Chapter 327: Han vs. Soul Beast

Chapter 327: Han vs. Soul Beast

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"What about now?" Han said to the stunned Harvey quietly.

As Harvey’s facial expression become worse and worse, he kept on yelling: "You bastard! Look what you’ve done!"

Han yelled back with an even louder voice, "I did it! What are you going to do about it?"


Soul beast Harvey uttered a roar and jumped towards Han.

While everything was happening, Han’s mind was quickly processing. Harvey has transformed but hadn’t used his soul-kill attack, this meant the existence of the sarcophagus behind him worried him. It is not because he can’t use the soul-kill attack, but because he was scared of using it.

Secondly, there were actually two Harveys in this room, Soul beast Harvey and Harvey’s soul which was sealed inside the Soul Mirror. One of the only reasons Soul beast Harvey wanted to protect that mirror proves that the mirror was extremely important. More likely, Soul beast Harvey was actually controlled by the soul that was sealed in the mirror.

Furthermore, why is the soul of Harvey sealed in the Soul Mirror? Well, this issue can’t really be solved using logic, so Han wouldn’t think about it.

Without a doubt, what Han should do right now was to take advantage of Harvey’s worry and focus on shattering the mirror!

All the thinking and analysis was done within a millisecond. Ever since Han obtained the brain of darkness, the speed at which his brain ran had improved dramatically while retaining his demonic powers.

Since Harvey was scared of using the Soul Kill attack, he basically lost his biggest advantage.

A black-eyed soul beast, so what? Fight him!


Han lunged at Harvey.

However, Han had a tactic when fighting with Harvey. He kept his back to the sarcophagus, ensuring that Harvey did not want to use the Soul Kill ability while at the same time making sure that his main target was not the indestructible Soul beast, but the mirror that the Soul beast was holding.

"Path of Demons!"

"Path of Yao!"


Han did not have any weapons, the Star-Strangling Boa was previously destroyed, but he still had a black bow in his hands.

Except he didn’t have any arrows.

So Han will use this bow as a rod!

As well, Han had his Gloves of Darkness, his fists could do the same calibre of damage.


Han released the five genetic fusion beast that he just made. Even though these Fusion Beast’s effectiveness in combat was not as strong as the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, they were all Han had after these strenuous fights.

Of course, and drugs.


The automatic medicine box opened, Han started to eat the medicine, using all he can to improve his source energy to fight the extremely strong Soul beast!

The mysterious banshee came in from the side, joining the battle ground, and ice arrow barrages also started coming in from afar.

Jian Jia and Luo Ying arrived, but Feng WanZhou did not appear. Looks like he was too injured from using the Southern Star Cross to protect everybody.

"Come close to me! This bastard is scared of damaging the sarcophagus!" Han yelled at Jian Jia and Luo Ying.

Even though they were both girls, they were still extraordinary and had strong abilities. Both of them stood behind Han, with one of them directing the banshee, the other using ice arrows to attack from afar.

"Attack that mirror!" Han yelled again.


Soul beast Harvey started roaring, as a black eye ranked soul beast, Harvey was already very strong, but he had two things to worry about right now. First, he was scared of the sarcophagus making him withhold his most powerful Soul kill skill. Secondly, he was scared of breaking the mirror that he was holding.


Following a sudden roar of Soul beast Harvey, he moved back quickly and swallowed the mirror.

This shocked Han, Soul beasts like Harvey had a body like diamond. Now that he swallowed the mirror, he no longer had any worries and could unleash all of his power.

Indeed, Soul Beast Harvey began going berserk and leaping forward. Although he couldn’t use the Soul-Kill skill, he still had extremely sharp and hard claws and teeth!

It seemed that Harvey was determined to kill something in the sarcophagus as well, and not to kill its soul but to physically destroy it.

Curious, Han smashed the sarcophagus open. Until now, he never got the chance to look behind him to see what could make Harvey so irritated.

But in the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t matter, whatever the enemy wants to kill, Han has to protect it.

Han’s strategy had always been to do the opposite of what the enemy wants.

"You want to kill the thing inside the sarcophagus? Over my dead body!" Han yelled loudly.

Jian Jia and Ying Luo have been stationed behind Han. Han specialized in melee so he was in the front fighting face to face with Soul beast Harvey.

Jian Jia and Ying Luo used the banshee and ice arrows to support from a longer range.

Han didn’t turn around to see what is in the sarcophagus, but Jian Jia and Ying Luo saw it all.

Inside the sarcophagus, therewas a woman.

It was the body of a young lady who was no more than a bit over 30. The body was preserved very well, pure white skin. Though aged, it still carried a unique sense of temptation.

As to why Han is risking his life to protect the woman in the sarcophagus confused both Jian Jia and Ying Luo. They were both thinking, there is no way this is what Han is into?

But they didn’t say anything, and continued to fight along side Han.

The battle was reaching its peak. Han was using one hand to hold himself up from the floor, pale and panting.

Soul beast Harvey was not having an easy time either, emitting lots of heat from its mouth. His big, muscle-less body shaking, indicating signs of tiredness.

To be fair, if Harvey used one Soul Kill attack, this battle would be over. But in consideration of the body in the sarcophagus, he could not do that and had to fight with Han over and over again.

And Han’s stamina was better than Harvey had imagined.

Soul beast Harvey flew towards Han, opening his mouth and spreading his claws.

"Path of Yao!"

Han disappeared into a swirl of black smoke, then slammed into Soul beast Harvey. His fist on the left, bow on the right.


After an intense match, Soul beast Harvey and Han bounced away from each other.

This time, Han was using two hands to hold himself up from the ground, even more pale and sweaty.

Even though the path of Yao was strong, and could withstand the attack of the Soul beast. But every time he uses it, it burns a lot of his energy, making it a huge burden on his body.

Having been such a long battle, Han was already not supported by his energy, but rather by his unyielding battle spirit.


Soul beast Harvey rested for a couple of second, and began attacking again.

And again, Han started using his path of Yao!


After the collision, Han held himself from the ground, Luo Ying and Jian Jia saw the shivering of Han’s shoulders and legs. But he did not take a step back.

Charge again!

Han’s body was no longer trembling, it was shaking. The huge usage of energy left him unable to stand up straight, but he still did not give up.

Soul beast Harvey was already extremely frustrated. He was a proud Twin-Black-Pupil tier soul beast, with metal bones. He was untouchable by knives and guns, and his Soul Kill abilities could kill anybody.

Nobody thought that, the untouchable Soul beast Harvey had been stopped by the average looking Han. Until now, Han still hadn’t given up.


WOAH wat is this massive release madness