Chapter 245: Battlefield Metronome

Chapter 245: Battlefield Metronome

As the saying goes, empathy is the heart of Buddha. (TL: I don’t know where the fk this saying came from but ok)

Han was a soldier himself, so when the Border Legion placed their lives on the line to fulfill their duty, it made his heart move as if he saw himself years ago, fighting side by side with his brothers.

Although Han didn’t know who the border legion soldiers were nor where they came from, he still decided to help these people. Any brave soldiers should not be sacrificed in vain.

The temporarily formed no-name army, under Han’s command, charged back in, as if it was like a sharp edge, going into the most intense battlefront.

Not really everyone in the no-name army agreed with Han’s decision. After all, they finally got out and left the most dangerous areas, but now Han was taking them all back in, no different from just jumping into a fire pit.

But the smart soldiers still wouldn’t leave Han’s army even if they didn’t agree. After all this team, could avoid the insects’ ability attacks, and they would probably die faster if they leave.

Of course, the majority of the soldiers still agreed, because warm blood also ran in their bodies. After seeing how the Border Legion fought so selflessly, as a person, they at least had sympathy and respect.

“Wolf Fang, go!”

Han’s tactic doesn’t have the problem of possibly being countered after repeatedly using it.

So what if the bugs saw what this tactic was? Even so, they still can’t find a way to diffuse it.

The path Han selected was very dangerous, and that was right front of the border legion where most of the enemies lied. He decided to strike into the most ferocious area, like a crab slaughtering horizontally into the battle.

That way, Han basically attracted the majority of the fire from the battle, winning the border legion valuable breathing room.

And because Han charged horizontally, such a strike basically temporarily freed up the entire defense line!

Of course, the cost was also huge. Due to tactical advantage, the no-name army so far didn’t have too many casualties. But after this horizontal charge, the casualty count reached 500 people! It was clear how enormous the pressure on the battlefield is.

“Brothers, dare to go back one more time for a massacre?!” Han shouted.

“What’s there to not dare, f*ck those bugs!”

“Kill them!”

“Kill them!”

The no-name army’s soldiers already had blood-shot eyes from killing, and they had already forgot why they were on the battlefield in the first place.

This kind of situation was very common in large scale battles. After seeing too much corpses and blood, the soldiers became blood-boiled, forgetting everything and only remembering to kill. Desperately kill, kill at all costs!

In the blink of an eye, the no-name army charged back again!

It was still the peerless Wolf Fang tactic, a stomp and massacre with no counter.

Han and the others didn’t really know, they were actually being watched by many pairs of eyes right now through the magical dark net.

If it wasn’t for Han’s no-name army, the border army will not only perish, even the last defense line will fall.

And what did Han and the others really do? They were a bunch of people that were disdained by the All Gods Corporation and thrown to get judged!

Who would’ve imagined, until the end, the fate of the defense line was actually dependent on a bunch of soldiers they were trialing!

As for the soldiers of the Border Legion, they were probably the most emotional ones right now. Many times, in battles like this, heaven and hell were both one step away. If Han’s no-name army didn’t appear, the Border Legion was already a spent force. Even though they had the resolve to sacrifice themselves, their morale had been low to the extreme.

Han’s no-name army rampaged side to side like a crab, and that lit the fighting spirit of the Border Legion and allowed them to see hope again!

The power of the Wolf Fang tactic was completely revealed, and that gave Han enough spotlight.

Many experienced soldiers already noticed, Han was a natural-born commander, a rare battlefield metronome.

Especially the latter title, battlefield metronome. That was definitely a very high evaluation, even more than the natural-born commander title.

Han’s no-name army charged directly into the enemy’s most powerful formation, arriving wherever they were needed!

This end of the defense line was under pressure and was about to collapse? Han would lead his team and arrive right away! Stepping on the body of the enemies!

That end of the defense line was about to fall, Han would bring his army and arrive again, then destroying the enemy’s forces in the most brutal and violent way!

Generally speaking, even idiots knew, one must avoid getting into a tight encirclement because it was too dangerous.

But Han’s logic completely went the other way. If he doesn’t charge into a tight encirclement, then the Wolf Fang Tactic wouldn’t be as effective and would lose the glory it deserved.

This is why it can also be called the Beheading Tactic, which was forcefully breaking sieges, finding the enemy leader, then killing it!

Han even felt, this temporarily formed no-name army, when in combat, was even stronger than the Earth Talent Legion he carefully formed years ago, that trained for a long time.

After all, although the no-name army had a very complex composition, but there were indeed many elites inside. What kind of people were most likely going to disobey the rules on Path of All Gods? Of course, its those people that take advantage of their powerful strength. Although these people that were being judged weren’t some obedient nice guys, they were indeed a blend of elites, and many of their powers were seen for the first time by Han.

Commanding such a powerful army, complemented with the fact that Han’s a genius commander and a battlefield metronome, that’s why they demonstrated surprising combat effectiveness.

The second time they came back horizontally along the defense line, this no-name army finally couldn’t support itself anymore, and lost over 1000 people.

The Wolf Fang that was originally formed with 5000 people, now was crippled, leaving only 3800 people left. Faced with the powerful Insect Tsunami and the increasing casualty count, this army’s combat strength began dropping exponentially.

Not every commander could withstand this pressure, but Han’s different. Right after he made his debut, he demonstrated the tough bone side of him. Then again under the lead of the three addicts, he went on a pretty deviant path.

Han was very tough to his bones, knowing only to attack, not retreat!

“Brothers! Let’s go again!” Han raised his Star-Strangling Boa and shouted.

The no-name army only had 3800 people left, and the fewer in number, the more people get killed. If they charged again, the casualty was probably going to be tripled. It will be good enough if a few hundred-people survived.

Charge again?

Then those that were just completely trusting Han, now were a bit hesitant.

Finally, the first soldier left Han’s formation. And when there’s a first, there will be a second, and a third.

So when Han decided to charged back into the Insect Tsunami for the third time, there were less than 2000 people by his side, and the other soldiers all didn’t want to fight with Han anymore in order to survive.

But the disadvantage in numbers could not stop Han’s determination. He still charged back in like a sharp edge.

It’s just that this sharp edge already had a few cracks, and was no longer as bright. The soldiers beside him began dying at a rapid rate, resulting from a disadvantageous number and physical exhaustion.

When Han and the others charged to the center of the defense line, there were about one thousand people left in the no-name army, and it was still losing numbers rapidly.

This result cannot be said to be the weakness of strategy, just like a hound, no matter how sharp its teeth were, it still couldn’t take down a dinosaur.

After all, Han and the others were just a bunch of soldiers that haven’t gotten the Star Lord title, and they were not even official members of the All Gods Corporation. They’ve already done more than anyone expected.

“F*ck, I’m afraid that my journey will end here today!” The blue blood man said. His shoulder was slashed by an insect, and it was bleeding nonstop.

Han didn’t say anything. He’s very clear, this no-name army is already a spent force as well, and it will have no way to continue supporting itself.