Chapter 445: Appeared! Dragon Gate Flying Feather!

Chapter 445: Appeared! Dragon Gate Flying Feather!

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Storm attack!

Storm attack!

Overcome all obstacles and rush over!

Boom boom boom~

Han kept on shooting his Flying Feather Bow non-stop since most of the explosions were from the Sky Fires it didn’t really need to burn a lot of Han’s own energy. He just needed to activate the Flying Feather and shoot out the Sky Fire.

But it was this little Sky Fire that had a shocking explosion effect. The Flying Feather Bow in Han’s hands turned into a big canon, blowing everything up that was in his way.

Even though this might not be the smartest way, but it was violent enough!

Open a road when there was a mountain, construct a bridge when there was water, the way Han decided to act when he saw no road ahead of him was just too f*cking awesome. It completely activated the hidden brutality behind the Godly Flying Feather Bow.

As Han found the correct direction, those weird eyes suddenly flew up, trying to stop Han.


Without looking, Han shot out another arrow!

The Flying Feather Bow was slightly raised, directly exploding the top of this dimension, creating a huge collapse. In the blink of an eye, the falling rocks smashed onto these weird eyes.

Han didn’t care what those eyes were, he hated those things because it made him think of the Triple-Eyed race and the Triple-Eyed King who he detested. They were the ultimate enemies of Han, the fact that the whole solar system had run away to who knows where was the result of the Triple-Eyed race.

Black Egg shrugged his shoulders. It was great that Han could take care of these people himself, it saved him the trouble of moving. This bast*rd valued energy a lot, even though during big battles he would give it his all into the attack, but in regular life, Black Egg was very stingy.

Han kept on advancing forward, exploding everything that was in his way!

He was just one person, but he had the force of a tank!


Crying sounds came from the other side of the Wall of Sorrow. Everyone couldn’t believe their ears.

"This wall is crying?" Pathless Origin backed up one step and asked with a frown.

"That is why he is called the Wall of Sorrow." 9527 sighed loudly and said, "Everyone get ready! Things could come through this wall at any time!"

Not long passed before Lance’s voice came from the distance.

"Found it! A cauldron came through the wall!"

Lance held a silver cauldron and ran excitedly to beside 9527, he saw that this silver cauldron was very well made. There were a lot of odd people-like shapes on it, the people’s faces were square, their mouths were square, nose, eyes, ears were all square.

"Oh… it is a cauldron for making medicine!" Night Walker’s eyes lit up and took the cauldron in his hands, he held it with his arms and observed it carefully.

"When I was young I learned how to make medicine the ancient way from a master, this kind of medicine cauldron is very expensive! Don’t just focus on its simple structure, it can achieve electron dispersion of medicine! Too bad in order to make medicine using cauldrons, you need to be highly skilled, and recently, this technique is faced with the destiny of dying off."

"Pretty good, this is really good! This cauldron is even more exquisite than one that master had back in the days, this is definitely a top-notch product!" Night Walker said with certainty.

"There is a hole in this cauldron…"

"Oh, the hole looks new?" Forge-master Thousand Hands touched the gap and said confusingly.

"Guys look here, there are still blood stains!"

"What the! The blood isn’t dry!? This means it got there a couple of minutes ago."

"This is so weird, what exactly happened behind the Wall of Sorrow?"

"How did this cauldron come through the wall?"

"Maybe there is a battle on the other side?"

9527 had a darkened face. These people didn’t follow orders, they all came to gossip at this time, and the questions they were asking couldn’t be answered by 9527 either.

9527 said, "Please everyone, ask questions later ok? This cauldron is only the beginning, there will be better things later, everyone get to work first."

Everyone nodded and ran back to their positions, their faces were serious, and they were waiting.

"Here! Here! There is a crystal belt here!"

"What a big knife! Is it used by giants?"

"Bone armor! It is armor made from bone! I wonder if it is good?’

The Wall of Sorrow finally started to produce things in batches, the long granite wall continued to leak out various mysterious things from the other side.

This process was very weird, the wall was like water, one after the other, some things were complete some things were broken, but things kept on getting passed through the wall.

It was like when Han first arrived at the All Gods Corporation and was astonished by the high-quality equipment and machinery that been shown to him. Now everyone was overly excited by getting higher leveled stuff.

Without a question, regardless of whether this world had the Wolf Fang Corporation, they were now really developed. They arrived at the wall before the Big Five, and allowed their comrades to receive a lot of items that they had never even imagined before.

"This thing can’t be a bomb?"

"Looks like it."

"Should we try it?"

"Let’s try it!"

Boom boom boom~

"What the! I almost got blown away! This thing is pretty powerful."

"What are you holding in your hand? Why does it look like a flute?

"Seems like it is."

"Blow it so I can hear?"


Demonic music started playing, two people fainted at the same time, and everyone else was dizzy and they started swearing…

The scenario right now was very hilarious, everyone was laughing everywhere.

These people who didn’t follow any rules made 9527 extremely angry.

No organization no discipline. They even started playing when they should be fighting for things, and even started a couple of fights.

"Why can’t you guys discuss and figure this out after we go back?!" 9527 snatched a bone locket from Wuyun’s hands and yelled.

Wuyun was extremely relaxed and said, "There is no war, what is the rush? Just observe it a bit, we won’t delay anything."


