Han’s touch of coldness flashed through his eyes and he whispered, “Are you guys ready? I’m going to detonate the gift I prepared for the dark apostle.”

“Detonate? Is it a nuke?”

“Nope.” Han shook his head and said, “Facts have proved that nuclear bomb can’t kill dark apostle, so I prepared something more interesting for him.”

“What is it?”

“A type of dimensional explosion.”

“Dimensional explosion?”

“Yes! I want to tear away his body that’s in this dimension. If he has a soul, then his soul would be twisted in this dimension as well! I don’t just want him dead, I want this damn dark apostle and relic completely erased from this dimension!”

“If I don’t do this, then the anger in my heart cannot be quelled.”

“As long as I can eliminate him, any cost, I wouldn’t care!”

Han’s voice became stronger and stronger, the monstrous anger that erupted cannot be suppressed!


They just saw Han suddenly bending down, injecting his source energy into the earth, allowing it to spread along the road they came from.


Unimaginable explosion really began, the distance seemed quite far away, but everyone in the garden can feel the force of the explosion.

That’s not an ordinary explosion, but a tear and twist of space, full of unbelievable oppressive feeling!

Qinshang Empire, Iron-Cross Galaxy, outside of A-43 relic.

Countless warships lined up in space. Battle cruisers, battleships, dreadnoughts, carriers, and even 4 large battlefield command stations.

This super fleet came from the strongest 12 permanent member nations of the Alliance, equipped with enough firepower to destroy a planet within 0.01 second!

At the moment, all warships have pointed their cannons to the planet where relic A-43 is located.

Cruising missile launchers, torpedo launchers, cannons, howitzers, rapid-fire guns, proton guns, particle guns, even fleet-grade laser weapons that was excavated from past relics.

The moment the HQ sends out a command, millions of cannons will fire at once, sending this planet that’s covered with dark beasts straight to hell!

The HQ is located in the #1 Comprehensive Space Station.

The HQ is filled with commanders from the 12 permanent member nations of the Alliance. Through the large windows, everyone can see the dark planet full of dark beasts.

To these generals, the fallen planet is like an incurable tumor in their body, they all wish they could immediately remove it.

But it’s not the moment yet that was agreed with the expedition team, and they still have to wait 16 more days patiently before they can order their men to fire at these damn dark beasts.

“Space oscillation signal!” The array radar operator suddenly shouted, “Emitted from inside A-43.”

“Signal amplified! Already distorting space!”

“Detected space disruption signal! Joint radar array functioning at 100%! Beginning to predict space disruption level and corresponding incoming damage!”

“Black hole formation probability reached 50%!”

“Spatial rift continued to expand!”

“Dimensional explosion detected again! Inside the relic!”

“No! Twice! With 0.013 seconds interval!”

“Quantum computer offline due to information overload!”

“Unable to predict the probability of black hole formation!”

“Spatial rift reached maximum, energy level began falling!”

“Quantum computers back online!” The 3 dimensional explosions cancelled each other out! The spatial rift is healed! We are safe!”

Within only a minute, the command room’s atmosphere reached a dramatic climax.

Such emotional rollercoaster ride, first is the spatial rift caused by the dimensional explosion which made everyone feel like death is coming, then the second and third explosions immediately occurred, and the three spatial energy field actually triggered a cancelling effect, and the commanders found themselves safe again!

A barbecue smell came from the command room, it’s a general from Griffith Empire who caught the burning cigar in his hand in the excitement, and the cigarette already burned the palm of his hand but he was too excited to realize.

Everyone carried a sullen and pale face, and cold sweat continued to ooze out from their back and forehead.

The generals could not help but go to the large window to watch, and that general who burnt his palm shouted for a medic as he thrusted his hand into an ice bucket.

Everyone found out in surprise, not only did they escape death, the entire planet where A-43 was located also completely disappeared.

In the empty space, there’s no trace of that planet, with only distant starlight still flashing.

“The relic is finished?”

“Maybe it is.”

“So that means, our expedition team, is also gone?”


“But why did dimensional explosions occur inside the relic? Three times?”

“How the f*ck would I know.”

“The 3 dimensional explosions cancelled each other out? After the initial turmoil, we actually didn’t die? Could this be someone’s deliberate doing?”

“How the f*ck would I know.”

In fact, when the three dimensional explosions occurred, Han and the others’ feeling were much more intense than those generals that stood inside the space station, because when the explosion occurred, they were at the scene.

When the colorful spatial rift was about to be pushed into the bottom level of the relic, everyone felt like they were going to be torn to pieces. But, the ensuing second and third explosions cancelled out this spatial rift. No one died, but even one more person appeared at the bottom layer of the relic.

That’s if the dark apostle can also be referred to as a person.

When the dimensional explosion occurred, a black light escaped right away, leaving all the dark beasts behind him, fleeing at a velocity that Han completely didn’t expect. It was so fast that not only Han couldn’t respond, even warlord elites like Lesa and Riley couldn’t react to intercept him.

Until now, this survivor stood up, revealing a pair of dark eyes. Everyone just realized, it’s the dark apostle that escaped the dimensional explosion at the last minute, that presence that chased them the whole way and murdered many of their comrades.

Lesa and Riley wanted to immediately kill this evil existence, but before they move, this dark apostle already began talking.

He did not appear to be wearing armor, or any clothing in general, just standing across from the four surviving expedition members naked, at a distance of about 2 or 3 thousand meters, watching them in dark eyes.

“This dimensional explosion, is it your doing?”

Han nodded, showing a touch of evil smile and said, “Yes, do you like it?”

“You guys are stronger than I expected. I don’t like it. How did you guys do it?! What exactly did you guys do?!” The dark apostle said angrily.

Han pointed at the only dimension ring left on his finger and said, “Using this. Before our brothers died, they gave me their dimension ring. Each dimension rock is a stable space, and I made them unstable and ambushed it at 3 precisely calculated points along the way and then detonated them.”

“Thus, according to the space string theory, spatial explosions tore up a bigger dimension, causing a dimension turmoil and ultimately forming spatial rift. But those three spatial rifts canceled each other out and then formed this stable dimension.”

“As for those dark beasts outside of this stable dimension and those dark apostles left inside the vessel, they all went to chaos dimension. In accordance to string theory, if they are lucky, then after 13 million eras, your companions might be able to crawl out of the chaos dimension. As for what they might see, that I cannot guarantee.”

Han’s language is very vicious. When facing the enemy, Han wouldn’t even go easy on them with words.

Lesa, Riley and Ms. White all suddenly hesitated, the news of Han killing those dark beasts and dark apostles made them feel ecstatic!

Avenge the death of their brothers! Han did it!

“But this way, you guys are trapped inside this stable dimension too, and ultimately die here.” The dark apostle said coldly.


Han suddenly burst out laughing, pulled out a blade from Lunar Mark, the Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade and said with a mocking tone, “Death? You think we still care?”




Not only Han, every person that’s still alive took out their weapon, the murderous atmosphere began spreading and blood flow began to accelerate!


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