Chapter 342: Duplicate of the Three-Eye King

Chapter 342: Duplicate of the Three-Eye King

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Core region of the Milky Way

On this ancient planet, there was an ancient Three-Eyed Race cemetery.

When the Milky Way Alliance first discovered this planet, they wanted to demolish it. Even though the Three-Eyed Race and mankind evolved from the same ancestors, but the strong Three-Eyed Race looked down upon men. They even tried to launch a mass murder against man.

After the argument, the cultural sector won. Scholars believed that even though the Three-Eyed Race were the enemy of humans, but they were, after all, a part of the history of the Milky Way.

Assuming that Milky Way Alliance destroyed the ancient tomb of the Three-Eyed Race, would this part of history be erased? Obviously not. History would not be changed by anyone’s will. The fact that the Three-Eyed Race were once the rulers of the Milky Way could not be hidden.

Thus, this planet was designated under the Alliance’s Cultural Department, and used specifically for archaeological research. They even established a museum on the planet, to allow the researchers of major institutions to visit, or even excavate.

Now, after Three-Eyed Race has returned to the Milky Way, everything changed.

Everyone were running for their lives. This planet no longer had any humans. They had all desperately boarded the spaceships, escaping towards the center of the galaxy.

In the depths of the tomb, there were three sarcophagi. In fact, there were only three sarcophagi on this vast planet, but there no bodies within these sarcophagi.

Who the three men were, what role they played in the Three-Eyed Race’s history and why their bodies not inside the sarcophagus had been heavily debated by the historic and literature communities, but no final conclusion had been reached.


Within the dark grave, a sarcophagus was quietly moving. There were creaky and creepy sounds coming from within the sarcophagus.

Not too long, the first man stood up from within the sarcophagus. His face was old, but his skin as like a newborn baby. It was wet, smooth and pale.

On his forehead, there was a slit. There was only a single eye within the slit, the Sky Eye.

After some time, the same sounds erupted from the other two sarcophagi. And two elderly men with their own Sky Eyes sat up from within the sarcophagus.

Their bodies were naked when they walked out from the sarcophagus, and there was sticky liquid clinging onto their bodies.

One of the three elderly men with the Sky Eye rubbed off the sticky liquid on his body, looked at his newborn like skin, and said, "I have to say I enjoy the feeling of being reborn. My skin is as soft as it was when I was young. But I really dislike this gene solution that came along with being reborn."

"The worst thing is that the lost powers. Even though the Sky Eye gave us the power of being reborn. But it also took away half of our powers. We would need to wait three years before we can regain our full strength." Another elderly man from Three-Eyed Race said.

They easily found clothes in the abandoned base outside of the tomb, and even took a shower before they sat back together.

"Even though we are reborn, our race has no survivors. This is a heavy blow towards us. How do we explain this to the King?"

"We don’t have to worry about this. If the King used his Eye of Reincarnation to give us new life, we need to seize this opportunity and repay the king for his love. As for the people of our race, even though their deaths are tragic, we still have hope since the Three-Eye King is still alive."

"Yes, the Three-Eye King is our everything. We can rebuild our race, just like we did in the past."

They did not seem to view the extinction of the Three-Eyed Race as a major event. Instead, they blindly worshipped the Three-Eyed King and believed that as long as he was alive, they still had hope.

Suddenly, their bodies all trembled once, the third eye on their forehead opened and shot out a light image. And, the image showed a person sitting on a throne. He was situated within the shadow, so there was no clear look of his face.


The three elderly men kneeled in unison and said, "King! Are you ok? Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be reborn. As your servant, we will repay you at any cost."


The Three-Eye King let out a long breath in the dark and said hatefully, "The losses are too great this time. I could not save everyone. After all, the powers of my Eye of Reincarnation is limited."

"Your mission now is very simple. Even though our race has been destroyed, I left behind a killer weapon in the Milky Way. His name is "Zero" and he is an apostle. He is a genetically modified human created with my body as a blueprint, and he has some of my powers."

"Now, Zero has been reborn under the help of the other apostles. Very soon, Zero and the other living apostles in the galaxy will come and meet you. I want you to go with them and investigate why the planets suddenly attacked us."

"According to my intelligence, those planets were all from the Solar System. That is, the location where the fifth fleet was destroyed. I want to understand everything about these mysterious planets and the humans that live within the Milky Way."

The three elderly men quickly nodded and said, "You can leave this mission to us King. Even if we travel to the ends of the earth, we will discover the secrets of those planets and humans.

The Three-Eye king lightly sighed, "I Hate, I hate this universe! With my talent, I could become a member of the gods. But I couldn’t find the entrance! Damn the dark net, and those that control it! Even though they may not be my opponent, they held onto such strong powers and secrets... These should have all belonged to me!"

"King! You are right. The entire universe and the Dark Net should be yours!" The three survivors hastily kissed his ass.

The king’s tone sounded like one of those married woman that just complained about everything.

According to the current power division, all the strong warriors were on the reverse side of the universe, within the Dark Net. Big corporations and forces controlled the Dark Net.

Even though the Three-Eye King was a conqueror on the surface side of the universe, no matter how strong his powers or influence were, the rulers of the Dark Net wouldn’t care. It was clear to them that only those who controlled the reverse side of the universe were the true conquerors of the universe.

This made the Three-Eye King who has always held himself at high regard furious. He had the Eye of Reincarnation, had lots of followers and members of the same race, but he just couldn’t gather the attention of the corporations in the Dark Net, or find his place within it.

The giant incident that happened today made the King calm down a little. The sudden explosive power of the Solar System which destroyed the Three-Eyed Race’s fleets in ten short minutes and the destruction of the Solar system by another Star system shortly after. All these events showed that the universe was a lot more complicated than he expected.

Strong warriors typically had a widespread problem; they did not care about the lives of ordinary people. The race of the Three-Eye had been destroyed but the three elderly men did not shed any tears. Instead, they were thinking of using this event as an opportunity to understand the secrets of the universe.

Thus, the Three-Eye King chose three clansman that he trusted, along with his apostles and an additional apostle who was forged with the blueprint of himself, to investigate the Solar System and the humans who live in it.

"Zero has arrived. Remember, even though he is a genetically modified human, he is a blueprint of me. Therefore, all of you need to listen to Zero’s commands."

The three elderly men were all stunned. They were authentic Three-Eyed Race with the Sky Eye, but they needed to listen to the commands of a clone?

But it was after all, the Three-Eye King’s clone, so even if they had dissatisfactions in their hearts, no one objected.

After the disappearance of the light image of the Three-Eye King, they walked out of the tomb, and saw a Torrex class cruiser docking slowly.

The door opened with a bang and a group of apostles walked out. At the very front was Three-Eye King’s clone, Zero.