Wuyun snatched the locket back from 9527’s hands.

This was the mysterious Wolf Fang Corporation that was rumored to be extremely powerful. If someone who didn’t understand the situation saw this and saw that the Wolf Fang Corporation was made up of people like this, they would be dumbfounded.

From the very beginning, all the troops who were really good at fighting all had one similarity, and that was they strictly followed all the rules and were well disciplined. The Wolf Fang Corporation was the opposite, they were made up of a group of extremely disobedient people. They were free, relaxed, and everyone had a different personality.

In reality, they weren’t like this in the very beginning. For example, these proper warriors like Boya, they all had great practices in the past, and obeyed all the rules.

The key was that half of the Wolf Fang Corporation was made up of people who came from the Oblivion Realm.

An old saying was correct, there were no good people in the Oblivion Realm. The weirdest, evilest people of the whole Milky Way all lived there. People like the Three Addicts were pretty good for the Oblivion Realm’s standards. There was an infinite number of people who were more mischievous than them.

Han and Sima Hunfeng, the two leaders had something to do with this too. Han never cared about the rules, and Sima Hunfeng was even funnier. The Sima Hunfeng from before would fight whoever broke his rules to the death, but after a huge change, Sima Hunfeng’s personality turned 180 degrees. He began to hate rules, and himself became a classic example of not obeying rules.

Even the two of them were like that, plus the huge group of people from the Oblivion Realm, how would the Wolf Fang Corporation not have fallen.

9527 discovered in anger that even though he had been doing a lot of work in the back stage, but the style of living of the Wolf Fang Corporation had completely collapsed.

What kind of f*cking army is this?

This was clearly just a group of bandits!

"Look look, I found a head, this head is rectangular, is he a human? Let’s research this."

9527 was angry, and Lance who was oblivious as he held a square head and walked over, and he even wanted to discuss this with him.

Lance used to be the most ambitious of this group. He came from a bad background, from a notorious assassin family. His whole family only cared about money and nothing else, so he wanted to leave a positive impression on everyone, he had been trying very hard.

But as time passed, Lance noticed that everyone around him weren’t kind either. It didn’t really matter that he was from an assassin family, Luo Ying was Old Demon Head Luo’s daughter, but she still hanged around everybody?

So Lance slowly fell too. He didn’t change his determination to not let his son become an assassin, in the beginning, he wanted to be a scholar, but then he noticed that he had no literature genes, so he started to learn genetic science and humanology with Wuyun.

This square head greatly interested Lance, and Wuyun wasn’t beside him so he wanted to discuss with the most knowledgeable person in the corporation, 9527.

"I refuse to study it!"

9527 sat down on the ground full of anger. He really didn’t understand, how could they be this casual?

They need to know that after a while, people from the Big Fives would get here, but they completely ignored that fact and kept on laughing and talking.

The kind of spirit that wasn’t afraid of anything was probably advantageous when it was on the battlefield, but how could they always be like this every day? Could they get serious once in a while?

Yuan Yuan walked over with a smile, "Grandpa 9527 isn’t happy, don’t annoy him, I will use my scanner to do a gene test."

"That would be great!" Lance said to Yuan Yuan.


Gene test?

This was such a dangerous time, what f*cking test?

Yuan Yuan had learned to be bad too!

9527 thought angrily.

"Looking at the timer, there should be some time, let them do whatever they want." 9527 sighed, though the real reason was that nobody would listen to him.

Suddenly, just when 9527 was worried about how relaxed everyone was, and thinking that a troop like this wouldn’t have any attack power, he heard an angry voice from the distance.

"A brother is injured! Everyone let’s go!"

Along with this voice, there were alarming sounds from the communicators.


Within seconds, Lance’s face changed! It was like he was a different person!

He threw down the square head that he was just very interested in and wanted to discuss with 9527, and took out his two hidden knives!


Lance let out a loud cry, glared his eyes and rushed forward! His eyes were murderous!

9527 surprisingly discovered, everyone was rushing towards where the yelling was coming from, their actions were very in-sync, and very fast!

What treasure what baby! What top notch equipment!

When news of a comrade getting hurt comes, they didn’t want anything else!

Even if they will break their legs during running, they would rush to beside their brother!!

This was the mysterious corporation of Wolf Fang!

They were usually less disciplined than anyone else, but when in battle, they are sharper than anyone else.


9527 jumped up, he held Yuan Yuan and rushed forward with everyone.

This fat old man who often hid in the back stage, his blood was boiling with everyone else too!


Not a few seconds passed since the alarm, Wolf Fang was ready, the queues were in sync, and their knives were sparkling.

Who would’ve imagined, just a few moments ago, these people were laughing and joking around, and with the blink of an eye, they have formed a first-class fighting troop!

9527 saw Boya, he was covered in blood, blue blood. The warrior standing across from him was covered in blood too, but red blood. They were tied and both were hurt.

Boya started howling loudly, and he still wanted to fight this person again. And that person was brave too, faced with the whole Wolf Fang Corporation, he didn’t take a single step back, he wiped off the blood on his head and started to laugh coldly.

This isn’t right!

9527’s pupil suddenly dilated!

This person wasn’t from the Big Five!

He had a badge on him, a bow crossed with an armor.

This was the symbol of the strongest pirate corporation of the west, the Dragon Gate Flying Feather!