Chapter 343: Encountering and Tracking

Chapter 343: Encountering and Tracking

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Just when the remaining battle forces of the Three-Eyed Race started to regroup, Han suddenly noticed that Pluto, whom he rescued from the battlefield could see the pattern from his silver necklace.

"You can see it too?" Han asked surprisingly.

Pluto pointed to his left eye that was still intact and said: "I can only see it with my left eye, but my right eye cannot capture any sight signals. This is very weird, could it be that there is something special about being able to see this pattern?"

Han smiled and said, "I can’t say whether it is special, but as of today, we seem to be the only two who can see the pattern. Nobody else can."

"This is not a complete star map. Can you help me copy the map out so we can find the exact location? I still need to go see a few friends."

"No problem, leave it to me." Pluto said confidently, "You saved my life, I will repay you however I can."

Han laughed and patted Pluto on the shoulders. "You don’t need to worry much about repaying me, I just did what I can."

So Han left the silver necklace that he got from his mother with Pluto so he can record the star map. By doing so, he could match the map with the database so he can find the exact location indicated by the map.

And Han took 9527 to go back to the post battle solar system.

Han came to Long Chuan’s space ship to see him face-to-face. They chatted about how astonished they were when they saw what happened in the solar system a couple of hours ago.

Long Chuan sighed, "It was so unexpected, the solar system had a self-defence mechanism and it didn’t really need us to intervene. The mechanism was able to destroy the Three-Eyed Race by itself – and they didn’t need us at all."

Han nodded and said, "Yes, the solar system has a lot of secrets that we don’t know about. Not only the fifth fleet, in fact, the whole entire Three-Eyed Race had been wiped from the universe. The crisis of the Milky Way is over."

Long Chuan was shocked. He was not in 9527’s space station, so he did not know how Pluto led a number of meteorites and got rid of the Three-Eyed Race’s fleets all in one go.

Han told Long Chuan about what happened and after Long Chuan took his time to take it all in, he was shocked. Within one day, the solar system took action and shocked everyone.

Long Chuan shook his head and said, "This was an extremely powerful counterattack. As a human, I am happy to know that our galaxy was this powerful and that Earth had been saved, but where is the solar system is going? Will it come back?"

Han didn’t answer this question. The Dark Net involved a deeper level of battle that Long Chuan could not help on. There was no reason to make him worry about something that he could not control. It was probably best for him to just focus on what he could do.

Han ignored this question and asked Long Chuan: "Within the fleets of the Three-Eyed race, there were over a dozen mining and working ships that were not destroyed, did you look into them?"

Long Chuan nodded and said, "Yes, these ships contained a lot of humans. Apparently the Three-Eyed Race kept a lot of human slaves and made them work. There are actually a few old friends of yours."

"My old friends?" Han was shocked.

So Long Chuan got his people to bring in the Riley and Lesa brothers, as well as Cerberus Arthur. Everyone was super excited and also emotional to see each other again after three years apart.

No one knew why the Solar System left these people alive during the counter attack… Was it because they were Han’s friends? Does Han really have a relationship with the solar system?

Han told Long Chuan to treat these people well, and the same went for the slaves that were saved from the Three-Eyed Race. If they wanted to go live somewhere else, they gave them some reallocation funds; and if they wanted to go live in the Twin Horse Galaxy, they were welcomed to go with Long Chuan.

Even though the Milky Way crisis had been solved, but Earthlings were actually facing a very awkward situation. The solar system had disappeared… Except for Pluto, all of the other planets had disappeared into the dark net.

So humans really needed to all immigrate to the Twin Horse Galaxy now, and Han did not have a better solution. His best course of action was to let the Earth army and the Robot army completely integrate, and then begin a new life in the Twin Horse Galaxy. Even though Earth had disappeared, humans still needed a way to live.

As you could probably imagine, if the Galactic Union found out about how the solar system completely destroyed the fleets of the Three-Eyed race, how would they look at Earthlings then? That’s why Han thought he should take advantage of this opportunity to draw a line between them and the Galactic union. The Earth humans were going to the Twin Horse Galaxy. They should become independent and start establishing a force of their own.

Han returned to 9527’s space station soon after, he was constantly thinking about the Dark Net and its relationship with the necklace his mother left him.

Speaking of which, Han’s mother was quite a mysterious character. Why would she leave Han with a key to the dark net? Han never really understood his mother’s true intentions.

Perhaps the answers were all hidden within this silver necklace that recently was activated. The necklace brought Han to Pluto, and now the necklace was giving Han some new signal. As a result of Han’s curious personality, he definitely would go check it out no matter what, or he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

In the time that Han had spent with Long Chuan, Pluto had finished drawing the star map. Now they needed to compare the map with the countless star maps in the database, and that was the only way they could find the correct location.

This tedious job would be done by the 9527’s AI Queen. Within a short period of time, the system had located the exact location of the star map. It was a star system located in the core area of the Milky Way designated as Bx-5177.

"The tomb of the Three-Eyed Race?" 9527 was slightly rattled, "We saw the destruction of the Three-Eyed Race, why is the star map pointing us to their tomb?"

Han shook his head, "Not sure, but I think we should go, and maybe we will find something that interests us."

9527 nodded and said: "Hey, I really want to know what kind of person your mother was, I briefly looked into the necklace while you were gone. From the material, this necklace is not any special, but it contains an unexplainable force. We detected an eternal energy force within the necklace, and even though the energy is not very high, it is still very rare. It was probably put into the necklace when it was made."

Han was a bit shocked, eternal energy forces had always been a mystery, because all energy can be used up. How is it possible that something exists in the world that contains never ending energy.

How did this force get into the necklace his mother left him?

"As usual, you take the Ark to the tomb, and I will stay in the Dark Net." 9527 waved his hand, "Go fast and come back faster, I have too many questions to ask you, such as why the solar system is a group of star gods."

At this time, Pluto stood up and said, "Let me go with you."

Pluto’s eyes were very strange and were fixated on the silver necklace that was in Han’s hand, and it seemed like this necklace had triggered some distant memory of his and he was in a bit of a pain for having trouble remembering things.

"Sure, it is just a tomb, if you want to come then you can come." Han shrugged and said casually.

"I want to go too!" Luo Ying said childishly.

So the group went on the Ark and were oblivious to the danger waiting for them.